Tweets and photos from Cosmopolis ‘Rave’ shoot preparation

It was an early start for the cast and crew of Cosmopolis today with this tweeted out around 5:30 a.m.

More tweets and photos, including Rob’s arrival, after the jump.

Dang. #NoDancingForRobert 😉 Great shots of the extras on their way to the rave.

Photo by Vegas1975
photo by @vegas1975!/samuelmekonnen/status/83118061326045184

Background shots were likely filmed before the main casts’ arrival. Robert Pattinson arrived on set at approximately eleven…

… and quickly entered the century old building for today’s filming.

David Cronenberg!/samuelmekonnen/statuses/83308630664945665

We’ll update as the day’s filming continues. Wonder if we could convince Chauffeur Tink to do a book post about the rave?? 😉
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