PHOTOS & VIDEO: Set soldier roundup from Cosmopolis filming 6/1

Cosmopolis filming continued yesterday in Toronto. Set soldiers Suziekew, Yukkei, Janners and I pooled our photos and video for one mega post!

The scene being filmed was the lunch deli scene, a strange, kind of wild scene featuring heated banter between Eric and Elise and… rodents. You can read more about this particular scene in a fabulous post by Chauffeur Tink HERE. *spoilers*

The setting: Eric and Elise pop into a deli for lunch...

There’s lots to share.  Grab a water bottle, sit back and get comfortable. 😉 We’ve got Sarah Gadon, the limo, extras, and yes, Rob! After the jump.

Does this shot look familiar?

This was my first time seeing the limo and I had a chat with a really nice guy named Peter who minds it when it’s parked in the street. He pointed out the New York City stickers in the front dash and said it was fine to take pictures of the interior… because this limo’s interior won’t be in the movie!! It’s the limo used for background shots etc.

Peter, the limo's Torval, the interior (not really) and NYC stickers on the dash.

As on Monday,  the filming was interior so we didn’t see Rob or Sarah during filming. It was interesting to see the extras being wrangled. I had no idea how concise the background players in a film were coordinated. They walked by the restaurant window during repeated takes and were choreographed for continuity by the man in the headset. I laughed when the odd real pedestrian would stroll by. Erm… CUT!!! (not really)

Encouraging words from the crew organizing the extras "Phenomenal walking people!"

Walking around I noticed some very un-Canadian things; a U.S. post box, NYC trashcan, American newsboxes and, gasp, not-on-garbage day garbage! The tree was fake too and there was a steam effect going off. Along with the two NYC taxis and Eric’s limo nearby I was hoping there would be exterior shooting but there wasn’t. 🙁

We spotted Sarah Gadon across the street when there was a break in filming!

Short video of Sarah getting some fresh air between takes. (By Suzie)

The cast and crew still had a long day ahead of them but us set soldiers all needed to head back to real life. However, our best Rob sighting of the day happened right at the end of our day! In honour of that wonderful moment, I’ve bundled the best of our Rob photos and videos here at the end of the post. 🙂

From early in the day, the transformation of Rob into Eric Packer! Photos by Yukkei

Robert Pattinson arrives on set...
Rob spends some time in hair and makeup...
Bada bing!!! There's Eric Packer! That pylon is blocking a New York pair of... shoes.

Suzie captured a couple of videos as Rob was on his way to set. 🙂

Thank you to Yukkei, Suzie, Jan, Ana and Cath for another fun day and for sharing their goodies. Love to see how respectful most of the fans are while observing. Can’t wait for another opportunity to visit.

P.S. I was looking at limo tags for this post and see I made a tag before saying “I want a pic with the limo”. Well, slap my ass and call me ‘Nancy Babich’ I forgot to get one! Lucky for me, Jan took this one while I was snooping. It charts. 😉

You can check out all of Suzie’s set photos HERE

  • rpattzgirl

    Excellent reporting to all the set solidiers! It’s so nice to have people there that can tell us anything and everything, since we can’t all be there, sniff, cough, not jealous much…

  • suziekew

    Grrrreat post Nancy! The highlight of my day (apart from Rob of course) was definitely getting to meet and chat with the awesome David Cronenberg. The man is a film icon and as one of the crew member opined, “the world’s greatest living director”. I’d tend to agree – he is fearless and uncomprising in his artistic vision which alone sets him apart, but what I was so impressed with yesterday was how much of a gentleman he is. He signed several copies of the book (including mine) and genially posed for several photos with fans, one of whom was a young film student who was suitably overwhelmed at meeting one of her heros. Given this was between takes on a live set and I’m sure he had much more important things on his mind, I was not expecting him to be so accommodating but was thrilled that he was. A true class act in every respect.


    • ABV

      @Suzie….It’s probably the first time David’s been asked for autographs,Lol,people are probably too scared to ask him…..Can’t wait to hear his thought’s on Rob’s entourage:fans!

    • I’m so glad you got his autograph and a picture. He really is a class act. Thanks for everything Suzie, it was a lot of fun. Now we have to plan our lunch at the restaurant. I’ll bring the stuffed rats. 😉

      • suziekew

        I really want to do this…it’s a great excuse for meeting up. Cosmopolis tour!

    • you should post your pic in the comments suz! DC works out.

  • Janners

    Noticed a shoot going on today across the street from my office. I was afraid I might miss Rob again like I did on Monday (his trailer was parked right across the street…had I bothered to look out the window……..face palm).

    Anyway, I went out on my lunch hour and the set dude was the same one we chatted with on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It wasn’t Cosmopolis but he did let me know that they are in the studio as of today for at lease a week.

    I was going to pop by and see if they were still around the diner as the permits said they had the area until 6pm today but I don’t think I could look at the spot where Rob’s trailer used to be without a tear or two!

    I seem to be a little hypersensitive today!

    • Me too!!! So emo… ((((hugs))))

      • Janners

        OMG…can you just see us in July when he leaves? We will need a king-size support team!

        • suziekew

          I can’t…I don’t…I just…you can’t say those things to me!! He’ll be back for the premiere, right? We gotta convince David to have it here.

          • i think the premiere will be at the festivals 🙁 i’ve been researching. trip to cannes or venice sounds lovely tho, non? 😉

          • suziekew

            I am seriously considering Cannes next year…not even joking

          • Janners

            Sigh…can’t afford Cannes but I might manage TIFF! At least at TIFF you can see the movies. Cannes has all the big ones blocked for celebs only.

          • suziekew

            humph…mega pass for TIFF it is then #belamimustbeagalaevent

          • janners


  • suziekew

    If you mean the guy in the striped green and white shirt he did tell me that he was working on a couple of other films as well. Darn, too bad it wasn’t the right one today! Thanks for the info!

    • Janners

      Yeah…that’s the dude!

      I wasn’t taking any chances! From now on, any time I see orange cones or William H White trucks or Starstruck trailers or XL Vacationer (snort!) RVs, I’m stopping to see what’s going on!

      • Janners

        That could actually take up my whole day….there are a lot of those in the city….

      • suziekew

        ya gotta love the XL, and the Ford Escape…too funny

        • Janners

          Snort!! XL Vacationer TWSS!

  • SmittenByaBrit

    Yet ANOTHER reason I wish I were Canadian. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

    • suziekew

      You want to be Canadian? Come on down!! We do have some awesome traditions…Tim Horton’s (double double coming up), Hockey Night in Canada (Don Cherry’s violent suits and Ron McLean’s eyebrows), May 2-4 weekend…and don’t even get me started on Celine Dion (*gags*)

      • Janners

        Don’t forget Justin Beiber……(ducks and runs)

        • suziekew

          oh no you didn’t!!! cannot stand the Bieber! we disavow him!

    • *stands on soap box and clears throat* OH CANADAAAAAA OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAAAAAAAND!

      Serious. Tim Horton’s. And Rob lives here at least a third of the year… SOLD!

      post script: i also enjoy the free health care.. 😉

      • suziekew

        preach it sista!

      • Janners

        Rob Pattinson, “Honorary Canadian!”

      • SmittenByaBrit

        I would love to come on UP there. I’m way down in Mississippi! 🙂 Rob & the free healthcare are a given! Could do without the Bieber though. I’ll just have to enjoy the Canadian experience through you guys! Thanks for sharing!

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Set soldiers, I salute you! Lucky girls!!!

    • smittenkitten


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  • Thank you so much for your reports ladies.

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  • Jenn

    I got brave today and finally decided to go down to the set and see him! He wasn’t there….sigh… I missed it all by a day!!! So upset, I cried!

  • Donna

    I just wanted to say it was great to meet you Deb24601, Suziekew and Janners. You are all celebrities in your right.
    I went back to the set last night with my daughter hoping she would get to see Rob…it didn’t happen. We left at 9:30 after waiting for 2.5 hours. There was some delay on set so Rob stayed in his trailer the whole time. I later found out that he did go back to the set and then back to his trailer and then signed for fans that were waiting but that wasn’t until around 11:00. Hopefully we will get another chance to see him before filming is done.
    Again it was nice to meet you all.

    • suziekew

      lovely to meet you too Donna!

    • *waves* It was great meeting you too! Hope we can meet up again soon. 🙂

    • Janners

      Tacky question coming….which one were you, Donna? I was the redhead who was there until 3-ish. Where you with us when Rob gave us his little wave and smile before getting into the car? Are you the one with the slow camera??

  • suziekew

    Deb also got a pic with David (despite my sheer ineptitude with her iphone…it’s not like I don’t own one…sheesh). C’mon Deb, I’m posting mine, I double dog dare you to post yours!

    • suziekew

      wowww…apparently my ineptitude isn’t limited to iPhones….here is the correct link to my photo with David. At least the incorrect link was on topic! lol
      Suzie and David Cronenberg

      • Hahahahaha don’t even talk to me about inept with technology! Okay… here goes… Mr Cronenberg and I.
        Deb and David

        Although I really like this one better! (It didn’t turn out on my iPhone. Mr Cronenberg is right, I should’ve checked it.)
        David works out

        • suziekew

          I lightened up the first photo for you Deb. Is this better?

          • Thanks bb! I love it.

            @smittenkitten I love that picture so much. 🙂

        • smittenkitten

          Love that picture deb…how cute with his arm around you!

          Thanks Set Soldiers for the updates, pictures, vids…it makes me feel better because I would love to be there, it looks like so much fun!

        • Janners

          Wow…the photographer for this really captured the moment! 😉

          • I heart you so much for this. You seem to specialise in capturing me acting goofy. *sticks head in a random limo* What up bitches???

        • better not let Big P in here 😉

      • smittenkitten

        Hey suziekew…I think I have a few pictures that you are in from NYC????

        Looks like ya’ll had a great day…how cool of him to take pictures & sign stuff!

      • Janners

        Jan and David

        • Janners

          OK…how do I remove that ? LOL!

          • Janners

            Never mind! Thanks Tink!!

  • kaylieee

    This site is amazing! I am such a big fan of Robert Pattinson *swoons* hahah. And it’s so great that you guys post these pictures/videos; makes me feel like I was right there on set! Will they still be filming in Toronto around that downtown area tomorrow? My friends and I reaaallly want to catch a glimpse of RPatz :(.

    • suziekew

      it appears from Janner’s info above that they’re filming in the studio for at least the next week

  • this is the David Cronenberg appreciation post. 🙂 i wanna meet him too! cannes 😉

  • mmm

    This is fabulous! I am equally excited about Rob’s new movie and how much great attention is alloted to him. But I am equally happy and ecstatic when fan pictures show major contributors such as -D. Cronenberg, Sarah G, Kevin and the other actors too. They also have a huge part making this production possible and deserve the attention. I love how you guys include them here.

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  • Sara

    Thanks for all your reports! Will they be filming this Saturday? Which studio? Is it Pinewood or Cinespace?

    • janners

      Rob has the weekend off…he’ll be in LA for the MTV Movie Awards. Filming resumes Tuesday.

      • Sara

        Thanks! Do you know where they will be filming next Saturday? It would be awesome to see Rob in person!

  • First of all, thanks to all the set soldiers. I’m so glad that you got the picture of Deb looking in the limo too.

    Deb, that’s a great picture of you and Mr. C 😉

  • This just makes me 🙂 🙂 for you all! Great pics by / of everyone! You’re all so cute! Thanks for sharing your stories … sounds like you had a blast! <3s