BOOK: Going deeper into needing a haircut in Cosmopolis

Sunday provided an unexpected treat. No day of rest in the limo. Just the way we like it. πŸ˜‰ Based on a conversation I had with chauffeur Deb, who was set soldiering yesterday, we agreed that the scene filmed is likely from the excerpt I provide below. This story had an Odyssey feel to me when I read it so I loved seeing the start of Eric Packer’s day, just as the journey begins.

If you’re hanging with us through the spoils, see if you agree with the book excerpt after the cut. They aren’t too bad since it’s at the start of the novel. πŸ˜‰

From Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo:

The wind came cutting off the river. He took out his hand organizer and poked a note to himself about the anachronistic quality of the word skyscraper. No recent structure ought to bear this word. It belonged to the olden soul of awe, to the arrowed towers that were a narrative long before he was born.

The hand device itself was an object whose original culture had just about disappeared. He knew he’d have to junk it.

The tower gave him strength and depth. He knew what he wanted, a haircut, but stood a while longer in the soaring noise of the street and studied the mass and scale of the tower. The one virtue of its surface was to skim and bend the river light and mime the tides of open sky. There was an aura of texture and reflection. He scanned its length and felt connected to it, sharing the surface and the environment that came into contact with the surface, from both sides. A surface separates inside from out and belongs no less to one than the other. He’d thought about surfaces in the shower once.

He put on his sunglasses.

Then he walked back across the avenue and approached the lines of white limousines. There were ten cars, five in a curbside row in front of the tower, on First Avenue, and five lined up on the cross street, facing west. The cars were identical at a glance. Some may have been a foot or two longer than others depending on details of the stretch work and the particular owner’s requirements.

The drivers smoked and talked on the sidewalk, hatless in dark suits, sharing an alertness that would be evident only in retrospect when their eyes went hot in their heads and they shed their cigarettes and vacated their unstudied stances, having spotted the objects of their regard.

For now they talked, in accented voices, some of them, or first languages, others, and they waited for the investment banker, the land developer, the venture capitalist, for the software entrepreneur, the global overlord of satellite and cable, the discount broker, the beaked media chief, for the exiled head of state of some smashed landscape of famine and war.

In the park across the street there were stylized ironwork arbors and bronze fountains with iridescent pennies scattershot at the bottom. A man in women’s clothing walked seven elegant dogs.

He liked the fact that the cars were indistinguishable from each other. He wanted such a car because he thought it was a platonic replica, weightless for all its size, less an object than an idea. But he knew this wasn’t true. This was something he said for effect and he didn’t believe it for an instant. He believed it for an instant but only just. He wanted the car because it was not only oversized but aggressively and contemptuously so, metastasizingly so, a tremendous mutant thing that stood astride every argument against it.

His chief of security liked the car for its anonymity.

Long white limousines had become the most unnoticed vehicles in the city. He was waiting on the sidewalk now, Torval, bald and no-necked, a man whose head seemed removable for maintenance.

“Where?” he said.

“I want a haircut.”

“The president’s in town.”

“We don’t care. We need a haircut. We need to go crosstown.”

“You will hit traffic that speaks in quarter inches.”

“Just so I know Which president are we talking about?”

“United States. Barriers will be set up,” he said. “Entire streets deleted from the map.”

“Show me my car,” he told the man.

What do you guys think? Did you see this scene or another? Let us know in the comments. πŸ™‚

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  • ABV

    He definitely doesn’t take *No way* for an answer…..He’s the Master of his Universe and the only thing missing is Bella,Lol!…Sorry,but that’s what he reminds me of seeing these pics.

  • LunanuevadeMadrid

    I never imagined Torval addressing Eric with that body language and bad temper…Maybe they are setting us up for what later will happens to him.

  • rpattzgirl

    Makes sense that it’s this scene…but Torval looks like he’s really pissed here..Hmmm…but then it’s his job to protect him so he could rightfully be exasperated at times..
    Can’t believe what great photos we got yesterday! We are very lucky fans…

  • If this is that scene, Torval is probably pissed of the added pressure and doesn’t understand his reasoning. He also knows it’s not his job to understand, but to follow orders. You tell him, Rob!!! lol

  • Susan

    I kind of took it as Torval’s exasperation at Eric not following his advice. He obviously takes his job seriously and felt there was a viable threat to the man’s security. It’s the arrogance on Eric’s face in this scene that gets me. There’s no way he’s listening to his bodyguard. And I love the way the text reads, “WE need…” Cracks me up.

    You know how they film so many takes of the same scene? It may look entirely different in the finished product and Torval’s reaction may be toned down.

    I have to admit, at first I wondered why Kevin was so upset with Rob! LOL

    • tinkrbe1l3

      I love the “we need…” too πŸ™‚

    • mary

      Actually i noticed Eric’s saying “We need” only now. It’s kinda surprising him telling “we”, as he’s one of these kind of people who only says “I”. (IMO) Yeah, there are still some things that i need to know about Eric and have to reread the book.

      • i liked the “we” because it felt like what he needs, everyone around him needs. also an “I” mentality.

        • Susan

          That’s it exactly! If he needs it, they all need it too…by assimilation just because….

  • Janners

    Love these pics but I now have THIS going through my head:

    A-ight check it.
    Let me tell you this in closin’.
    I know we might seem imposin’,
    But trust me if we ever show in your section.
    Believe me it’s for your own protection.
    Cuz we see things that you need not see,
    And we be places that you need not be.
    So go with your life,
    Forget that Roswell crap.
    Show love to the black suit.
    Cuz that’s the Men in,
    That’s the Men in…

    Here come the Men in Black. (Here they come)
    The galaxy defenders. (galaxy defenders)
    Here come the Men in Black. (oh, here they come)
    They won’t let you remember. (won’t let you remember

    I was on my way to an audition callback yesterday and had the traffic report on the radio. They announced that a section of the road in downtown Toronto was closed off due to a film shoot. Rob shuts down the City! LOL!

    BTW – this is Union Station. The Toronto equivalent to Grand Central. Wonder if this is going to be the exterior of Eric’s condo?

    • I just have to comment on Rob’s wardrobe. Much as I adore him, this is bothering me too much to not comment. The only time I’ve seen a man, including New Yorkers, wear a solid color ensemble is a black suit, black tie and black shirt. Rob did it at one of the Twilight premieres, in Paris I think (and he look scrumptious). But regular businessmen always have a pattern somewhere in their day or night suit clothes, either the shirt, the tie or the suit. The solid dark suit and tie and white shirt just doesn’t look like an authentic high-powered businessman.

  • Its funny because I was just telling a friend Saturday I love it when an individual talks in the plural. For example, we’ll be seeing you now (I’m southern). Or we love you. I always want to ask my grandma who is we and then tell her how cute she is for saying that. πŸ™‚

    Eric is so over everything. Love that! And he has a complete disregard for his safety. I don’t know if it’s arrogance or a death wish. He’s probably just bored and over it all.

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    Yes, it’s interesting that Eric is using the “royal we” referring to himself like that. And in a sense he is “royalty” of his world, and who can deny the king anything he wants? Torval can urge and argue and disagree all he wants but if the king wants a haircut, then by god a haircut it will be, presidents be damned. . It’s also a way of him disassociating from himself by referring to himself in the third person. Sort of fits with his overall psychology of being both part of the world (manipulating money markets by computer) and an observer of it (the scenes that play out around the limo that he observes through the windows). I very much agree this is likely the scene they were shooting here, about the skyscrapers and white limos. Oh, this is going to be SO interesting to see on film!!!!

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  • Susan

    I also wondered if it was because, as the star of a company, he’s used to the ‘we’ reference denoting everything around him and his team of players that join him in the limo. It almost seemed at times as if he had no identity outside of his job…he was what he did…nothing more, nothing less.

  • Seeing these pictures makes me SO excited to see this film. I’m generally anti-spoiler but for Cosmopolis I think I’ll just jump in with both feet. This could very well be the scene from this excerpt. The only other “heated” scene I can think of with Torval wouldn’t have taken place in these surroundings. Rob has become Packer here and it’s just amazing to see. Anyone else dying to see pics of after the haircut? I won’t say anything else for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

    • BewitchedbyRob

      I’m nervously curious to see pics of after the haircut because: *** SPOIL ALERT ***
      remember, Eric leaves 1/2 way through getting it done with the promise of coming back so the barber can finish. Not sure my heart could take seeing pics of Rob sporting 1/2 a haircut for a week or so, if they hold true to the book, rofl.

      I’m curious too, if they’ll film that scene on set, or will they use an actual barber shop in TO, like they have with other places around town…

  • Kim

    Nice Tink! Yeah I think the we is hey I am the company and you are part of it and you do what I want sooooo
    we want a haircut! Control thing. Since Eric works all the time and his wife is so new to him, the business is his family.

  • vanessamdn

    I loved this post! Sp nice to see the word from the book with the ficuters of the set…

    I also thought Torval’s reaction on the photos strange. Bua I guess they are taking a little departure from the book here. On the book torval isn’t as good looking as on the film. I guess they’re making his character stronger and i like it.

  • mmm

    Great y’all LOL! So glad that you discuss things like this cause you guys pick up on the details like a hawk! I didn’t even think about the meaning of “we need ..we we and we.” Now you got me thinking again =)