PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson at the Cosmopolis set in Toronto 06/21

The chauffeurs are loving the photos from set today. *cough* Take a closer look… in some shots Rob’s shirt has only one button undone, in others two are undone. And can we talk about Rob, erm, Eric’s hair? It’s disheveled. Did this happen during the rave? Or from an earlier “meeting”? Discuss. 😉

Buttoned up and all hair in place...
Eric's falling apart a bit...

Please note the mic taped to his shirt. We’re all about the technical side of things here in the limo. 😉

Rob, whistling while he works *has WFE blog flashback*

Lots more in the gallery, after the cut.  

There are a few more photos from today at the source. We’re getting word that filming is continuing through the afternoon so hopefully we’ll have more to post later. For an indepth look at the rave scene be sure to check out Chauffeur Tink’s Book post: Going deeper into the Cosmopolis rave.

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  • i LOVE seeing him unravel!!! for real. that was so cool in the book. his layers stripped away.

  • Calihi27

    The mind is running a million miles an hour with all the possibilities. I love Eric “falling apart” and going from clean-cut to a bit disheveled. And I love love love those pouty lips! Pucker up baby, pucker up! Mmmmmm this movie is DEF going to kill me for sure.

  • mary

    He looks so hot as Eric. Rob has the best profile i’ve ever seen. His white shirt, a little messiness, that whistling and many many things. Yep, i can take none of them anymore!

  • Robfan

    Rob looks absolutely amazing!! soo georgous! he’s definatly the hottest man on the planet! gotta love him!!


  • Kim

    Lookin good…think those are different shades, maybe?
    Tell me more about a rave!!!!
    Actually, ok it’s where everyone is setup to display something
    at once in public?!
    Thanks…… awesome chauffeurs.

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    *GAH* the messy hair, the undone Tink has been saying all day on Twitter “it excited me” (she was so inspired by the trailer for A Dangerous Method LOL). Eric’s day is moving on and once we get to the outdoor sex with Elise there will be no buttons to worry about and the sexhair will be…epic.

  • Can I just say I love his mouth when he whistles???

    “You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together………. and blow….”

    • Susan

      I actually thought that!!

  • smittenkitten

    Oh My! j/s…

  • robmeblind

    Dying, dying, dying to see raving Rob!

  • Lady RobGa

    So lovely to look at —

  • Susan

    So I want to know what Sammy Hagar was doing on set in that first pic….

    Yeah…I pulled my eyes away from Rob and really studied his surroundings. Go figure….

    • MPV

      is that sammy hagar?? he does have an air like him, but I doubt he would be there

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  • Susan

    I’m just teasing but it sure could be his twin!!