PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson and Kevin Durand, in and out of character on the Cosmopolis set 06/12

Tons of new photos coming in from today’s Cosmopolis filming in downtown Toronto. I’m having fun with the difference between Rob and Kevin joking around between takes:

And the much more serious Eric and Torval:

Rob and Kevin making, uh, adjustments between takes:

Torval tells Eric, “You will hit traffic that speaks in quarter inches.”

Robert Pattinson, smiling and relaxed between takes:

And a much more intense Eric Packer:

Lots more in the gallery after the cut!

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  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    LOL, is Kevin Durand like 10 feet tall? He makes Rob look short by comparison!

  • It’s really apparent that Eric’s suit is tailored and Torval’s is Men’s Wharehouse.

  • mary

    I just love Rob’s transformation into his characters. He’s very serious and professional about it. But I still can’t take my eyes from these hot Men in

  • Calihi27

    I Flove Rob and Kevin’s interaction together. They seem to have such a fun rapport with each other. On Kevin’s IMDB, he’s listed at 6’6. Damn he’s a giant!

  • rpattzgirl

    So many gorgeous pics here…and it’s amazing to see the differences between them, in character and out..

  • I am so jealous of your being able to see him in person. Thanks so much for the photos. It ALMOST feels as if we are there. You get better shots than any site I have seen. Thanks again.

    • Ummmm, I don’t think Deb took these shots no? Unless she rolls with the pappz now. I hope not because we can’t have Rob mean mugging any of our chauffeurs. 🙂

      • LOL jinx! I was responding at the same time. No, I’m not papparazzi! Dean loves me 😉

        • LOL Yes Dean’s the man. You’ve got Dean. Tink’s got Nick. We’re all over that. Can’t wait to read your report from set.

        • ABV

          Oops deb,you might have a fight on your hands for Dean,*DeansHoneyBear* already claimed him,Lol….
          and Wow,that Kevin’s a Tall unit,he must be even taller than Dean…

        • Janners

          Team Dean! (I have a wee crush on the Deanster!)

    • You’re very welcome, they are great photos but I didn’t take them! I was there while these were being taken though and saw when they were filming and between takes. I took some pictures, way lower quality than these, and I’ll post a little story about visiting the set soon. 🙂

      • MPV

        Can´t wait to read what you saw there on the set today! hope you had as much fun as the last time.

      • Janners

        He totally looks like he should be working on Bay Street! I suddenly have this urge to hang out at Earl’s at King and York………

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