BOOK: Going deeper into the coffee shop with Eric, Elise, and Torval

Before action: I love that you can see the square of butter. lol

We had fun playing with the first official still and the novel so we thought let’s do it again with the new set photos. 🙂 If you’re just catching up with us, take a look at our discussion group, The Discussion, archived under the menu bar, The Story.

Book excerpt after the cut *SPOILERS*

From Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis:

He sat with his back to the wall, watching Torval position himself near the front door,
where he had a broad view of the room. The place was crowded. He heard stray words in French and Somali seeping through the ambient noise. That was the disposition of this end of 47th Street. Dark women in ivory robes walking in the river wind toward the UN secretariat. Apartment towers called Mole and Octavia. There were Irish nannies pushing strollers in the parks. And Elise of course, Swiss or something, sitting across the table.

“What are we going to talk about?” she said.

He sat before a plate of pancakes and sausages, waiting for the square of butter to melt and run so he could use his fork to swirl it into the torpid syrup and then watch the marks made by the tines slowly fold into the soak. He realized her question was serious.

“We want a heliport on the roof. I’ve acquired air rights but still need to get a zoning variance. Don’t you want to eat?”

It seemed, the food, to make her draw back. Green tea and toast untouched before her.

“And a shooting range next to the elevator bank. Let’s talk about us.”

“You and I. We’re here. So might as well.”

“When are we going to have sex again?”

“We will. I promise,” she said.

“We haven’t in a while now.”

“When I work, you see. The energy is precious.”

“When you write.”


“Where do you do this? I look for you, Elise.” He watched Torval move his lips thirty feet away. He was speaking into a mouthpiece concealed in his lapel. He wore an ear bud.

The handset of his cell phone was belted under his jacket not far from his voice-activated firearm, Czech-made, another emblem of the international tenor of the district.

“I curl up somewhere. I’ve always done this. My mother used to send people to find me,” she said. “Maids and gardeners combing the house and grounds. She thought I was dissolvable in water.”

“I like your mother. You have your mother’s breasts.”

“Her breasts.”

“Great stand-up tits,” he said.

He ate quickly, inhaling his food. Then he ate her food. He thought he could feel the
glucose entering his cells, fueling the body’s other appetites.

He nodded to the owner of the place, a Greek from Samos, who waved from the counter. He liked to come here because Torval did not want him to.

“Tell me this. Where will you go now?” she said. “To a meeting somewhere? To your office? Where is your office? What do you do exactly?”
She peered at him over bridged hands, her smile in hiding.

“You know things. I think this is what you do,” she said. “I think you’re dedicated to knowing. I think you acquire information and turn it into something stupendous and awful. You’re a dangerous person. Do you agree? A visionary.”

NOTE: I am not implanted in David Cronenberg’s brain. I don’t actually know which take is associated with the text. This is just fun and games. 🙂 What do you guys think? How are you liking Eric, Elise, and Torval??

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  • Kazrob

    Love the scenes you’ve matched with the words… sort of rolls and unfolds.
    Wonder if DC will enlarge on this scene with the script. It wiil be the first time we will hear Rob mention tits on screen….why does that make me smile? I’m behaving like a 10 year old!!!!!
    He has altered the setting a little in that his back isn’t against the wall…..I expect it is to wind Torval up…I suspect Eric enjoys doing that.

  • Susan

    I love this!! I did this all through the Remember Me shoot, trying to link the scenes with the script. In my mind, you nailed it. There’s no doubt to me that this is the scene and I really enjoyed being reminded of their dialogue. It is an interesting conversation to say the least! Eric Packer may be the most complicated character he’s played to date and I can’t wait to see it!!

  • TerriG

    I’m sorry all I can see is Rob/Eric eating ….swoon … with fingers. He is seriously going to rock this movie. The chemisty between them looks sizzling. The only thing I worry about with the pics coming out is that we will be spoilt before the movie comes out. I loved the Remember Me photos but then when I watched the film I had spoilt it for myself as the surprises had been revealed almost. Anyhow – not really complaining – what’s not to love with set pics – he is gorgeous. I do wonder how the film will portray all the nuances and inner dialogue of Eric, although they could do what you are doing and put captions underneath the scenes. Sorry for going on – really excited to find you are doing this with Cosmopolis as you did WfE. Great work!!!!

    • silver lining? many reports lead us to believe a majority of this film is in-studio so these exterior shots are a rare treat. i know what u mean about the spoils so i make sure to put the book excerpts after the cut. hard to exercise self-control tho lol i always spoil myself.

  • rpattzgirl

    Brilliant…I’m loving these go deeper posts…
    I agree Kaz, hearing something as simple & child like as tits fall from his mouth will be my undoing…
    I can’t wait fo see what DC does as well and to see these characters who are so strange to me come to life..

  • Denise

    Oh, so entertaining. Love it. Serious Torval always in the background, flippant Eric devouring his sausage and pancakes, and poised Elise trying to figure him out…

    • it charts, right?? i love it.

      • cj

        Absolutely, it charts!!! Great job, Tink!!! Love the dialogue, and really love Rob devouring that food, lol!!!

  • I am incredibly excited to see how this scene will unfold and of course the transformation of Eric Packer throughout the day. As it was stated yesterday, I am curious to know how Cronenberg will do the additional shots for this scene considering everything we saw was shot from the outside in. Though judging by the fan recap yesterday, we didn’t get to see EVERYTHING they did thankfully. I have read the book so I am looking forward to some surprises.

  • Carson

    Just discovered this – what a great idea! It’s fascinating to imagine how such a cerebral book could be translated to the screen. Thank goodness for a public scene that allows us to glimpse the process. Hope we get a lot more.

  • Brenda

    Thanks for all the updates from over the weekend. So, has anyone got a theory here, do we think Cronenberg is shoting in chronological order ? (Usually films are shot out of order) Based on what photo’s have come out, it seeme to be the first few scene’s from the book that he has shot. Any thought’s ?

    • i think it’s just working out that way so far. chauffeur d is around the set today and crew told her scenes they were shooting later. they aren’t chronological.

  • IM1LuckyWoman

    Really a great idea to do this. It doesn’t matter whether or not things “match up” exactly. It still makes a better connection to the words from the book to see photos and lines come together. Nice job!

    • thanks! i know a alot of our readers have read the book but there are a lot that haven’t either and might like a glimpse. sort of like cliff notes with pictures. lol

  • BewitchedByRob

    Tink, I dare anyone to do any better in matching up the takes vs. text or critize you. To me, it’s spot on and was a lot of fun in imagining!

    I’m really having a hard time wrapping around the fact that this is the same guy who, last year at this time, was on the WFE set, looking so very, very different – portraying someone in a whole different world/time period (a complete 360, from what he’s playing now) which we all got to see before our eyes finally, recently on screen. Then, in between, seeing him back as Edward. What a difference a year makes………

    Rob once said, jokingly, that his hair is 75% of his performance. It really does transform him, more so, than any other male actor I can think of. Goodness, it looks so different from him coming off the WFE premiere tour, just a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks to those of you who make this site what it is (good crew, good crew!), to help bring this story and now filming to life! With all the new pics rolling in, I can imagine the uploading and posting can be tedious. I hope the fun in seeing it before we do and bringing it to us, outweighs, the
    work to make it happen…

    • yeah he’s looking good as Eric Packer. again, completely different from his previous roles (as it should be). thanks for the compliment as well 🙂

      • kim

        Oh I’m just catching up and so much to see! Just got to a computer.
        This is breakfast, is this also the rats? Or is that lunch? I have brought my cosmopolis book with me to refresh and I need refreshing cause I read it in Jan. and so many details. Looks like fun so far, and cool up there in Canada, although think a heat wave came today. I see they chose a toned black suit, we didn’t guess that color did we?

  • Kaz2

    Hey tinkrbell3 – great to see you here… I loved all your work on WFE. This is a great idea…..this is going to be so much fun! I found the book quite different to anything I have read before so am really looking forward to Rob in this role. I was a bit disappointed in his look (dont kill me!) only because he looks quite young and now I feel like a sleazy old bag! LOL. I was picturing something more like from his details shoot, or Another Man or my fave GQ where I have convinced myself he is older than he is. Sad isn’t it? Torval is about 2 feet taller than I imagined when reading and so much better! Looking forward to your updates.

  • Dalva

    This is the coolest thing, this deep digging, I enjoy it the most! Looking at the photos and the text, it kinda seems you are implanted into DC’s brain 😉
    All of this made me go through the book again, imagining Rob saying the worrrrdssssss…and that line “Where do you do this? I look for you, Elise.” is beautiful, I think that’s the only time he pronounces her name out loud, and it’s as if he’s actually unconsciously looking for her the entire time. Thank you, truly looking forward to more matching fun and games, Cosmopolis is such a good book and this will be SUCH A GREAT MOVIE!!!!

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