PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon and David Cronenberg on the Cosmopolis set

Whoa!! Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer! (p.s. that tag makes my eyes hurt)

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UPDATE: Added a few more photos. Who knew Mr Cronenberg was such a cut up? Scroll down for newest photos.

Here are the first photos of Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon and David Cronenberg on the Toronto set of Cosmopolis this morning. Looks like a rehearsal… Eric wouldn’t wear that hat. 😉

I spy Kevin Durand in this one!
You grip the bottle... oh man.
This is begging for a caption... let's hear yours in the comment section!
Yay Dean. Wonder if he'll give pointers to Kevin Durand ;)

more photos at the source

  • The ball is rolling! Wooooo hoooooo Glad to see smiles and good ole LB is as faithful as ever.

  • robsexme

    O.o He’s wearing sunglasses & holding a plastic bottle; that reminds me of a line from the book. 😉 Love the one with the reflection of the limo in the window. Keep em coming! (twss)
    I’m All smiles today! 🙂

  • Lisa

    This day keeps getting better and better!!!!

  • OMG!!


  • enn

    Wohoooooo so excited. ..

  • Barbara

    Caption for that pic: Singing, “How much is that Pretty in the window? The one with the beautiful hair…How much is that Pretty in the window? I wonder if that man is for sale…?” lol…

  • Claudia

    Es increible, las sonrisas, el ambiente…. cronenberg lo esta haciendo estupendamente. Como estoy disfrutando este rodaje

  • enn

    He looks so cocky as Eric, cant wait for 2012!!

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  • Loisada

    Caption for shot with David outside:
    Rob: *snaps head down* Whoa there who’s… is that Cronenberg feelin me up through the window?! *guffaws* WTF, he’s gonna Dead Ringer my ass in this movie, isn’t he?!