Jay Baruchel speaks to Canoe: “David Cronenberg is one of my heroes.”

Speaking with Canoe.ca, Jay Baruchel talked about his career and upcoming role in Cosmopolis. Here is an excerpt.

“David Cronenberg is one of my heroes,” said Jay Baruchel when he was asked what prompted him to accept the role of boss Eric Packer, played by none other than Robert Pattinson

“I would take any opportunity to work with Mr. Cronenberg even serve him his coffee, to have the opportunity to speak and understand how he thinks.”

Jay Baruchel, even if he can not detail the scenario of feature film, an adaptation of the novel by Don DeLillo, said he has two scenes, “one early in the film and the other at the end.

“I will arrive on set, do my job and try not to make myself ridiculous,” said one whose career has taken off impressively in recent years end.

“I accepted the role in Cosmopolis without even knowing what it was.” He still managed to speak to David Cronenberg in recent weeks “for him to explain exactly what he wanted and what he expected of me.”

He also detailed his schedule the next few days, during which he will not have much time to rest. “I’m in Toronto on May 19 for trying on costumes, then I fly to Montreal that night. Sunday, I take the train to Toronto and I return on Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th. ” (begins filming)

Pre-production has been soooooo quiet so it’s exciting to see some activity in the limo. 😉 Translation done with google translate. You can read the full interview (in french) at the source. (via Spunk Ransom)

  • rpattzgirl

    YAY!!!! It starts in a couple of days!!! Please let us get a shot of Packinson soon!

  • *waves* Hey bb!

    I can’t wait to see a picture of Rob in character too. Or at least what his hair is going to look like. #sendhelp It’s interesting that Jay said he has a scene near the beginning and another at the end. Hmmm. I need to read again… that’s different from the book, no?

    • Loisada

      Yes, seems the script has different bookends than the novel. Would love to read it… under fairly tight wraps so far. Anyone have any leads?

      Then again, the wonderment and magic are dulled when we follow the technical aspects of the creative process too closely. I know that reading all the WFE script reworkings filled me with too many “what ifs” and led to disappointment. But there’s simply no comparison between Lawrence and a master filmmaker like Cronenberg. I trust his taste and judgment: he doesn’t have to toady to studio execs or a fanbase, and even his admirers appreciate his no-holds-barred style.

      This film is going to be so damn badass. I hope Cronenberg goes full throttle. Not raunchy, but bold and raw. The kind of authenticity the ratings board can’t seem to stomach and slaps with an NC-17 rating. As it should be. “Let it express itself.” That’s the whole point here, isn’t it?

      • Kim

        Loisada, I remember that now “express itself” and badass, you got me going. Yes this is going to be fun and different!!! Precisely, I do not want to know every detail, love surprises.

  • Bettybmusing

    This is going to be soooo exciting 😀

  • Kim

    Very interesting that he would like to have the opportunity to see and hear how David Cronenberg thinks?
    For those of us not in the biz…can someone explain this just a bit. I’m intrigued. Also heard that he has a master of the English narrative. Looking for you limo ladies to clue me in! Yes, I’m so excited…speed up the limo.

  • Loisada

    They are really jumping straight into this. Jay says they’re filming on Monday and Tuesday. And as he’s only in two scenes, Cronenberg may plan to have them both in the can in just two days.

    I have mixed feelings on the virtually non-existent prep time for Rob. This is a mind-bending and incredibly challenging role, both mentally and physically. In his shoes, I would’ve liked to have more time to slip under Packer’s skin before the cameras start rolling. On the other hand, the tight schedule doesn’t give him time to overthink or anguish over the enormity of the task, forcing him instead to dive right off the cliff.

    Rob has already shown that he’s a brave actor (Little Ashes) void of self-inhibiting vanity (How to Be) yet harboring enough confidence (Edward) and sensitivity (WFE) to take on even the most daunting body-baring and soul-baring role. I see Eric Packer and his “assault on the borders of perception” simmering there under Rob’s skin. Bring it on Mr. P, we know you’ve got it in you! “Let it express itself.”

    • Bettybmusing

      I agree, it ‘s all there right under the surface just waiting to be released. I remember in Twilight how Rob said these words when he wanted Bella to say the word Vampire..,,” Say it, Say it out loud.” …..

      LOL .. Cosmopolis ..WOW

      • Loisada

        And now Rob’s come to this:

        “He doesn’t have to do the unspeakable thing he wants to do. He only has to speak it. Because thye’re beyond every model of established behavior. He only has to say the words.”

        The symmetry of it all is startling, isn’t it? Then again Cosmopolis is, in Rob’s words, a narrative poem. And as a avid reader, lover of poetry and song writer, it’s not surprising Rob is drawn to material that highlights the strength of words.

        The saying conjures and releases the power (which is also why intimate and private things must be left unsaid to ensure they don’t become diluted public commodities…)