VIDEOS: Cosmopolis trucks and equipment in the streets of Toronto

Make sure you don’t suffer from motion sickness. The videos are slightly shaky.

I think I spotted the water bottle! 😉

(note: Some readers *coughThePlaylistcough* didn’t know my water bottle comment was sarcastic. So in case you don’t know our tone or how we roll *coughThePlaylistcough*, the comment was sarcastic. You can’t see anything but trucks and equipment like the post title says, let alone a prop. The wink? That was alluding to the comment being….wait for it….sarcastic. We still appreciate the documentation from the source. 🙂 note#2: That smile face was genuine.)


  • rpattzgirl

    Well, that’s something, isn’t it? LOL

    • LOL

    • Why does that “something” make my heart beat faster, Terri? Just knowing he will be there. Right there. And we’re not.

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  • Bettybmusing

    Wow , oh my … Can you imagine being the Top Cast Movie Star in a Movie… Just seeing all the equipment and trucks… Musing… Musing .. It’s Scary.

  • kate

    Any ideas what they doing there? What scene? Let’s hope its closed off to paps so we wont b spoiled!

    • i dont think its a scene. i think it’s just the normal equipment and trucks that surround the areas a film is taking place or setting up.

  • intothemystic

    It’s amazing 🙂 I only live 20 minutes from here…RL friends don’t understand the want to go down and see this set….and I really don’t want to do it alone! Would love to see it! 🙂

    • I drive 45 minutes to work every day. You’re only 20 minutes from the set? Girlie, what are you waiting for? Go!! LOL!

  • Aussiegirl

    Hey Tink – whoever took the video definitely had a pack of Heineken with them (wobblecam).

    The two things I am waiting for the MOST (1) First sight of the ‘suit’ and (2) To ‘hear’ the NY accent. I realise No 2 is going to be a looooooong way off.

    • LOL right? i had to close my eyes a couple times.

      and dude….those 2 things will die me. i was JUST thinking today about his accent. man. i suspect we’ll see the suit soon….unless Cronenberg tells us all to go sit in a corner and chill out.

  • Lins

    Wow! o.O that’s a motherload of trucks and equipments. Am so excited to hopefully see a glimpse of Mr Packer! 😉

  • Angela

    Where is the area that the movie is being filmed? I will be visiting Toronto within the next few weeks and I would love to check it out.

  • “I think I spotted THE water bottle!”

    LMAO!!! That is one big water bottle, Tink.

    • Loosingmymind2

      But who knew the possible glimpse of THE water bottle would get me so excited!!! LMAO!!!

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  • NoCleverName

    Hahaha, I love your notes. They made me laugh.

    And I’d just like to ask @ThePlaylist what the difference is between being a Rob fan or a Cronenberg fan. Aren’t they both in the same business? Just different roles. Why is it perfectly okay to be a fan of Cronenberg, but if you’re a fan of Pattinson, you’re immediately discounted as some kind of crazy, hormonal girl who doesn’t get out much. It’s completely ridiculous and, quite frankly, hypocritical. I’m sure there are fan blogs out there run by Cronenberg or Giamatti fans or whatever…do they get scoffed at as well? Somehow I doubt it. Yet this fan blog, run by “Rpattz” fans (as @ThePlaylist so condescendingly put it) is beautifully and professionally designed and consistently up-to-the-minute, as even Cait Cronenberg herself said.

    Perhaps those who think so little of the Pattinson fans should take lessons from those very fans on how to run a blog. Then maybe their dismissals and condescending remarks won’t seem quite so petty and unfounded.

    And I’m done now. As you can infer, I was a little annoyed by some of the backlash I saw on Twitter today. 🙂