BOOK: Going deeper into the first official still from ‘Cosmopolis’

"You never told me you were blue-eyed." ~Elise

Cosmopolis stills photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg, revealed the first official still today on twitter. With production starting May 23rd, this is certainly a treat for Cosmopolis fans. We’ve added a new menu page, Official Stills, to the limo bar. 😉

After the dust settled (it hasn’t really but I’m too excited to not talk about this), I thought we could have a discussion thread about the scene in the still. We had an invigorating discussion series on the book back in February. You can check it out, The Discussion, found under The Story.

Book excerpt after the cut *SPOILERS*

From Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo:

He glanced out the one-way window to his left. It took him a moment to understand that he knew the woman in the rear seat of the taxi that lay adjacent. She was his wife of twenty-two days, Elise Shifrin, a poet who had right of blood to the fabulous Shifrin banking fortune of Europe and the world.

He coded a word to Torval up front. Then he stepped into the street and tapped on the taxi window. She smiled up at him, surprised. She was in her mid-twenties, with an etched delicacy of feature and large and artless eyes. Her beauty had an element of remoteness. This was intriguing but maybe not. Her head rode slightly forward on a slender length of neck. She had an unexpected laugh, a little weary and experienced, and he liked the way she put a finger to her lips when she wanted to be thoughtful. Her poetry was shit.
She slid over and he got in next to her. The horns subsided and resumed in ritualistic cycles. Then the taxi shot diagonally across the intersection to a point just west of Second Avenue, where it reached another impasse, with Torval jogging hot behind.

“Where’s your car?”

“We can’t seem to find it,” she said. “I’d offer you a ride.”

“I couldn’t. Absolutely. I know you work en route. And I like taxis. I was never good at
geography and I learn things by asking the drivers where they come from.”

“They come from horror and despair.”

“Yes, exactly. One learns about the countries where unrest is occurring by riding the taxis

“I haven’t seen you in a while. I looked for you this morning.”

He took off his sunglasses, for effect. She gazed into his face. She looked steadily, with fixed attention. “Your eyes are blue,” she said.

He lifted her hand and held it to his face, smelling and licking. The Sikh at the wheel was missing a finger. Eric regarded the stub, impressive, a serious thing, a body ruin that carried history and pain.

“Eat breakfast yet?”

“No,” she said.

“Good. I’m hungry for something thick and chewy.”

“You never told me you were blue-eyed.” He heard the static in her laugh. He bit her thumb knuckle and opened the door and they stepped across the sidewalk to the coffee shop near the corner.

And the still certainly captures this moment, doesn’t it? Right here: He took off his sunglasses, for effect. She gazed into his face. She looked steadily, with fixed attention. “Your eyes are blue,” she said. And again here: “Good. I’m hungry for something thick and chewy.” “You never told me you were blue-eyed.”

If you haven’t picked up the book yet, we have a link to Amazon on the side bar. Click the book image and get to reading. It’s also available in eReader format for Kindles and Nooks.

Popsugar is doing a snap poll on Cosmopolis and asking if people are exicited. Click HERE to give them your supportive vote. What are your thoughts on the still?? I know you love it but do you LOVE it?? 😉

PHOTO CREDIT: Caitlin Cronenberg

  • TwilightMomGA

    OH SWEET JAMOCHA SHAKES!!! I about had a fainting spell when I opened up my twitter and found this Tasty Treat! I read 1/2 the book on the way to NY for WFE then had to return it to the library. So gonna get it again to finish. Cannot wait for more. Thank YOU!

  • rpattzgirl

    I don’t get how you’re married to someone for 22 days, or GET married, and not know the color of their eyes….especially Eric’s…how could you ever take your eyes off that face????

    • they seem to all be numb. disconnected from each other…desperate to feel something.

      • mmm

        I wish there is a “like” button. =)

    • Loisada

      I imagine Eric Packer is a man most people would prefer to not look at too closely, especially if they’re forced to have frequent transactions with him. As a woman tied to him by a business deal, many women in Elise’s shoes would rather keep things as formal and distant as possible. It’s a union based on indifference.

      Learning to truly “see” other people is one of the book’s key themes. At the start, Eric and Elise don’t see/know/understand each other at all. But they gradually come to want more, to want something real, as summed up in this simple line when she dare to really look in his eyes. They spend the rest of the day building up to a point where they can be genuine and uncompromising and actually “know” one another and feel something genuine.

      But at the start of this marriage of convenience, Eric is still a shark in Elise’s eyes… She’s not giving him anything too easily. He has to grow and come to many realizations before she’ll truly give herself to him, or let herself get lost and lovestruck gazing at his beautiful but cruel face. The girl is far too smart for that!

      • mmm

        Perfect interpretation. =)

      • ABV

        You’re good Lois,Lol….

    • mmm

      It suggest that they really don’t know each other.

  • Marina H.

    i love it!!!! I LAAAAAAHVE IT!! 8-DDDDD

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    There is so much metaphor and symbolism in this book, with Elise’s appearances throughout almost like a Greek chorus to comment on the chaos that is Eric’s life. It’s like with the blue eyes comment she’s really “seeing” him – the real him, not the young billionaire financier she married. It’s like she’s really seeing him as a man, as a person for the first time, or maybe forcing him to see himself. OMG, I am SO going to love this movie!!

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  • Loosingmymind2

    Oh! My! God! There are no words! Really. It’s taken me this long to be able to form that!! And Tink, I think you’re spot on with putting the picture with the book!

  • munawarah

    oh gosh! robert n eric packer … oh gosh! … can’t say a word! … my mind is blowing up right now! …

  • Rob is Eric Packer!

    Finally i found the fanpage of Cosmopolis. This pic of Eric and Elise is fantastic- like i imagined them. Intense, sexy and cold.

    I am reading the book right now. It’s very different from the books i have read, not my cup of tea, but there is something that attracts me in it. The only thing that is interesting for me in the book is the relationship between Eric and Elise. I especially love how Eric treats her everytime he sees Elise. I can’t wait how Rob and Sarah will show it on-screen.

    • ABV

      I know what attracts me…it’s Rob,Lol….he’s the only reason why I’m gonna watch this movie…..He’s simply divine and the suit,wowzer!…That man can wear a suit like nobody else I know,they’re made for him especially Gucci suits!!!

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