VIDEOS: Robert Pattinson and Kevin Durand Filming Cosmopolis 6/12

I’m sure we’re all still reeling from the beautiful set shots we got on Sunday but we have even MORE goodies.  Check out these set videos of Robert Pattinson and Kevin Durand filming the scene yesterday in Toronto.  My limo-polishing eyes have spotted something exciting!

More videos and some lip-reading discoveries after the cut! (spoiler warning)

As theorized in our Going Deeper Into Needing a Haircut Post, we figured out that Rob and Kevin were shooting the opening of Cosmopolis, as Eric’s epic day begins.  After watching these videos I am positive we’re on the right track!  Keep your eyes on Kevin at around 1:55 in the first video.

Can’t you see his frustration as he says, “The president’s in town.”

Rob’s line’s are a little harder to spot but we can only assume he’s speaking the epic line, “I want a haircut.”

I for one am very excited to see more and more of this book come to life.  Plus, I’m really enjoying the chemistry we’re seeing between Rob and Kevin as they work on their tense relationship as Eric and Torval.

Here are two more videos from yesterday.  This first video shows some of Rob during shooting.  It’s a little hard to see what he’s saying but you can definitely tell he’s in character.

Be sure to let us know if you’ve spotted any more lines with your lip-reading skills in the comments!

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  • i love rob as a fan, and i will support everyone of his movies as long as i have breath!This movie is going to be great! and i hope it’s a great success, and rob looks great, suits is totally rob’s thing

  • I love watching him work! I had no idea they were even rolling in the second vid. I sat there waiting for the scene to start so I could read lips and then it ended. :-/ LOL Oopsie. Me no good at dis.

    • Watched it again….still got nothing. I give up! I’ll just watch him touch his sunglasses and wait for the movie. hee hee

  • ABV

    I just love watching movies being made,it’s fascinating and even more so because it’s Rob!…Thanks to all the posters!

    • ditto! i find it fascinating as well 🙂

  • mary

    Yeah, i agree about the chemistry between Rob and Kevin. It was the main thing i noticed while seeing the set pics and videos. It seems like they have very good relationship. I can’t wait to see how they will show it on-screen.

    I know it doesn’t relate this post, but ladies, could you please tell me are they going to do any filming in New York? Because before filming began i heard they will be filming In Canada and NY. I’ll appreciate it if you answer.Thanks in advance.:D

    • the main website says new york so we believe so. not sure when or what they will shoot.

      and i love that Rob and Kevin seem to have chemistry. i was very into the Eric/Torval relationship.


  • Rose

    well… I tried reading his lips but as i focused on his lips..all i can think about is”How can I get some piece of that!!!” LOL..sorry..

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