Chauffeur Deb aka Rogue Reporter aka Set Soldier: Full account of set visit 5/30

After hearing so many amazing stories from fans observing the Sunday filming of Cosmopolis in downtown Toronto, I decided I would go check things out myself. I’m only an hour away, the kids are in school…. why not?

First off… I didn’t get lost – and I get lost often. Daily. I got lost driving home once. So the fact that I drove straight to where I was supposed to be seemed to be a good sign. I took a walk around to see what I could see. Now, I’ve never been to a film set before,  so when I spied Rob’s trailer I could have gone home happy. It was so quiet though and there was no one around so I walked closer…

The rest of the adventure, plus a fan photo of Rob taken that day, after the cut!

There was very little activity to be seen. Lots of trucks and cables. Crates of stuff. I didn’t know if I’d see any filming, I really was just excited to be there and to see whatever I could.

I have never been so excited to see a chair. Ever.

I spoke to a few crew members and was told they were setting up the restaurant scene. Ooo an intense scene and… an interior scene. Hmmm I guess I wasn’t going to see any filming after all. Oh well. Still, I had the day and wasn’t giving up yet. I took a little walk around the block looking for the limo. No dice. As I was walking back I received a message that my twitter bud, drapht13, had arrived. I met up with her at the end of the street and when I looked back down toward the trailers I saw….


Now, I’m not going to lie. I felt conspicuous and was tempted to stay really far back but we edged forward (I felt like I was playing with Dean – every time he looked away we’d creep forward. lol) Once I could see the whites of Dean’s eyes I figured we were close enough. This also put us right beside Mr Cronenberg’s trailer. Then… we waited. And waited. Aaaand… you get the idea.

Finally, there was a flurry of activity. Trailer doors were knocked on, phones were yelled into, a few crew members ran around. Mr Cronenberg came out of his trailer and walked directly to the building and then Rob came out of his trailer, took two steps and was gone. Instantly, the day out is a success! 🙂

Rob's stand in (back to camera) and Rob's shoulder as he enters set!

We spotted Caitlin Cronenberg and I debated, no agonized, about approaching her. I’m too shy for these adventures! I’m thinking to myself “what would Tink do in this situation?” then I thought “Tink’s gonna kick my ass if I don’t say something!” So when Caitlin looked in our direction, I waved (I’m so brave!) and we did get to talk for a few minutes about the shoot and the blog. Wonderful lady!

During this time we could hear occasional shouts of “ROLLING!” and “CUT!” I found this very exciting. It was so real. Even though I couldn’t see anything I knew Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon were filming right there. Then another rapid Rob dash to his trailer followed by Mr Cronenberg strolling to his.

I had my copy of Cosmopolis handy and as Mr Cronenberg started to pass I asked if he would be signing autographs today. I said this so quietly that I had to repeat myself. He laughed and said “You want my autograph?” I thought I would be intimidated by him, he’s an icon and a Canadian treasure but he was so nice! As he signed my book I babbled questions at him about the shoot. He replied that they were having a great time, it was a really great group of people and he was very happy with how everything was going. I mentioned that I’d seen some photos of him joking around from filming the day before and he said, “Yeah, we’re really having fun!”

(I tried to take a picture of Mr Cronenberg signing an autograph for someone else but ended up taking two seconds of vid. Really shaky vid. Those of you who know about the Rob video that never was from New York City will recognize the pattern here. I should not be allowed around technology near famous people.)

An inconvenient disruption. Grrrrr.

Shortly after all this wonderful stuff happened a fire alarm sounded and four fire engines arrived. There was no fire or emergency but shooting was halted. I knew what time I had to leave by and, even though it seemed like the day might be shot, I decided to stay. Well, I’m glad I did! I met Yukkei (a Cosmopolisfilm blog reader!) and her friends, plus Rob made a few more quick appearances. Yukkei and I bonded when we made the same “awww” sound when we saw Rob going into his trailer. 😉

Finally, it was time for me to head home. I gave Yukkei a card for our blog and said we’d love for her to send in any photos that she’d like to share. And she did!!!! 🙂

This happened. Right where I'd stood. For five hours. *swallows jealousy*

You can read more about Rob signing autographs for fans (2 hours after I left *twitches*) HERE.

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Deb, you are a trooper!!! I can sure understand about being hesitant to approach Mr. Cronenberg, I would be to, but good for you for being a #BraveFan — and getting to talk to Caitlin, how super was that.

    I LOL’d about your description on sneaking up when Dean was looking the other way. Having come pretty much nose to nose with Dean on the NYC #WFE red carpet barricade, I TOTALLY understand the “let’s not piss Dean off” strategy.

    Thrilled that you and your pals had such a great chance to get as up close and personal as you did!!! Lucky girls!

    • I joked that I should have brought a potted plant to hide behind! After a few hours Dean calmed down with the stink eye. He knows good fans when he sees them. LOL He even sat down for a while. I said “sitting down on the job, eh?” and got a smirk! #win

      • SmittenByaBrit

        LMAO! that’s great!

      • Donna

        We asked him if he would take a picture with us…he laughed blushed and shook his head no :(. Come on Dean just one…laughed and said no no while shaking his head 🙁 I told him that we loved him too…he said that’s nice but NO. Dean is a bummer sometimes…lol…kidding…we love Dean. He is very tall.

  • rpattzgirl

    OMG Deb!! I’m so proud of you for being brave!!! What a great story…
    It’s so nice to hear about how nice the crew is, David and his daughter both….
    If Toronto wasn’t a bazillion miles away, I would so be there too, even if only to see his trailer!!

  • Kazrob

    Such a shame you missed Rob after waiting all that time. You really are a “set soldier” creeping up on Dean commando style. I bet that man has eyes in the back of his head!
    Great reporting and you got to chat with the great man himself Mr Cronenberg. Everything must be going great as he wouldn’t stop to talk etc if things were going wrong. Way to go Rob!
    To be so near to Rob…*sigh*…..I’d find it hard to stay away….

    • LOL Drapht and I accidentally coordinated our clothes, khaki bottoms and black tops. Very soldier like. 😉

  • Deb, you’ve had quite a few moments with Rob these past couple of months. I don’t know if I should claw your eyes out or just squeeze you to death in an embrace! I’m more of a hugger so I’ll just send you my love and thanks! What an experience!

    • I appreciate your hug… *backs away slowly* 😉

  • kate

    how do you know sarah was onset? didnt heard anything bout her! great to heard david was nice to her! and shooting going well too. anyone how long filming is for? heard 40 days? but official site says filming on til 18th july! help?

    • O.o I assumed Sarah was there because the scene being filmed was Eric and Elise at dinner. I could be wrong. I didn’t see her. Let’s chalk it up to wishful thinking. LOL

      40 days is what we’re hearing. I think. Tink’s in charge of details. I’m in charge of alcohol. 😉

      • kate

        so when should b filming be done? mid july? cool! 🙂 where u read 40 days filming? on day 5!

      • the schedule couldn’t BE more ambiguous. the official site has 2 dates…july 18 and july 21st. and David and Rob are both saying 40 days. i don’t try to think about it too hard. lol

        • kate

          well if david says 40 days i believe him!

          • Donna

            Maybe 40 days in total..not 40 days in a row????

          • kate

            they seems to work for monday to friday so maybe that makes up 40 days idk maybe some weekends included u know?

  • SmittenByaBrit

    This is so exciting Deb! Eeeek! I’m so giddy for you!

    • 🙂 Thanks. I’m glad I have somewhere to share or I’d explode. Can you imagine? My husband doesn’t want to hear all these details? LOL

  • Debb, I live in Massachusetts. I’ve been on cloud 9 with the thought that Rob is not that far away – just being in the same time zone and sharing the same type of weather as him, makes me estatic (I swear to God I feel his pheromones in the air) – so I can only imagine how it feels for you to not only know Rob is living right in the area you live in, briefly, but to actually see a “day in the life” of him working. And to think that you saw him in NYC just a little more than a month back…he’s literally been around the world between those periods. It’s hard to imagine it’s one and the same guy, in all the places he’s been in such a short time…

    I’m so glad you didn’t get lost…o/…and that the day worked out for you! So glad too that David C. was kind to give you his autograph and chat for a few! For some reason he looks so gruff – mysterious – dark – unapproachable, in everything I’ve seen of him leading up to this filming. In the last few days, from what we seen of him in photos and now knowing your one on one experience with him, that image is being shed.

    Hope you get a chance to steal away some time and find yourself on the set again! I think the next autograph you need to get is Dean’s! *vbg* I think you could pull it off… you’ve already broken the ice with him by making him crack a smile… I dare you! 😉

    • Thanks! I know what you mean… even when Rob was on the west coast it was okay. He was bound by the same laws as I. 😉 close enough.

  • mmm

    This is a wonderful account! Truly happy you got Cronenberg’s autograph. =)

  • Deb … I am so freakin’ proud of and happy for you!!! 🙂 Wish you would have seen Rob up close and personal again … but at least you met Mr. C. and Ms. C. How cool is that??!! #proud.Cdn.too So glad you let your Inner Tink out #awesome … you know we all have one. 😉 LOL And you made Dean smile! #win {smooches}<3

    • BABY! I know right? Mr Cronenberg! If you look at my next set post you’ll see even more… he took a picture with me! So much fun.

  • DeansHoneyBear

    good job Deb! LOl @ playing the Closer game with Dean..I often play that game with him also (;-P ….I am so glad you found your voice, and a voice for the fandom! good representin’!!!

  • kim

    Quite the trooper ! Liked your story and the director/David Cronenberg totally looks approachable. Quite nice trailers if I can say that and with the heat, definitely the Canadians probably not used to that! I’m going to rent a few movies this weekend that Mr. Cronenberg has directed, so I can be up to speed, as I am caught up with the Robert.

  • smittenkitten

    OMG!!! Deb, this is great & so funny to read bb! I’m proud of you…& your inner *tink*, way to be brave. I love Dean too, but damn he is SO big & kinda makes me afraid to tic him off…fluv that you played hide & seek with him & then made him laugh! Sounds like a wonderful day…I wanna go!

    LOL @ “I’m in charge of alcohol”…that’s the best job…well besides taking care of Rob! *grins*