Water for Elephants: “beautiful to look at, immensely moving, extraordinarily well casted and acted”

Water for Elephants has been doing well at the box office. During the week, only behind Fast Five, it chugged along and earned steady money. This past weekend it held the #6 spot and performed better in its opening weekend than the opening weekend of another New York Times bestseller, Something Borrowed. The domestic total is currently at $41.6 million and worldwide total, $62.9 million. The numbers will continue to climb with the film opening in other large international markets.

This has me in such a good mood, I thought I’d share a wonderful review from The Irish Mail newspaper.

Click the scans to read 🙂

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  • Kim

    Wow, thanks for posting this beautiful review! (unfortunately the scans are incomplete)
    I think the film wil have good legs and do very well. Moviegoers seem to love it even if many critics panned it.