PHOTO: Fan with Sarah Gadon on Cosmopolis set 6/12

The ghost face freaked me out a little bit but great pic with Sarah. 🙂

Pretty Elise :)

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  • Marina H.

    *snorts* Ghost face

    Great pic!

    • it really did freak me out! i would have liked a gray hue…

  • maah

    she’s cute.

  • kate

    she’s average sarah looking special haha!

  • Jane

    If you are a fan, why would you not want to show your face. Makes no sense.

    • u never know who’s watching…. O.O

  • LMAO Ghost Face Killah!!!!!

    Sarah is gorgeous and looks so sweet.

  • Robfan

    Sarah look so pretty!

  • mary

    Sarah is very lovely and pretty girl and Rob and she looks perfect together as Eric and Elise.