ROUNDUP: Set Soldiers Deb & Suzie report from Cosmopolis set 6/12

So, a little background to this latest set adventure. I was in Toronto for the weekend, celebrating Genevieve35’s *cough* 27th birthday with a lovely group of friends. She was hoping to see some Cosmopolis filming but, after a few days in town, hadn’t had any luck. We went out the night before (Saturday) and had a great time. Stayed up late acting like the *cough* 27 year old lunatics we are.

After a few hours of sleeping in my clothes, I woke up to a sunny day *groan* and…. COSMOPOLIS SET PHOTOS ON TWITTER FROM EARLIER THAT MORNING!

I was like a Canadian Paul Revere running through the house. “Set photos from this morning! Set photos from this morning! Wake up! Get ready! Set photos from this morning!!!!” We determined the location (the columns of Union Station are very distinctive!) and hit the road. 🙂

An unobstructed view of Union Station

Read more and see the photos after the jump!

It was a beautiful day and Union Station is a landmark in Toronto. Even on a Sunday, there was lots of traffic and people stopping to look. When we first arrived, we approached from the “wrong” side and couldn’t see anything. After allowing security to mock us for a few minutes (“Look Rob Patterson is right there!” Security really does love Rob fans. Their job would be much more boring without us 😉 ) we crossed Front St. and walked farther down. Now, I’ve visited the set two times before but had yet to see any actual filming. To be honest I was sure we would arrive and it would be over.

It wasn’t.

Union Station during filming!

Robert Pattinson and Kevin Durand were right there, across the street, clearly between takes, but just…. there. Talking, walking around.

I know there's better quality out there but I took this my own self.

Then the production assistants started warning the crowd to be quiet during filming and not to use flash photography. “Rolling”… GAH! Rob became Eric – he stopped fidgeting and pacing and stood really still with his hand in his pocket. His smile disappeared and was replaced with a small sneer. I couldn’t hear from across the street but I could see Rob and Kevin delivering their lines. I knew by the line of white limousines parked in the street that this was the scene from first thing in the morning and fancied I could read lips… “We want a haircut.”

Finally! I take my own picture of Rob. :)
There were at least five white limos.

Then “CUT” and Rob and Kevin relaxed and the noise level picked back up. It was an amazing thing to see, both as a fan of film and a Robert Pattinson fan. Over the next half an hour or so (who am I kidding? Time was standing still!) there were three more takes. I can’t say enough how thrilled I was to see words I had read in a book coming to life right in front of me. Incredible.

Click HERE to see video of them shooting!

The actors left the set shortly after that and the production assistant told me they were breaking down this set and moving to the afternoon’s shooting location. I knew I couldn’t stay so I wandered and took some photos as “New York” disappeared and Toronto reappeared.

Removing the NYC signage from the TTC post.

Can you handle a fan girl moment? I spent some time at the column they used for the shoot. Leaned on it. Paced around it… following someone’s footsteps. Doo de doo.

I should've written "Eric Packer was here" on that column. ;)

For a variety of reasons *shakes fist at real life* I had to leave at this point. 🙁 Luckily, Suziekew -and her magnificent camera – had arrived. The crew actually shared the next set location with us so, after watching Rob’s trailer drive away – with him in it – I said my good byes and Suzie and crew headed over to the afternoon location. The bookstore.

The location, Rob's stand-in and lights for the basement shoot.

This was interior shooting but Suzie got some photos of Rob, Sarah Gadon and Patricia MacKenzie (Kendra Hays) during breaks. This was our first peek at Patricia, she is present in the bookstore as Eric’s security.

Apparently, it was a bit of a wait and the crew decided to have some fun with the fans observing. 😉

Forget Robert Pattinson! Look at MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Here’s Suzie’s story about the bookshop location.

 I soon realized it was the bookshop scene that was being filmed, where Eric, accompanied by his bodyguard Kendra, encounters Elise as she’s reading poetry.

Here’s where I slap myself and recall the day two weeks ago that I scoured the city to find a copy of Cosmopolis so I would have it to take to the set the next day and hopefully get David Cronenberg to sign it (mission accomplished!). None of the major chains were carrying it so I resorted to calling used and rare bookstores. After numerous calls I finally located a hardcover first edition(!), jumped in a cab (work? what work? pffft) and zoomed over there just before closing. The shop was unusually located in the basement of an office building in two separate rooms on both sides of the hallway. Although it was in an odd spot, the place was wonderfully laid out, with various nooks and crannies, and books jammed haphazardly everywhere. Two fluffy white cats were perched on top of a filing cabinet blinking at me as I came in.

The shop was deserted except for the lone clerk, who had to go across the hall to find the book. When he came back he said “do you mind me asking why you’re so interested in this book?” I told him it was because they were filming the movie here in Toronto, to which he replied “I know, they’re filming here in a couple of weeks. The director came in a while back looking for the collected works of William Burroughs.” Y’all will be so proud of me, I didn’t even bat an eyelash while my inner fangirl was shrieking OMGGGG! Really, what were the chances that I would stumble onto a shooting location in this fashion? The mind boggles. Although I tried my best to find out which day they would be shooting, no information was forthcoming, and was sure I would miss it due to work commitments this week, but thank heavens the Robforce was with me!

Great stuff! As with other interior shoots, there wasn’t a ton to see but Suzie did luck out at the end of the day. A happy, smiling Rob acknowledged the fans and we shared those photos right away, back on Sunday. Here are a few of my favourites. 🙂

Link time! Sunday was a busy day and we want to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

First shots of the day. Rob and Kevin on set HERE.

Even more photos, Rob and Kevin in and out of character HERE.

A gallery of photos by Suziekew. Robert Pattinson leaving the set HERE.

Book Post: Going Deeper into needing a haircut HERE.

Big hugs and thanks to Suzie, Genevieve35, Stefter, Sandyel, Drapht13 and everyone from Saturday night for a great weekend!

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  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Patricia McKenzie — the woman who stole MY role in that film — all my Twitter posts offering my #VodkaHoor/Security Guard services went unheeded.
    *shocked* I thought it was Jen’s 21st b-day you were celebrating! LOL, would have loved to have been there & seen that Paul Revere dash!
    Great stories set soldiers, you gals are the best. #SalutingSetSoldiers And no one gets good RobPix like Suzie (just look at her WFENYC pix if you doubt that statement).

    • LOL Oh yes, me up and down the stairs, “Set pix, set pix”! And I had a wee hangover and was trying to blog from my phone because the other West Coast chauffeurs were sleeping. So the other ladies saw the “Debb goes nuts” show. Very entertaining. 😉

      Suzie and her camera are rock stars. That is all. 🙂

      • Suziekew

        *blushes* you are too kind, both of you. I love the way you write, Deb. You have a real talent for bringing the reader into your experience and communicating your love of the book and the way Mr. Cronenberg is interpreting it. So much fun to read! Well DONE!

        • Now I’m blushing too! Thanks love. Rob makes me wax poetic. 😉

  • kate

    So who is Kendra Hays? What’s her role with Eric? Why was Eric’s wife there with him? Confused!!

    • Kendra Hays is one of Eric’s bodyguards and accompanies him into the bookstore when he follows his wife there. This passage starts around page 66 in the paperback copy I have. 🙂

      • Susan

        Um….she ends up his ‘personal’ body guard….

      • kate

        question is filming just in T.O or also in NYC? people been saying that! And isnt filming wrapped 18th / 21st July? Isnt David making T.O out to look like NYC? So why film there also?

        • the official website says NYC as well. my guess? they need to do montage pieces/cutting pieces, inserts and establishing shots. do i sound fancy? i went to the Chris Weitz School of Film in Twitter, USA. lol

          basically i think it’s just, landscape kind of stuff. if any actors are required, i think it’ll be quick. most of the film is shot in TO as we know and they are shooting on location and in studio. street scenes are built in the studio as well. this is what makes me think the NYC portion will be wide shots and/or the other types of shots i spouted above from the Weitz School.

          • LMAO @ Chris Weitz Twitter film school!

          • Kim

            Tink…went to the Chris Weitz School of Film in Twitter, USA ha ha
            and you’ve enrolled us in The Chauffeur’s Cosmopolis Class w/ Prof Cronenberg!
            Thanks! You sound very fancy!

  • venus08

    Great post, thanks for sharing your stories. Its just so exciting to hear from those who have actually been to the set & seeing your pics! Loved it 🙂

    • I remember how much I loved hearing Tink’s accounts when she would set soldier for WFE out west. I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky and it makes me really happy to share the stories and have them so well received. Thank you. 🙂

      • when u used to hear my accounts, did u secretly curse my name and my family? im positively green. 😉 😉 xo

        • I used to sit in front of my computer crying fat salty tears in the throes of jealousy. You’ve seen Wet Rob. You win. :p

          • i saw Wet Rob through um….many obstacles. you’ve seen him in the daylight acting, laughing, and smiling. you win! *waits for someone who’s never seen him to bomb our homes*

  • Janners

    That’s the goofy set guy from Day 1 at Ossington and Dundas…he’s the one that went in to find out if Rob would come out and say hi after that mouthy girl started badgering him. I have a picture of him doing a similar pose….must be his trademark! LOL!

    I couldn’t come down because I was at the Glee concert so missed all the Robness……AGAIN (head meet desk and cue POUT). However, afterward, I too found the pillar and my friend, who is NOT a Twihard or Rob fan (I’m working on her!), grudgingly and with much embarassment, took a picture of me hugging “Rob”‘s pillar! (hey….it hadn’t been that long before and his DNA was sitll floating around!)

    • “Eric’s Column” is the new Timothy’s Toe. 😉 Way hotter too. lol

  • I didn’t believe it possible for this blog to be anymore amazing then WFE. But you ladies have outdone yourselves. What awesome experiences you’re having! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for reading bb. It’s definitely more fun sharing this stuff with you guys. 🙂

  • I am at work and find your photos and comments fascinating. Thank you so much.

    • I’m telling your boss. 😉 LOL Glad you liked the post. Thank you!

  • Janners

    Learned valuable (and expensive!!!) lesson….wait until you get home to download pics from internet. The data fees all this hotness are generating on my iPhone are killing me!! LOL!

  • Susan

    You guys are amazing!! Loved this account!!

  • Denise

    What a fantastic and fun read. I love the idea of “Eric’s Column” – would totally take a picture of it if I was there. Thanks so much for sharing these set stories, especially for those of us like me who will never ever come close to an experience like this.

  • yukkei

    Awesome post.. what a great day to go and see filming! I would have definitely posed with the pillar/column as well… haha hope to see you ladies around the streets of toronto the next couple weeks! 🙂

  • robsexme

    Just WOW!! The limo’s really been on a roll. Love reading about all set soldiers experiences. Deb, so happy you finally got to see Rob in “action” as Eric Packer & I would’ve definitely followed HIS footsteps too! In fact I’m really hoping to in a few weeks…we’ll see. Suzie, how lucky for you to stumble upon the very same bookstore they’re using in the movie. Gorgeous photos of Rob. There’s a look of recognition in those eyes. I tell you Rob must know you by now! LOL 😀

    • Suziekew

      haha…don’t I wish. I think that was just his look of surprise that so manysupportive fans waited to greet him at close to 7 pm on a Sunday, and also his happy look that no paps were lying in wait…

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  • intothemystic

    This is awesome 🙂 Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!! GREAT pics of Rob Suzie! I almost went down last Sunday….but looked around the house and the 8 loads of laundry…. 🙁

    The house could be falling down around me…I don’t care…I will be at the set next time….

  • great post—turn green with envy, Deb, when i think of you & the other Robstalkers getting so close to HHH—would even consider hugging a cement column myself—