SPOILERS: Tweets & pics from set soliders on Cosmopolis set 6/29


The limo is quietly lurking and a few passengers have their heads out the sun roof, checking out filming tonight. We will update this post as info comes in.

Cosmopolis limo on set tonight

Set observations after the cut ~ SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS










  • Robert Pattinson was seen rehearsing with Nancy Babich! The gun…
  • David Cronenberg and Rob spent spent a lot of time talking about the scene.
  • For fangirls *coughallofuscough*, Rob has a new blue baseball hat. Wearing a white Tshirt and dark jeans.
  • Paps are there.
  • The scene being shot tonight is the basketball ball court scene with Eric and Torval and Nancy Babich.
from @lorettalouise
  • Rehearsal looks to be over.

Here are some shots of Rob during rehearsal.  Again, spoilers ahead.

Wondering if he considered any "other" shirt choices...;)

Oh dear....

Don't tell him the combination Kevin!!! DON'T!

More photos of Rob, Kevin and David during rehearsal here:

From @Janners
  • Fans will not be able to see the scene. Tarps are up. Ditto for paps.

Looks like that’s a wrap. The crowd has been Nancy Babich’d.

  • maah


    • Marina H.

      🙂 Good one

  • Very excited about this scene! Sure Rob pulled a “Nancy Babich” in WFE poor Silverstar, but it’s not the same…I can’t wait to see this version of his use of “Nancy Babich”. Who am I kidding, I can not wait for this entire movie. It’s so far from Edward Cullen… 🙂

  • angie

    I haven’t read the book someone can tell me what scene is being filmed tonight

    ps I don’t mind spoilers:)

    • Susan

      It’s the scene toward the end of the book by the looks of it. The one where he gets Torval to let him check out his gun….and then Torval ‘checks out’, thanks to Eric. The whole thing takes place in a park while they watch some kids play basketball, if I remember correctly.

  • MPV

    I´m glad they blocked the location, because it is a big scene. last night the pie in the face thing filming made the news all around and that was another big scene … if they block this, it is safe to be scene for the first time on the film

    • I agree. I love seeing Rob but sometimes I like a little surprise.

  • Kim

    Definitely can wait for the movie to see most of the surprises! Wasn’t it fun though getting a little bit close last night?
    So much at night and I thought most of the book was during the day…….
    Need your help Tink.

  • Rory

    I have been checking in to follow the progress of the filming and to see your guy Rob on set. He really looks great as Eric and nice to see he looks like he is having a good time with the other actors. I am a huge fan of Rob’s needless to say. I live just under an hour away from metro Toronto and would love to drive in to watch the filming or really to just get a glimpse but have no idea where the filming is taking place. Where are they filming tonight and in the last few days? It would be amazing to get to see him. If you could let me know that would be awesome.

  • Rory

    Oh and thanks for posting all these amazing shots from the rehearsal today. He should wear that blue hat all the time, he looks so cute in it. I couldn’t believe he was holding a gun… a taser I guess. I really have to read the book. Amazing shots though. Can’t wait to go see this movie.

  • Susan

    I’m hearing that this was a wrap for Kevin Durand. Could that be possible? With three weeks left in filming, is it possible that a character as pivotal as Torval would be finished? Wow this shoot has gone fast.

    Love that you guys are there to report for us. I love, love following the process! Thanks for what you do and how you do it!!

    • Janners

      Yep….done. After they wrapped, Kevin hugged the crew and ducked into Rob’s trailer and then David’s for what I assume were some good-byes. And with a wave to us, he got into his hired car and was whisked off into the night….. ‘Bye, Torval… 🙁

      • Susan

        That kinda bums me out! I mean, I’m glad that they all are getting along so well but I really like the guy and this role is perfect for him.

        So cool you guys were there to see this!

    • quillpenz

      Yeah. They shoot out of order. Interesting to me. That would account for him being finished, they did all his scenes no matter the sequence. I cannot wait to see this picture. I am rereading the book.