BOX OFFICE: Water for Elephants reaches $50 million domestically

Congratulations WFE cast and crew! Next milestone? $100M worldwide. 🙂


  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS ROBERT

  • *pops cork on Rosie’s favorite champaign* Cheers!

  • Jean

    He is the reason I went twice. My health is not good or it would have been more . when it moves to the smaller theater I will go more often as it is smaller and I can manage to walk better not so far to the theater but loved it in big theater and stadium seating so Iwent anyway.

  • Kim

    Cheers!!!! Champaign for everybody!

  • Sandy

    This is one of the most wonderful movies that I have seen. I saw it 3 times and I will buy it when it comes out. This is Robert Pattinsons best performance yet. I loved him Twlight but he is awesome in this movie. He is going to be on top of the male actors list for along time to come. If anyone has not seen it they are missing out a great experience.

  • luvrob

    Beautiful rob in a beautiful movie…love it..

  • jacy

    I know that’s great and all, but I absolutely LOVE the movie and I’m surprised/disappointed that it didn’t do better. I thought there would be oscar talk and # 1’s for weeks. Do you think it’s still the anti-Rob/Edward factor? SO unfair. He was great!

  • Bettybmusing


  • Gary L. Pence

    Finally got a good monday night to go see this film in Crossville, Tn. Mostly non-aging young spirited seniors were there and some some students. Everyone really enjoyed this ongoing entertaining future classic. The ending was exactly like some storyline film material I just completed today. So, maybe I’ve got some profitable talent. Only one lady got up to go to the bathroom for the complete showing. I think this master piece of entertainment will gross $200 million by the end of summer. A very visual effective film.

  • Jane

    Need to update…much bigger now.