STORY & PHOTOS: Chauffeur Deb has a run in with Robert Pattinson

I don’t even know where to start. First off a little PSA: set soldier Suzie and I will have a full set account in a day or two. This post is a all about the end of the night… or first thing in the morning. Whichever. πŸ˜‰ Please note: this is semi-coherent and fangirlish. Sorry. (not really)

So this was my fourth set visit but the first where I was able and committed to staying until the very end. You know, the end. When Rob signs and takes photos. Of course, it was a night shoot and although Rob wrapped at around 2 a.m. I was prepared to hear that it was too late and he wouldn’t be signing.

I’ve always said Rob is a giver. πŸ™‚

Dean peeked at the small group of us across from Rob’s trailer and
must have deemed us “safe”. *snicker* Moments later, Rob strolled
across the street with a big smile and killed us all. He signed for Jan first.Β (Rob:
“Your name is JAM? oh Jan… I was going to say Jam’s a very unusual
name.”) Then it was my turn…

Read more about Rob making dreams come true and check out a gallery of fan photos after the hump πŸ˜‰

I think by now we all know two things about me. Technology
confounds me near people of note and I babble. Like really babble. So as Rob is
signing my copy of Cosmopolis I tell him how much we’ve enjoyed following the
filming in Toronto and how excited we are about the movie. You guys know about
the Nancy Babich tees, right? Well I was wearing one…. and stuck my chest out
proudly, announcing: “We made Nancy Babich tshirts!” Rob smiled HUGE!
He loved it, the shirt I mean, so I was extra happy to tell him that we had one
for him! *happy sigh*

On Rob moved down the short line of fans. Asking names, signing.
Rob said he liked Toronto, someone mentioned something about his red pants and
we all had a good laugh. Dean asked if we were all teachers and didn’t we have
to work in the morning. He was ignored.

It was late so Rob couldn’t do individual photos (in fact Dean tried to get him to go) but Rob said he would do a group photo. Well, not gonna lie, mild chaos ensued while people decided who’s camera, who would take the photo etc. Guess what I did? #evil

Yeah, I stuck to Rob like glue. I watched the chaos and said to Rob (never thought I’d see the day I typed THAT) “This group photo isn’t going to happen. I’m just going to
take one of my own.” *laughs hysterically*

So a very successful night! Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who shared this experience with me.Β Β Talk about memories. There are a few more photos in the gallery below. Chauffeur Tink has a book post coming up that will explain the “Pie glop heard ’round the world’. I’m going to have a little sleep now. πŸ˜‰

group photo by leaf_chickΒ Β  (I love you! Thank you for emailing so quickly) Gallery photos by me and whitbysucks.

  • Marina H.

    First off, let’s give a big round of applause to Deb and the other set soldiers for spending all night waiting to get this story! πŸ™‚ You guys are amazing!!

    Second….what if Rob wears that shirt. In public where someone sees him. I really don’t know what I’d do.

    Based on his willingness to sign for fans after shooting, I’m guessing that he’s enjoying the shoot with David, which is great. Just another reason to be excited for this film.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Deb!! <3<3<3

    p.s. i just looked at the tags. "Rob is warm"?!?!?! oh crap. The NB shirt is the new Stoli shirt? Oh my god…i would die. πŸ™‚

  • Deb, you’re my shero! Pure awesomeness. You are rainbows, stars, unicorns, and chocolate cake! GAH! I have butterflies and tears! Sooooo very happy for you. Thank you. You give good babble! <3 πŸ™‚

  • Janners

    I am still floating!!!!

    I was the one who asked if he was liking Toronto. He lit’rally stopped signing whosever autograph, looked up and into my eyes and answered me. Rob Pattinson and I eye-locked! The last picture is him signing my working script for the play I’m currently in rehearsal for….I will have Rob’s autograph with me for every rehearsal and every performance for luck!!!

    He thought my name was Jam…….giggle!

    Oh she’ll prolly kill me for this but I asked Debb what he smelled like…..she said “Plaid and boy!” before collapsing on the ground laughing!!

    It was a great night! So happy we met him and so happy I got to share it with my lovely, wonderful friends!!!

    • LOL “Plaid and boy”. I got a good whiff. I could find him in the dark. πŸ˜‰ Yes, laugh it up, I lit’rally dropped to the sidewalk and rolled around a bit. I was overwhelmed!! :p

  • How incredibly awesome!!! LOVE this story and photos.
    Chris B

  • Deb,

    *party pooper enters limo*, I have been mia from the limo and RAoR for a week or so because my 25 year old baby sister passed away suddenly and my life is on hold. I saw this link on my Facebook newsfeed and just HAD to come read.

    *hoor enters the room* THIS makes me verrah happy!!! Love RobBaby & love me some Deb and loving that the two met! Muah!

    • BB, I am so so sorry about your loss. (((((((biggest hug)))))))) I’m glad you’re here. (((((More hugs))))) You have my email right? I here for you darling. <333

    • eyeonrob

      ((((((hugs Smitten))))))) Oh bb… very sorry to hear about your sister. My thoughts and prayers and lots of hoor hugs are headed your way.

  • venus08

    I’m so happy & excited that you got to meet Rob! I honestly don’t know if I would be able to form a coherent thought if he was close. Well done Deb, not only getting him to sign your book but also getting your pic! πŸ™‚

  • That RULES! Hope to see him wearing his BANG shirt real soon! It’ll be like the new Stoli shirt that never happened! Luv you Tink’s Debb!

  • MissSherrie

    Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun. (I actually know the lady on the far left in the group photo. FB’d her about it this morning.) My daughter squealed uncontrollably when I told her that someone she knew got to meet him. She’s a very big fan.

  • I am BEYOND thrilled for you guys (and more than a little bit jealous LOL). How wonderful, great, spectacular (sorry I’m running out of adjectives here). Being a true and loyal set soldier finally pays off!!! *high fives all around*

    LOL “Dean was ignored” — Dean we love ya but when it’s a contest between focusing on the pretty & answering your questions…sorry big man.

    *ahem* “stuck out my chest” –that’s my girl!!!! (just to show off the Nancy Babich T I’m sure *cough*). OMG I hope we see a pic of Rob wearing that Tshirt!!! (I’m waiting to get mine from Zazzle.)

    Should we start calling Janners “Jam” from now on? I mean, Rob gave her a nickname, we should use it!

    In all seriousness, how sweet of him to come out & visit a little & pose for pix after what must have been a long and exhausting day for him. What a babe — is it any wonder we love him madly?

    Can’t wait to read all the other reports — love you gals (and totally green with envy)

    • Janners

      I wouldn’t say no……!

  • I’m squeeeeeeing here for you Deb!
    So excited that you got to meet him and got a big smile from him too! *Lucky*

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  • Love this guy!!!

  • Lydia

    Ah Deb, this was awesome. I am so happy for you that your diligence paid off.

  • S_Lamb

    Congratulations! So happy for you all!!! Rob is awesome & so kind & generous to his fans!

  • Oh Deb and Janners…..that was great you actually got him. We are SOOOOO jealous. I see Deb *glued to Rob* – but Janners, I don’t know which one you are. So a T-shirt… man we should have sent you button-flys to give to him.

    I don’t blame you for *sticking out your chest to show him your t-shirt* or *sticking to him like glue*

    Hilarious Janners. I probably would have made a big huge fool of myself if he called me Jam. I am sure it would have been something along the lines of – I taste sweet like Jam and batted my eyelashes.

    Tink – sorry you missed the pics.

    • Janners

      LOL! Actually, the thought in my head when he asked my name was, “Name?? Name?? I had one when I got here…..” I’m just glad I didn’t voice that out loud!

      My name’s not Jam but my legs were definitely jelly!!!

      • lmao – Name? Name? I had one….oh sweetie you can call me whatever you like. So who slapped you to bring you around?

        • Janners

          My rarely heard inner adult voice gave me a stern talking to!

          The pic with Rob, Debb and Suzie…..that’s my arm to the right. The young girl who took the picture wasn’t concerned about getting us in as long as she got Rob in!

          • hilarious honey…..”that’s my arm – can’t you tell?”

      • eyeonrob

        I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you managed to speak AND remember your name. I believe I would be rendered mute and temporarily brain dead. SOOOOO happy for you ladies! Patience and loyalty paid off BIG time for you.

  • loved, loved this! stuck out your chest – you go!!!! wow, i must admit i am more than a littlel jealous. he looks so happy and so nice. was wondering, this wasn’t clear, but he took the shirt you gave him???

    congrats to all of y’all. you all looks so adorable with those huge smiles. rob is better than an anti depressant.

    • LOL Thanks! *sticks chest out again* πŸ˜‰ He DID take the shirts. I actually brought two, a M and L, in a gift bag with a little note from the Chauffeurs. Apparently I like to babble in front of Rob, so I actually told him this: “I got you two sizes because I didn’t know which you would like.” *smh* Hey, at least I didn’t start making Large jokes. Hell, I’m lucky I didn’t start howling…

  • Kazrob

    WOW!!! Just WOW!!!
    Perseverance paid off and you got everything you deserve!! LOL
    He looks so tall next to you and so stunning and your shoulder is touching his chest…..*sigh*
    I am green with envy but so happy for you.
    I’ve heard that SWATH maybe partly filmed in Wales…so I’m kinda hoping he’s going to pay Kristen a visit…and maybe…just maybe…..if I’m a very good girl……I might just get lucky!
    You met him and made him smile and laugh… just doesn’t get any better than that…

    • Bala

      Is anybody know when they r goin to shoot the film in ny ?

      • Bala

        i mean nyc

  • I’m beyond excited for you guys. It just goes to show that if you believe, Rob will come!
    You guys really deserved to meet him. You work so hard for his fandom. I know that he appreciates it and so do all of us!
    Can’t wait to read the extended version as soon as you recover from your ‘Rob encounter of the best kind.’

  • rpattzgirl

    Deb you are one lucky & smart girl!
    Not jealous, not jealous!

  • The Holy Grail, Deb…Beanie Rob…and you look freaking adorable next to him. Can’t. Even. Imagine. Congrats, bb.

  • OMG!! I am flailing and squeeeing here πŸ˜‰ I’m soooooo thrilled for you Deb – what an amazing experience. And Jan too – that’s wonderful. Loved living the experience through you guys…..just wow – Deb you are my hero!!!! πŸ˜‰ Love the pics – they are priceless. Thanks for sharing with us. You met Rob *le sigh*


  • Yay Deb! I like the part where you stuck your chest out. And later when you stuck to him like glue. Nicely done. xoxo

  • Susan

    Amazing story!! So happy that your diligence paid off…and so green with envy! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Sus

    Deb, you beautiful beotch! I am so, so jealous!
    You did us proud, bb….congrats for getting to meet HHH…..great job!
    Thanks for the photos, and report!

    hugs, Sus

  • Annie

    His hair looks wet under the beanie. Just sayin.

    • You know I thought at first that his hair was just gloppy from the Eric gel and pie (!!) but when I smelled him he didn’t smell like lemon pie. So he must have showered. *stares off into space*

      • I an see you sniffing like a bloodhound right now. One long drag…..from top to bottom. I am sure it will be a long long time before the smile ever leaves your face.

        • eyeonrob

          BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You GO, girl! You get that close to the pretty and do as much as you can as quickly as you can before Dean gets hold of your ass. Just sayin…… *waves at Deb and RDM*

      • Janners


        That would mean….gulp….he was all wet, soapy…..and nekked….just a few feet away from us!!

        *****room spins, blanking out in 3….2…..1…….THUD*****

        • intothemystic

          I am just seeing this post now….Yes it has taken this long for me to come out of the “ROB HAZE” I have been walking around in since Tuesday (Wednesday morning) πŸ˜‰ I was so excited to see that someone got a pic of him signing my poster πŸ™‚ Thank you to who got that one!

          He was definitely fresh and scrubbed when he did come out of his trailer…he was in there for about 40 minutes or so…..nice long HOT shower!!

          One of my favorite comments came from Dean as him and Rob where walking over to
          our group…Something about “Are you a bunch of school teachers…don’t you have to be up early to teach class?”(or something to that effect) As Rob was smiling and giggling. Did anyone else catch that comment? πŸ™‚

          Overall an epic night…one I will never forget for years to come!!

          And it was amazing to finally meet…Deb, Jan, Suzie, and Kelly, an amazing group of women

  • πŸ˜€ lucky you!!!
    You have no idea how jealous i am! haha!
    going to Toronto in July for something…it would be AMAZING if someway, somehow I’d see him!

  • dee

    i’m so happy you got to meet rob! i’m a little jealous. but good for you! i really hope to meet him one day! i know he is a very nice and kind guy! it’s so sweet of him to take time and sign autographs and have pics taken! i just love rob! i can’t wait to see all of his movies! seeing these pics i just smile so much! great article! i loved it!

  • Ripley

    WOW! What a great encounter. Deb, I’m so happy for you and had to giggle when you said you stuck to Rob (for the group pic). I would have done the same thing.

  • Sus

    Hey, Deb!
    I forgot to ask….what were you doing in Toronto? And have you met Rob in person before this? Maybe in L.A.???

    Just wondering,
    xo Sus

    • I live not too far away from Toronto so I drove in specifically for this shoot and two other shoots a while back. For the Union Station shoot I was already in town for a friend’s birthday. πŸ™‚

      I hadn’t really “met” Rob before this. I saw him in NYC when Tink and Jen and I were in NYC for the Water for Elephants premiere. Tink asked Rob the question for our blog and since we were considered “press” *epic snort* we didn’t get photos or autographs. But I did get to look at him close up for a long time. πŸ™‚

  • eyeonrob

    *looks around and whispers* Who is Nancy Babich and what’s up with the t-shirts? Got a link?

    • Marina H.

      Nancy is a detail from the book…:)

      Here’s the link to our store if you want to check out the shirts!

      • eyeonrob

        Thanks, bb! It’s been so long since I read the book, I forgot the name. (((((hugs Marina))))

      • I ordered the ladies’ destroyed T! Was a bit disappointed that the regular ladies’ T wasn’t available in my size but considering the condition of the limo for the past two days, I think the destroyed T is perfect!
        Can’t wait to get it!!

  • Mitts40

    Oh Deb,
    You lucky, LUCKY girl! Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing the sights and smells (lol).
    *talks to self. . .I will not be jealous, I will not be jealous!*

  • Laury4Rob

    All day I was thinking I seen this girl somewhere I know this girl somewhere (and by somewhere I mean WFE NYC Premier) and then it hit me and I had this duh!!! moment cuz a bunch of us did had dinner together @ Lombardi’s and you told me at WFE Cocktail Party that my Avi was naughty naughty and that it always made you laugh!!! which of course now I have trade with my NYC WFE pic with Rob .. there is not going back to that hu!!!
    Anyways so happy you got lucky and got to see Rob AGAIN (I will insert here greedyh00r but we all are) and thank you for the pics and sharing this experience..
    Send you big hugs from Honduras @Laury4Rob

    • It’s true, your old avi always made me laugh. I had a great time meeting you in NYC, that was one of the best weekends ever. Ah pizza at Lombardi’s *cries* I want to go back so bad.

      Thanks for the hug! <3

  • So awesome debb! I’ve been having a hell of a time lately and it was great to hear the good news out in the rob world

    • I’ve seen some of your SOS tweets. ((big hug)) I’ve been there sweetie, it’ll get better. Glad the story made you smile. <3

  • Dee

    Deb I’m so happy for you! Just seeing him in NYC was almost my undoing. Standing next to him and speaking to him like that would have killed me for sure. You’ve all done so much for us between this site and the WFE site. I can’t thank you enough and if anyone deserves to have this happen it’s all of you! Well Done!!!! LOL I have the biggest smile on my face like I was there too.
    Thank You for that.

    • What a nice thing to say! I’m actually welling up a bit, you’re very sweet. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • jan Labrick

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures. How do you find out where Rob is filming? I live in Toronto and have only seen one inside site and got a brief glimpse of him. I’d love to see him again a little closer and get a picture. I’m a retired teacher so have time to spend looking. I have never in my life before been a fan of a star to such an extent. It bewilders me and boggles my family.

    • I hear you! I’m no longer bewildered… I’ve made peace with and fully embraced my Robsession. My family, like yours, really wonders about me though. πŸ˜‰ Oh well.

      Finding the locations is mostly luck. The production is pretty conspicuous; there must be 20-30 trailers parked with pylons marking out their spots. The times I’ve been to set have always been last minute “someone saw something – let’s go!” situations. No advance warning. Good luck! Hope you get to see something.

      • I find myself breaking out into a cold sweat whenever I see orange pylons now. Sadly, they’re mostly City of Toronto maintenance ones.

        You have to look for LES on them to know they’re for a location but there are at least 20 shoots a day in the City in the summer (TV shows, movies, videos, commercials….)

    • Oh honey. There are PLENTY of us cougars. Trust me!! Hubs (also named Robert) doesn’t give me any grief at all, which I am thankful for. In fact because of wanting to know more about him, I found the FF world and well, hubs reaps all those benefits. *wink*

      My two sons occasionally pick at me about it. But….. *whispers* ……..they are not much younger than Rob is.

      My sis and mom first started to pick at me too way back in the Twilight days. Now though, even they have given up. In fact, I think they are closet – stalkers. My mom has not missed a movie of his yet – one of our few mother daughter times are going out to see his next movie every 6 months or so. Conversation usually goes like this.

      Me: Hey. It’s been awhile since we had a day together

      Mom: It sure has. Wanna get together next Saturday?

      Me: Sure. You want to go shopping?

      Mom: No I don’t like any of the styles out these days. Wanna go see….WFE? I just finished reading the book.

      Me: OF COURSE!! Mom are you sure you don’t like him as much as I? (since it would have been my 3rd time seeing it)

      Mom: _________________

      Me: Mom? Are you still there ?

      Mom: oh what? Um, Yes so what time do you want to meet? We need to be there early to have good seats.


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  • suziekew

    gah, as usual I am L2P! Great post Deb! I am still in a daze about that night, but I most certainly DO remember you rolling around on the sidewalk after! lol! I was at a work conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake when I heard about the shoot and figured this might be my best chance to see some outdoor filming so I sucked it up and drove for two hours to get there. We were very lucky indeed to see as much as we did (pics and video to come!) and beyond fortunate to be able to meet Rob afterwards. I was so worried it would be like 5 am before they finished (since I had to drive back) so was thrilled when they wrapped at 2 am.

    Rob is so sweet and polite and shy in person. His parents did an amazing job of bringing up a very generous and thoughtful man. He didn’t say much (you could tell he was tired and I made a point of saying “it’s so nice of you do do this after a long shoot” as he strolled over to us) but was careful to get everyone’s name right (Jam…*snort*) and in fact it was my own damn fault that I didn’t spell my name so he signed mine “To Susie Love Robert”

    He is SUCH a sweetheart. Rob deserves every success in the world and then some. LOVE this man.

  • Jane

    what lucky ladies you are. How does it feel to watch him walk toward you and when you look into his face? Do you just stand there and stare or maybe capable of actually speaking. I think I would be dizzy with love for this man and it would be hard for me to utter one word. Does he give you that kick in the gut feeling when he looks at you. I will never get to meet him, so I need you ladies to tell me your opinion.

    • I remember muttering to Debb, “There he is! He’s coming over here! He’s coming over here!!!” while my inside voice was saying, “He’s just a guy…he’s just a guy…he’s just a guy. He’s and actor….you’re around actors all the time…no big deal…no big deal…”

      Then he was there.

      “Hi, Rob!”

      And those wonderful eyes looked up at me and said “Hi!”

      He has this “presence”. Can’t explain it any other way. You feel at ease with him right away….his way of being, I guess you could call it, is very calming. Sort of like Jasper! LOL!

  • This is great! I’m so happy for you Deb and Suzie! πŸ™‚ <3s