CASTING: Cosmopolis brings Jadyn Wong into the limo

Jadyn Wong

On May 9th, Ms. Wong shared on her website:

Booked a role in David Cronenberg’s new film starring Robert Pattinson. Can’t wait to meet and work with this amazing director.

On the Cosmopolis IMdb page, she is listed as Cathy Lee

Cathy Lee is not in the book so we will have to wait and see who she is to Eric Packer and his big day in the film. (note from Chauffeur M: maybe Cathy Lee is replacing the Michael Chin role…)

Welcome to the limo! 🙂


  • Did you girls had access to the script? I’m constantly searching for read it, but has been very difficult to find anything, so far. Can someone send to me or tell where can I find it? I would be eternally grateful. 😉

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  • rpattzgirl

    What script??? who’s holding out?

    • Bettybmusing

      Toooo funny 😀

    • Loosingmymind2

      I agree! Someone’s holding out!! Where & how did you get the script?! Cause I’ve TRIED and there is no way for me to download it *dang firewalls at work* Someone….anyone…..I’m on my knees licking my lips and begging here!

    • Loisada

      Ha… everyone’s first reaction! They changed that stat 😉 But it is out there…

      • Loosingmymind2

        Where? I’ve searched for it….again….as of yesterday & I keep hitting the same freaking (fire) wall!! Please message me if you can give me a safe link. I will love you hard if you can!

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  • ha, funny.

  • IM1LuckyWoman

    Script? I don’t think anyone really HAS it…do they?