Samantha Morton “excited” to film ‘Cosmopolis’ with David Cronenberg

In an interview with Time Out London, Samantha Morton discussed her soon to be released film, ‘The Messengers’ as well as her excitement to begin work on ‘Cosmopolis’. Here is an excerpt:

Samantha Morton has been in hiding. Since 2009, when she shot military drama ‘The Messenger’, which finally hits our screens this week, and directed her devastating debut, ‘The Unloved’, the Oscar-winning, 34-year-old British star of ‘Sweet and Lowdown’ and ‘Minority Report’ has been lying low, enjoying life as a mother and planning her comeback. But with roles in two of 2012’s biggest films, David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’ and sci-fi epic ‘John Carter of Mars’, she won’t be able to stay in the shadows much longer.

You seem, more than most actors, to make only the projects you honestly care about…
‘Well, I wouldn’t be involved in something I didn’t want to do, would I? It’s me! But it’s tricky. I’ve been offered things in the past, I’ve read it and gone, “I don’t get it!” Then it comes out and it’s really good. I’ll go and see it and I’ll be like, “It’s a fucking comedy! Why didn’t you tell me it’s a comedy? That’s why I didn’t get it, nobody said, there was no cover letter with it! I’d have done it if I’d known…”’
And can you tell me anything about ‘Cosmopolis’, which you’re shooting soon with David Cronenberg?
‘No! I’m just excited. And I’m a huge fan so when I spoke to David I was just talking about his film “The Brood” which is one of my favourites. I just think he’s amazing. I’ll have to calm down before I go on set!’

Samantha is set to play Vija Kinski, Eric’s Chief of Theory with her scenes primarily in the limo. Can I say again how much I love this casting? I love it.

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  • kate

    I wonder when she starts filming? 🙂 Maybe in July?

  • I hope she films in Canada. I mean, I’m terrified of her but I’d still ask for an autograph in my copy of Cosmopolis. lol I wonder too if she will use her natural accent. I’d like that. These are going to be great scenes!

    • kate

      What’s her character do with Eric? I think all filming is in Canada and prob just sceney scenes in NYC! She’ll prob b doing work in studio!

      • mary

        She’s listed as Vija Kinski. I don’t know whether she is also one of the love interests of Eric or not. He had so many encounters in one day. lol. That was crazy. But I even don’t remember this character being in the book.

      • MPV

        well just in case.. SPOILER ahead:

        She will play his chief of theory, they go a lot into philosophy conversations, they sit in the limo and they talk.. a lot!… while they talk and do a lot of philosophy on the value of the market and why Eric is gambling all against yen, the limo get stock in the raid by. Eric doesn´t find her attractive by her physic but by the way she thinks, he does wonder for a little while there while they talk, what is she like in her private life and what it would be like having her in his bed, but that little “attraction” he suddenly feels, is just in him and lasts almost nothing and it is all in his mind, and in the meanwhile she is still making theories.

        • mary

          Oh, thanks a lot of for a reminder. Now i remembered Vija. Yes, they had very long philosophical conversation in the limo. But Eric described her someone with grey hair and a lot of marks on her face (if I’m not mistaken) and i thought she was older. It will be interesting how Samantha is going to look in the movie.

    • kate

      Let’s hope you DO get to meet her!

    • mmm

      If you do see her Deb… can DO IT! Courage knows no bound!