FAN PHOTO: Kevin Durand with a fan on the Cosmopolis set 05/29

Lucky fan, Dayna, scored a photo op with Cosmopolis‘ Kevin Durand who plays chief of security, Torval. Bonus limo in the background. Great pic, thanks for sharing!

Dayna twitpic’d a great shot of the limo too. Do you see the chauffeurs in there? Well we are!!! ;P

UPDATE: More pics from Dayna’s partner in crime, Karine

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  • Bettybmusing


  • maah

    Kevin is hot.And the limo is very cool.

  • mmm

    He looks like a Torval. =)

    • Deb24601

      He DOES look like Torval. Maybe a little more handsome but hey, it’s the movies. 😉 Seriously, Kevin scared the bejebus out of me during his stint on Lost. And he’s HUGE! I didn’t realize how big and imposing he was until seeing him beside Rob (and Dayna). Whoa.

      • mmm

        Haha right Deb! I agree with you. He looks scary but I love it.

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  • Dayna a/k/a @Bellasguardian

    Yea He’s Huge. I’m 5’1 and I look up to everyone I didn’t know how tall he was until I saw him next to Rob Today it was so crazy. Seriously one of the nicest guys in the world though! Also, He was actually leaning down so he’s much taller than me really. lol. Still kicking myself for chickening out at the pic with Rob’s Stand in (seriously…he was hott – they all were, it was pure insanity really!)

    • im SO glad he’s huge. i wanted to know this casting in a big way back when we started guessing. he’s perfect to me.

  • Janners

    Dood towers over Rob! Wonder how he’d stack up to Daniel Cudmore??