Exciting News From The Official Cosmopolis Website

This morning the official Cosmopolis website made an announcement about the official start of shooting. Check it out!

Cosmopolis – Shooting Starts Today

COSMOPOLIS’ principal photography starts today, May 23rd, in Toronto, Canada. Based on Don DeLillo’s praised novel, this highly awaited film to be directed by David Cronenberg gathered some of the most exciting stars of today’s industry, including names as ROBERT PATTINSON, JULIETTE BINOCHE, PAUL GIAMATTI, SAMANTHA MORTON and KEVIN DURAND, three-Oscar winning composer HOWARD SHORE and Cinematographer PETER SUSCHITZKY.

A ravishing cast and crew adds incredible value to the most recent project of the director, who already brought us masterpieces as “Crash” and “A History of Violence”. The filming ends on the 21st July 2011.

It’s official! The limo is off and running starting TODAY!  *revs engine*

Don’t forget to vote in our What Will Eric Packer Wear poll and stay tuned as we keep you informed about all of the exciting Cosmopolis news!


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  • Bettybmusing

    Whoop Whoop 😀

  • Loosingmymind2

    So exciting!! Glad I finally caught the limo (finished the book) before it left me! But I am here & I am strapped in & I cannot wait until Mr. Packer jumps in!! A BIG THANK YOU to the Chauffeurs who are picking us up on the way!!! Gonna be a wet & wild ride!!!

  • Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • SmittenByaBrit


  • 🙂

  • Am listening to Cosmopolis book on cd for the second time, just started it again today. I guess this movie site ‘Cosmopolis’, will be the second movie site that I have kept up with from the beginning until the end and THEN go to the theatre to see it. It’s fun to check in and see how it is all going down and it makes the wait NOT seem so long. “A History Of Violence” is one of my favorite movies, thank you David Cronenberg! Can’t wait to see “Cosmopolis”, just can’t wait…

    • Kim

      This will be my first site from begin to end. Having fun with discussions, don’t want to know quite all, look for surprises! Maybe I’ll have to rent History of Violence !?

      • YES! Do rent “A History Of Violence”. It’s good, way good, way up there with “Braveheart”. It’s so hard to protect one’s family, but what a family man won’t do to do it… Let me know after you watch, hope it’s not to graphic for you, (must be over eighteen to watch!).

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  • mmm

    Thank the lawd! This movie, I think will be a mindbender. I hope the movie adaptation will be as true to the book and please stay rated R! And yes, the book is available in itunes unabridged version. I had to listen to it twice to understand the narrators internal reflections.