SET PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon filming in Toronto 05/29

Updated again… 😉 Videos down below… one of Rob strolling (strutting?) and another in the cafe. Scroll baby scroll!

Updated with a few chauffeur faves! Be sure to scroll down and check out the gallery.

Loads of photos coming in. Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon shooting the cafe scene today. Oh Rob… 😉

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  • rpattzgirl

    How freaking lucky are we? Getting all these pics in the first few days….

  • robsexme

    More?! *JUMPS UP N DOWN* “Rob knows what he’s doing” Uhuh. It’s getting HOT in here! Yeah, loosen’ up that collar, bb! 😉 *giggles*

  • Lynn Woodhead

    This is one of my best Sunday’s EVER! All those pictures of Rob make me such a HAPPY girl 😉

  • Janners


    This is in my city! I’m still wrapping my head around this lovely fact!!

  • I love the photos, Robert and Sara are perfect for their characters

  • Lisa

    Not sure how much more of this I can take!!! Okay, lot’s more!! Keep them coming…

  • Kazrob

    OMG! Did you see the power watch Rob is wearing for this role?…SOOO sexy
    He looks very Wall Street……young/mature man about town.
    Can’t believe we are having such a lot of exposure so early.

  • Loisada

    I’m intrigued and a little puzzled by the setup of this shot. In the book Eric sits back to the wall, where he can survey the room. Then again, he likes coming to the diner specifically because it puts him in danger and pisses off Torval. Cronenberg has one upped that, exposing Eric in the worst of ways to an angry world in this fishbowl window.

    Technically speaking: where’s the boom? How do they get dialogue face shots without the plateglass barrier… or do they? Reshoots in close-up on sound stage?

    This is what I love most about candid shots: seeing exactly how a director pieces together his film. Robsessing has become a first-class course in cinema craft!

    PS: the whacky hair part? It’s the Wall St. crowd, there’s a definite Trump undercurrent everywhere!

    • robsexme

      Love your observations! 🙂

    • Yes, great observations. Love the fishbowl idea and yes, sitting in the window is very reckless… poor Torval.

      What an exciting day!

    • Kazrob

      I think I would have preferred his hair slicked straight back without a parting, but he still looks sexy.
      The watch alone is doing strange things to me…..
      Your comments got me thinking now……Hmm……lol

      • Loisada

        Rob always sets my mind buzzing!

        I agree, the Gordon Gekko look would have worked well, but perhaps too iconic? This is 50s style, interesting choice with the boy scout look. Will Cronenberg’s Eric start as a squeaky clean perv (think Pee Wee Herman) who gradually unravels over the day until he’s reduced to a disheveled laid-bare bag of skin and bones poked about by Benno?

        • mmm

          Yes yes! =)

    • Very interesting. I am very curious about the glass barrier too. And as I mentioned on twitter to Tink, I had a hard time deciphering when they were shooting and when they are not. For example, while Rob is eating the sausage………*gulp* Sarah is wearing a sweat shirt of some kind. Is this just Rob having a snack between takes? Are they really even shooting because Rob is acting more like Rob than I was expect Eric to act.

    • mmm

      Wow, I really like your interpretation here. I like the set up. For me, I interpret the window as precursor to freedom. A thin glass separating from the dangers from the real world. Yet Torval lurking behind reminds me of the existing fishbowl that Eric built which still surrounds him. It doesn’t matter if he is against the wall. As long as Torval is there, no danger will come to Eric . Eh getting philosophical here.

      1. The suit-very corporate
      2. The expression – distant and determined (the way the book described)
      3. The hair-don’t matter. But I can’t wait for his transformation in the end most of all.

      With photo’s appearing about the movie, heck ya I’m more excited! I’m reading the book for the 3rd time because of it. I’ve been comparing my views with the reading groups discernment, death-decay-destruction and am amazed and extremely enlightened. The meaning goes deeper than what is visualized. This is truly art in the making.

    • Shi

      I don’t think they are filmIng just yet, it looks like rOb taking a break, but maybe your right about the fish bowl thing, maybe cronberg wanted Eric to observe the wOrld outside not inside.

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  • Bettybmusing

    :-D……:-D……:-D …… Sometimes the sense of danger can be so exciting… Love the pic….

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