CASTING: Cosmopolis has a Michael Chin

20110612-053835.jpgThis role has been floating around for a while. According to IMDb, Michael Chin has been cast. Canadian, Philip Nozuka, is listed under the cast section as Michael Chin. Chin is Eric Packer’s currency analyst.

Thanks to our friends at Cosmopolis Fan Blog for the find!

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  • Susan

    Who is also Justin Nozuka’s brother! The only thing is that IMBD also lists the part as ‘uncredited’. Bummer…it must be small then.

    • i think it is small actually…we’ll see

  • Heather

    Soo exciting! it’s gonna be a great movie! everyone will be good. especally rob! he’s fantastic in everything. absolutely amazing!

  • Lauren

    Is there any picture of him on the set yet? 🙂 it would be lovely if they are.