PHOTOS: Set soldier Suzie visits Cosmopolis set ~ David Cronenberg, ravers, and potential casting news

Suzie visited the set yesterday and got some great pics of David Cronenberg and the ravers. She also likely stumbled upon some casting info! Do we have our Danko?

Gallery of photos and fan report after the cut!

Suzie’s fan report:

Can I just say I hate it when work gets in the way of my fun? Not to be deterred by a weekday shoot, I hopped in a cab at lunchtime and headed over to The Opera House live music bar on Queen St East, standing in for the “grotty” Biltmore Theater (well played, whoever chose this location!), where Eric and Danko stand on an interior balcony overlooking a rave. I chatted with two young girls dressed in flashy ’80s bar attire who told me they’d put in a 16 hour day filming yesterday but were excited to shoot the rave scene today. They tried to get the young (and clearly admired) assistant director, Jonathan Gajewski, to take a photo with them but were unable to persuade him. A few minutes later I was joined by fellow set soldier Janners and we got an eyeful of the technicolour extras as they strolled by on their way to the set. Although considering it was Queen St, we weren’t always entirely sure if they were actually residents or not!

Lunch for the cast including Rob turned into a several hour break as the big boom camera was set up inside to capture the rave in all its glory, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see Rob heading back into the theater nor could I stay until the end of the shoot, but director David Cronenberg did oblige by checking on the interior setup and at one point I was completely fooled into thinking Rob’s dog, Bear, was being walked just outside his trailer. Bear has a doppelganger!

Just before I left I wandered down the street to the string of secondary trailers and saw “Danko” on the door of one. Curious as to who the actor was, I asked a passing crew member who pulled out a variety of call sheets but couldn’t seem to locate the one for today. He apologized and headed off across the street but then turned and came back, having found the right one. What a nice guy! Listed under Danko was the as yet uncredited Zeljko Kecojevic, who has also appeared in the Canadian shot Covert Affairs.

Thank you Suzie! We’ll see if Danko appears on IMDb or the official site at some point but for now, looks like Set soldier Suzie turned into a private eye. 😉

Click HERE to see her whole gallery & click HERE to read the rave scene with Eric and Danko

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  • I so envy you set soldiers *sigh*…..hey Rob please be making a film in Seattle sometime soon ok?

    Thanks for all the great pix and reporting!!! It’s so great to be kept in the the loop on what’s happening, but I’m still green with envy LOL!

  • You are great. Thanks.

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  • Suziekew

    Thanks for posting Tink! I know, we are really lucky to have Rob here for this long and in so many public locations thus far, but I gotta tell you it’s challenging to be on top of where and when (especially with set info usually only appearing the day of) and with work and family also be able to find the time to be there. So I am counting myself very fortunate to have made it out to as many days as I have. I guess my journalism background hasn’t entirely left me…still love to investigate and sniff out facts. But who’s fooling who…I’m there to see Rob!

    • smittenkitten

      Way to go bb, you keep sniff’n out the facts Suziekew & I LOVE the pics! Thanks for sharing everything girls…at least seeing & reading what’s going on there makes me feel a little better about missing all the fun! I’m with Debbie, but insert Texas to the filming list one of these days…oh what a dream!

  • Kim

    Certainly looks like a huge coordinated effort! Thanks for all the pics!
    Must get me a gun blazin babich coffee mug soon!

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  • TerriG

    Thank you for all your hard work on the updates. You set soldiers, chauffeurs and co-chauffeurs are great. Love visiting here and seeing the pretty at work. God he is so talented but grounded. David Cronenberg looks like a cool director and everyone seems to be having a blast. xxxx

    • Suziekew

      DC is a major sweetheart, seriously. He took time out a couple of weeks ago to sign books and take pictures with fans, myself, Deb and Jan included, and was lovely to everyone. I may just have a wee crush on the man! (sorry Dean, you’ve been bumped to third)

      • ABV

        wonder if it’s normal for DC to sign autographs or do you think it’s because Rob’s fans are there?…..anyway,thanks all of you set soldiers for the Awesome work,loving every post…..I’m surprised there aren’t alot more peeps here….

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  • Great work Suzie! Thank you!

  • Janners

    It was a short day….I went back just shortly after 5pm and Rob’s trailer was gone and they were packing up.

    Just before I met up with Suzie, I walked past Rob’s trailer and heard a crash come from inside…..sigh…..secondary sound coming from The Package (as Notebookgirl and I have started calling him on our Recon Missions) is better than no sound but I was kind of hoping to hear a British accented curse word or two to follow!

    I feel like I’m going through detox! Where is he??? We need our fix!!! Oh, I am not going to be pleasant to be around on July 15…..

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