POLL: What Will Eric Packer Wear? Plus: We Spy a Special Limo?

UPDATE: Poll is closed! Scroll down to see the surprising results. Now we just need to see what Eric Packer is actually going to wear! 😉

Guess what’s more dangerous than bored chauffeurs waiting for Cosmopolis filming to start? Bored chauffeurs on a long weekend… (Happy Victoria Day weekend Canada).

So when Robert Pattinson Australia tweeted out an ‘Eric Packer Countdown’ we were intrigued. Then, reader, SteffiTwoBits, tweeted:

So… yeah. What wonderful wardrobe will Robert Pattinson don for Cosmopolis? What will Eric Packer wear??

We at least know it’s a suit…

“He wore a suit and tie. A suit subdued the camber of his overdeveloped chest.” Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo

The recent world tour of premieres for Robert Pattinson’s Water for Elephants offered LOTS of suit inspiration. But still… Cut? Colour? Let’s have some fun! Here are a few options for Eric Packer’s wardrobe on that fateful day. Look, meditate, vote. If you have something else in mind please feel free to add a link in the comments. 🙂 Really. Please do.

1. New York Charcoal grey suit, burgundy tie
2. Berlin Chocolate brown suit, grey tie
3. Sydney Grey suit, dark grey tie
4. London Midnight blue suit, black shirt and tie (also... ow)
5. Barcelona Light grey suit, no tie (later in the movie 😉 )

PLUS: More fun! Could it be?? Mr Packer’s limo…all shiny and ready for shooting on Tuesday? Hard to tell. As Eric himself said:

“His chief of security liked the car for its anonymity.”

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Limo pic: Source
  • Janners

    I just love Rob outfitted in black on black…or dark blue on black….looks so…….POWERFUL and commanding!

  • Lisa

    I voted NY. But, honestly I saw Packinson during the entire WFE world press tour!

  • Cynthia

    I’d love to see the New York Charcoal grey suit, burgundy tie and black shirt. Or with a black suit, grey shirt and burgundy tie? Hell, does he have to be with his clothes on? ;D

  • robsexme

    Hmmm it’s so hard (twss) to choose! I’m partial to the NY suit … I wonder why? 😉

  • Well, he’s gonna look fuckhawt no matter what…but I’m going with Sydney style 😉

  • I’m partial to NYC suit as well. However, I flipped, LOST IT, when Rob wore that brown suit. But then the dark London look… I don’t… I can’t… DON”T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!!!

    *votes more than once*

    • The London suit is ridiculous. It’s so chic. So tight. So non traditional. Who wears black and navy?! Rob does. And he owns it.

      The brown….jesus. With the grey tie? Lawd. Rob’s stylist is an angel. Wish we knew who they were so I could praise them like I do Nick & co.

      • You should just call Nick and ask who Rob’s stylist is… *runs away really fast*

        • tinkrbe1l3


        • Loisada

          You mean you haven’t already been on the horn to Denise Cronenberg? Repeatedly?! You cannot fool us!

  • I went with NYC because come on. But we all know Rob KILLS in suits. His body was made for the perfect tailoring of a fine suit. He might be costumed more in line with Sydney or Barcelona… Can not WAIT to see Eric Packer 🙂

  • cosmogal38

    I agree! Rob can pull off any look, the anticipation of seeing the first pics of Eric Packer has me reading Cosmopolis for the 2nd time!!

  • SuzyQ

    I’m want to say number five but only because I am majorly blinded by the JAWPORN going on in that pic. If I stop focusing on the jaw than I just the suit I would go with #3. It seems more successful businessman Eric Packer than the rest.

    If we were going with red carpet looks for the WIN, I would say #1.

  • DeansHoneyBear

    I have to go with NY, because I was there to soak up all that fuckhawtness in person…*sigh*..

  • Janners

    The only thing I would change in the London outfit is to put him in a black jacket as well.

    God! Dude just exudes control when he’s all dark and schmexy!!!

  • rpattzgirl

    Swooooonnnnm London baby!!!

  • Naile80

    New York because it’s a smart coordinate to start a day’s work

  • MPV

    What suit?? I just saw intense stare…THUD… that first pic is a killer!!

    the brown suit looks good only on Rob but it is very fashionofrwark for a bancker, economist related person, I think of Eric as more formal, the blue navy suit with back shirt from London is too chick, and the suit he wore in Barcelona is great on him, but I think that is something Eric would use in summer, not on April… some how as Eric I imagine either Rob looks at the GG, with the blue navy but white shirt and tie in blue too or, black suit white shirt or characoal grey suit from MY premier but with another tie.

  • Jan

    What about his nice black suit with black shirt unbuttoned at the neck he wore in Paris? That looked really good, too. He can look so formal and dressed up–even without a tie.

    • Jan

      Sorry, I posted this in the wrong post.

  • Loisada

    Rob was smokin in London, but Eric will probably look more staid and traditional. Probably a white shirt and I’m guessing a suit in gray tones. Sydney fits the bill, but something like this would do just as well:


    I don’t expect Gordon Gekko, but suspenders would be nice. Deadly, in fact!

    • Jan

      Oh yes! Suspenders, please. The man looks great in suspenders.

  • Estará guapo con cualquier cosa que le pongan… jeje
    E interpretará a un gran Eric Parker sin duda!

    • Loisada

      Guapisimo. E cuanto menos ponga, más guapo estará !

  • Kim

    I voted the Barcelona/grey. Actually was looking for the Paris grey with sheen to it!
    However, love the navy on him, my fav, but think too formal for everyday.
    If it is Spring then grey, however, the chocolate is superspecial, warm like and I still
    think he was looking for that warmth from Elise. So chocolate would be the one!
    Can he just change suits in the limo from place to place?

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  • LTavares2011

    Rob is elegant by nature, so handsome and charming. Hard to choose one pic but the first one caught me. The way he looks at the camera is so Eric Packer, so intriguing. The third one and last one in Sidney and Barcelona are interesting too. In all of them, Rob looks like I imagine Eric at some point of the story: tired, bored and annoyed with everything and everybody, totally disconnected from reality, a sexy and delusional Eric.

  • mmm

    I thought Rob looked great (but might be too formal in Cosmopolis)…2011 golden globes…faint.

  • D.Hart

    Birthday suit please.

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  • Bettybmusing

    I voted Sydney … But you know, he looks great in all of them 😀

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Since I was actually at NYC WFE, I have to voice my approval for the NYC suit, very biz-like and professional

    But for sheer hawtness, London FTW!!!!

    But as long as Gucci or D&G or Tries Van Nooten is doing Mr. PackingSome’s wardrobe, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

    • DeansHoneyBear

      hi debbie! were you out in the monsoon over night as well???