VIDEO: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz interviews with Star Movies

Here’s a video interview series from Star Movies. I love that the interviewer asked each actor what a “beautiful world” means to them.

First up, a great one with Rob talking about his character, Jacob, working with Reese and why he was drawn to Water for Elephants.

Next, Reese talks about life in the thirties, Tai and how the film’s themes relate today.

Grand Finale! Christoph Waltz on the craft of acting and “deserving a beautiful life.”


  • Elizabeth

    I like this interview, a few different questions. Rob’s last comment about a TV series is very intriguing. Rob every week = heaven

  • Bettybmusing

    These interviews are insightful and refreshing. Three people at different stages in their acting careers. Each reflecting and sharing their inner thoughts with their fans.

    Robert Pattinson has now turned on light … I was not familiar with C Waltz, he is a very wise and acclaimed thespian of Hollywood . I am so glad Robert got a chance to work with him 🙂

  • AdinaM

    I have seen the movie yesterday and remaind impressed and charmed with everything in it. I think we all knew what to expect considering it had such great acctors.

  • roblover

    Great interviews, all three.

  • a

    I’ll go help you find another elephant being abused right now and in the next 6 years, make a sequel to this movie. 🙂