The Chauffeurs park the Limo at the MTV Movie Awards: Will Rob talk Cosmopolis with Josh Horowitz?

I will take any excuse to use this photo.

Robert Pattinson is taking a break from Cosmopolis filming to attend the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles tonight. Here’s hoping Josh Horowitz does get a chance to ask Rob some questions. Rob and Josh are like peas and carrots; their interviews are always very entertaining and cover a variety of topics. Naturally, most of the questions will be about the nominations and the Saga but maybe Josh could sneak in one about Rob’s current project. *fingers crossed* With filming of Cosmopolis well underway we’re sure you have questions for Rob. We know we do!

The tweet that gives us hope. 😉

Are you hoping for a Cosmopolis question? What would you like Josh to ask Rob? What would you ask Rob? Party in the limo… I mean, comment section! 😉

  • rpattzgirl

    LOL like peas and carrots….go Josh!

  • Bettybmusing

    I would ask Rob is he becoming more comfortable with his Movie Star career ?

  • kim

    Ask him what’s been the funniest thing so far, lines or whatever? Or maybe wearing the red pants? Actually that has to be the bravest thing! I do like them though, alot!!!
    What is he eating to stay so trim? How or what does he do to get in the character? Or think about?
    I’ll be watching, looking forward to it, MTV, right!

  • I would love to hear Rob talking about working with David Cronenberg. It looks like they’re having fun. I’d also like to ask Rob how he likes Toronto. Oooooo “So Rob… how were the rats?” 😉

  • Fleming Island

    Isn’t he exauhsted from working so hard? Everyone needs a break. I hope he takes a long vacation soon and doesn’t get burned out or addicted to anything…

  • ABV

    Lol..looks like they partied in the limo last night on their way to the after party for MMA’s….