PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Set Soldier Suzie shares her Cosmopolis set adventure

Rob takes direction from David Cronenberg

I arrived at the set on a side street in downtown Toronto about noon. They were already filming inside the coffee shop, and had been since about 7 am. Every so often someone would shout “rolling!” but all the action was taking place inside. I was rather worried about the weather because thunderstorms were forecast but luckily it held off until the evening and conditions were great for filming, albeit a bit overcast and hazy. There were very few people where I was standing at the barricade at one end of the street…just me, a succession of surly off-duty policemen, a couple of for-hire set security people and the odd passer by who stopped and wanted to know what was filming and who was in it. Security told them and quite a few didn’t recognize Rob’s name until of course Twilight was mentioned. Come on Toronto, get with the program! I snapped a few shots of the limo and the coffee shop and then before long they called lunch.

The Limo!

Knowing nothing was going to happen for at least an hour I walked around the corner and encountered the dressing room and makeup trailers and found a place to perch to wait for filming to begin again. While I was sitting there, a bride and groom in full regalia traipsed down the sidewalk with their entourage of photographers and had a little photo shoot right outside Rob’s trailer, no doubt hoping his door would open and they’d have a ringside seat. No such luck! I had a feeling he’d be heading right past me to the makeup trailer and sure enough after almost two hours Dean escorted him over there for a quick touch-up, and then back to his trailer. Unfortunately by that time the paparazzi had chosen the same spot to hang out and with my SLR camera it may have been assumed I was one of them. Drat those people! A few minutes later Rob headed back to the set.

Torval: A word. Eric: Yes. Torval: The complex recommends extra security. Eric: You're not happy about this.

Not long after I resumed my original position I was joined by @Janners and @Notebookgirl72 who blessedly brought water with them as by this time I was parched from standing in the sun for 3 hours. Screens were moved around, tents were put up and all but blocked us from the action along with several security types but we managed to get a number of shots of the scene with Eric and Torval (Kevin Durand) discussing security precautions by holding our cameras up in the air (my arms are still aching!). The director, David Cronenberg, chatted briefly with Rob and Kevin before they started rolling, and Rob bounced on and off the limo door, waiting patiently for the next take, which was always heralded by “picture up!” The scene took about two hours to film with a handheld camera and finally about 5:30 pm it was all over and crew started striking the set.Β What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Rob and director David Cronenberg

Chauffeur note: Thanks for sharing, Suzie! After the cut, check out her gallery with the captions that accompanied her pictures. The quotes are from the book and are not directly from the scene (spoilerish if you haven’t read the book). Suzie also got a few, quick videos of Rob on set located after the gallery of pics.

  • Please tell me some loser did not yell bite me? Or was I just hearing things? Thanks Suzie for all the great pictures and observations. I’m sure it was an eventful Sunday!

    • roslynselene

      Oh god, I heard that too. Smh. How embarrassing.

      And all these photos and videos are great. Thanks, Suzie (and Chauffeurs for the blog. πŸ˜‰ )

    • i cringed LOL

  • Diana

    OMG – these pics are SO hot! He looks SO good in that dark suit with his hair slicked. Hmmmmm.

    But Torval – I just realized who he is! He was in Lost and also played one of the Defuego’s in Wild Hogs.

  • Shirlee

    Thank you for posting – love all the pics and am really getting used to his Corporate hair!

  • All my comments are awaiting moderation. What’s up with that?

    • you must have switched emails or something. no matter…you’re a free woman now!

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  • rpattzgirl

    Even worse, some dumb ass blogger/reporter said Rob was not fan-friendly today. What a lousy thing to say..
    We know Rob is so generous to his fans, and it’s little comments like that, that spread the hate…
    Rob is working!!!! Awesome photos as always!

    • i saw that guy’s tweets. i think he’s a pap. u know they dont view things the same way as fans. its dollars and cents. plus we already know Rob won’t come anywhere near fans with paps around. WFE showed that. so to them, they see him acting aloof. but when they aren’t there…well…we have plenty of fan stories and pics from WFE to show how Rob is with fans. πŸ™‚

      the other important point you made: he’s working. i certainly wouldn’t know how to deal with outsiders watching me work. in fact, i forbid it. ive had friends and family that have wanted to see me teach and i shut them all down. Yes, Rob is in a profession that draws the attention of outsiders, but it still has to be a bit hard and requires extra focus.

      another note…(im note-y)…every movie since twilight (first one), he has not come by the fans while filming was still going on. its always been after they were done for the day, if he was able to stop by at all. he’s just in a different space now. these aren’t red carpet events or premieres. its a gamble and ur lucky if u get a wave. which he already gave on the first day of exteriors πŸ™‚ Leaving set 5/29

      • mmm

        You know Tink, well put! I think I will go crazy if outsiders constantly watch me do my bme research. So it is no different with actors/actresses. Focus is paramount because Rob really wants to do real well in this film like WFE. Fans understand this, while others may not.

      • Janners

        Rob was very quiet yesterday and for a very good reason. HE WAS IN CHARACTER!! Sheesh!

        People expect so much from him and he gives more than 100% of himself.

        I watched him as a fan and as an actor and I was really impressed with how focused he is when he’s working. He does NOT let anything distract him…not fans, not pappz, not the lights….he listens intently to his director and his castmates and gives us such a polished performance in return.

        This is an intense role and so much different from anything he’s ever done. I can imagine that his entire concentration is centred on bringing Eric Packer to life and if someone’s feelings are inadvertently hurt, then they need to suck it up.

        Rant over!

        • Dee

          Rob was very quiet yesterday and for a very good reason. HE WAS IN CHARACTER!! Sheesh!

          Jan thanks for that. I was looking at all of the pics and just said to a friend my lord he’s in character, soo serious, so deep.
          He is Eric! So beautiful!

    • Tinkrbe1l3

      Lucky fans πŸ™‚

      From the same guy who said Rob was unfriendly: Robert Pattinson pleases fans as he wrapped filming for the day on Cosmopolis. Rob signed autographs just as he left the set

      Rob is awesome to fans πŸ™‚

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    • Great rant! I love that Rob is an absolute professional and takes his craft seriously. I admire that about him.

  • Patricia

    My first sad. Love all the info and pics. Wish I could be there, just once to get a peek of the real live Rob. I’m only 30 mins away.

  • Loisada

    Bite Me, and complaining about actors not pandering to fans while working? It may only be a few jerks doing this, but it’s enough to understand why sets get closed off completely. One negative incident is enough to sour the mood of an entire day.

    Am I understanding this right: the bulk of the photos that poured out yesterday were taken by fans, not paparazzi? That gives me pause…

    • one rotten apple…

      majority of pics came from paps. whats making u pause?

      • Loisada

        The balancing act between following an actor’s work in progress for our enlightenment and enjoyment, and allowing him the space and privacy he needs to focus.

        It’s not a question of the number of eyes on you. A teacher has eyes on her constantly, but as you said there is a difference btwn the eyes of students and the eyes of people coming into the classroom not as participants, but simply to observe you.

        I imagine that holds true on a film set. The eyes of the film crew and cast must feel different, in that they’re participating in the creative process and each member of the troupe knows how and when to respectfully let the others do their work unhindered.

        The gaze of papz and even fans are a very different energy, and when they’re close enough to have their voices heard as well… At the very least it’s an added distraction that must make it harder to focus and to fully submerge yourself in the character’s world.

        I’m not advocating a completely closed set, but laying the boundaries here is tricky. Makes me stop and think, and question my own “fangirling” as I do.

        (I’ve also worked as a teacher, and hated even well-meaning family or friends popping in to observe. No thank you!)

  • Janners

    He had the cutest habit of bouncing off the side of the limo while waiting….boing…boing…boing……Yeah…my mind went to a baaaad but nice place! (snort!)

    Also, those cupcakes featured in Caitlin’s blog are from the bakery across from the diner called, “Prairie Girl” and were made with love by my friend, Andie who is their pastry chef! I love it that Rob may have eaten one of her cupcakes!

    Speaking of which, I bought a red velvet one and stood watching Rob while licking the icing off my fingers mentally begging, ‘look-over-here-look-over-here-look-over-here”!!

    Sigh….cream cheese icing and staring at the REAL Rob…..only thing that would have been better is if the icing were on HIS fingers!

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  • Eryka12

    I am such a jealous h00r for all you ladies out there getting to see this first hand!! Thank you so much Deb, Jan, Tink, Suzy and every set contributor who are letting us know what`s going on on set and sharing their pics and videos.

    I also want to thank you ladies for doing it such a respectful and quiet manner. I`m sure you`re screaming inside, but you`ve been nothing but respectful of his time and work. It`s a shame that a few bad fangirls and crappy papz can make us all look bad, when the vast majority are not like that at all.

    Keep the news coming, `cause I`m loving every second of it!!

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