OFFICIAL: Filming Update and Casting News from the Producers of Cosmopolis

Update for June 22 from

COSMOPOLIS’ set has been visited by some of the major stars of today’s film industry. Besides Twilight Saga’s idol, Robert Pattinson, who took Eric Packer’s role in the highly sought-for David Cronenberg’s new project, also Sarah Gadon and Kevin Durand have been at the set, based in Toronto.

Internationally acclaimed French actress Juliette Binoche has already embodied Didi Fincher, her character on this adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel. For this Oscar winner actress this was her first film David Cronenberg’s project.

Samantha Morton, two times Academy Award nominee, is already working with the “Crash” director, in Toronto. The British actress who plays Vija Kinski, Eric Packer’s Chief of Theory, already confessed she is “a huge fan” of David Cronenberg’s work.

Soon, French actor and director Mathieu Amalric will take part in COSMOPOLIS’ shooting and play Andre Petrescu.


Somali-canadian poet and rapper K’naan also got involved in COSMOPOLIS and will have a special appearance in the film. This multiple Juno Award winner is the last addition to one of the most exciting film of the year.

Very exciting to hear about K’naan’s involvement! I thought at first he might be making a musical contribution but the announcement says “appearance”. Could K’naan be our Brutha Fez? And please oh please let us get some photos of the Pastry Assassin’s scenes with Eric. 😉

Thank you to reader Jay for the tip!

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  • Either Brutha Fez, or — IIRC — doesn’t Eric have a sidewalk conversation with someone while watching the funeral, talking about Brutha’s music influence, etc. Maybe that’s his part? This gets more exciting every day!

    • Marina H.

      He talks with Brutha Fez’s manager, Kozmo. Could be Kozmo, but I think Kozmo was described as being huge…like Michael Clarke Duncan huge.

      • Kozmo! I couldn’t remember the character’s name & yes now I recall he was described as being very large, but maybe that’s a detail that’s not so important? Oh to read Mr. Cronenberg’s mind!!

    • Deb24601

      Imdb (cough, I know) says Kozmo is to be played by Gouchy Boy, an actor musician from Montreal (I think). He fits the books description of Kozmo and I kind of like that casting so I hope it’s true. But K’naan!!! He’d be a great Brutha Fez. 🙂

  • Marina H.

    I like hearing that stuff is happening “officially.” Like the Pastry Assassin scene…and Didi…gah. Exciting news is EXCITING!!

    • ABV

      Hi Minnie,the countdown’s on until AG gets to your neck of the world….Hope you 2 gals have the best time….I’m so Jealous!!!

      • Marina H.

        hey you 🙂 It will be great!! We’ll be sure to take pictures :)) <3

  • Bettybmusing

    Great news 😀 more exciting additions to Cosmopolis . All the actors and actresses seem perfect for their roles. Dang ! I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Kim

    Watched the trailer yesterday for Dangerous Method, now I see why you guys are so excited. Yowza.
    This film will be so good, probably unbelievable, if that’s an indication.
    Not getting out of the limo! Ha! Roll the tape Ladies.
    Maybe K’Naan will do a bit of rap.

    • yeah the ADM trailer really got people talking and this will be great for Cosmo by proxy. it excited me!

  • Tinkrbe1l3

    Sounds like didi is a wrap…wham bam thank you ma’am.

    It’s cool the official site does mini reports about the production.

    • “Wham bam thank you ma’am”. Erm, I’ll have what she’s having! 😉

      • ABV

        Oh gee,I 2nd that!…

  • Me too, one order of wham bam thank you ma’am to go please

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  • mary

    He’s for sure Brutha Fez! *Spoilers”. To be honest, that funeral scene really touched me, esp Eric. When he began to weep i was so shocked that i have to read it several times to be sure it’s Eric, because i couldn’t believe my eyes that Eric was crying. Dang, there are so many scenes i’m dying to see and ” weeping Eric” is one them.

    • Marina H.

      Me too! This is one of the scenes I’m looking forward to most 🙂 I’m glad I’m not alone! It’s one of the few times we see him attached to anyone. Kozmo AND Brutha Fez. He’ll be great!

  • pattijac

    I had never followed any actor on its filming career. I started following him since last year and I am very excited about what is going on so far. I will have to read Cosmopolis for a second time. I do remember Brutha Fez and looking forward for that scene.