VIDEO: Robert Pattinson, Kevin Durand and Mathieu Amalric Filming 6/28

I could do without the ‘vampire’ references, of course, but I love this closer up look at Eric Packer on the attack. Short video from ET Canada.

This video goes PERFECTLY with Chauffeur Tink’s fabulous book post!  Line by line! Warning, *spoilers*

So so SO excited!!

Here’s another video showing more angles of the scene.  Look how angry Eric is as he goes after those paparazzi!  They’d better watch out…he won’t hesitate to kick them!

[vodpod id=Video.11938598&w=425&h=350&fv=videoId%3D1030729908001%26amp%3BplayerID%3D2133643001%26amp%3BplayerKey%3DAQ%7E%7E%2CAAAAAH8oDDk%7E%2CF_mMq8jWiR5bdm0sQJ44uR_MdKtLaDCH%26amp%3Bdomain%3Dembed%26amp%3BdynamicStreaming%3Dtrue]

  • mary

    OMG! The part when Andre threw pie on Eric’s face and when Eric kicked Andre- all this took my breath away. Rob will shine in this movie, as well as other actors!

  • lil_cc

    I happen to stumble upon the Cosmopolis film set and saw Robert Pattinson’s trailer hoping to get a picture and autograph. I made inquiries with his publicist and was received very negatively. I can understand that he is working and that it is publicist responsibility to maintain his schedule. However, no consumer nor a fan should be treated by the production crew and publicist with sly remarks and disrespectful behaviour.

    • MPV

      Sorry it happened that way, but Rob doesn´t have a publicist and he is working as well as the rest of the crew, maybe you crossed ways with a crew member that was too busy and as you may have seen fans accounts from those that visited the set, they wait till last minute for Rob to finish his filming for the day to have a time with him.
      Hope you have better luck next time 😀

    • Janners

      We all learned (some the hard way) that in order to enjoy the experience and to meet Rob is to listen to the crew and set people…do what they say without arguement (not saying you were but the person they dealt with before you could have been difficult and you got the brunt of it).

      These guys work long hours…they’re there hours before the talent and for hours after…they’re tired, cranky and some of them are fed up with answering questions about Rob.

      We met one guy at the beginning of the shoot who was nice enough (to me, anyway) but the other night was a miserable SOB.

      When we go down to the set, we are quiet as mice (giggling mice!) and do what we’re told and move to where we’re told.

      I know Dean can get a bit cantankerous with fans who keep showing up over and over….I kept a very low profile last night….but it’s all in protecting Rob and making sure that fans who haven’t been there before get the chance to meet him too.

      Rob will never meet and greet or sign autographs when he’s working….as far as I’m concerned, he’s not Rob…he’s Eric and Eric is NOT a cute and cuddly man like Rob is!

  • I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. 🙁 It’s true that the actors aren’t signing autographs while they are working. I don’t think Rob has a publicist on set so I don’t know who you might’ve talked to. I’ve visited the set myself and I know what you mean, some of the crew can be fairly insensitive. *shrugs*

  • This is great video!! Thanks for sending in the link! “I GLOP YOU GOOD!!!”

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  • Bettybmusing

    WOW thanks..Love It LOL

  • ccqueen

    Why do people feel the need to bother Rob at work? Do uninvited strangers show up at your work place. Rob is a very nice guy, but people really objectify him so much. They run to computer to post their pic and story,like Rob is their friend or family member.They wait around for 5 hrs to meet him, or bother him at 2Am. Do you think the hundred or so fan strangers that have gotten to meet him for moment in the last month or so, and get a autographs are high up on his respect list.He already said he not a god, and people should stop oodleing over him. His whole life is not meant to be used for entertainment purposes. Go to a premiere, or send him a letter to get an autograph and pic. Did people go to the set to get other top actors autograph. What if Julianne Binosh came out instead. She is a academy award winner. People take advantage of a guy that is only 25, and is afraid to be mean to his fans.

    • Hmm, see, normally I wouldn’t bother responding to a comment like this, however, I actually feel really bad for you. You are so uninformed, misguided and just plain wrong. I’m sad for you. I hope you can take a moment and open your mind.

      No one is bothering Rob at work. No one is going to the studio. The shoots in the street are public places. No one is approaching Rob while he’s working. No one is asking for anything when he’s done working. Rob approaches fans because he’s a nice guy. He’s a movie star, people like to meet movie stars. It’s part of his job and he doesn’t mind it.

      Yes, people post pictures of Rob and the set. It’s interesting and people like to share interesting things. Again, movie stars garner this kind of attention.

      You are very wrong about the other actors not getting any attention. There have been lovely photos of Kevin Durand and Sarah Gadon with fans. David Cronenberg has met with fans to sign autographs and take pictures. Listen very carefully. David Cronenberg thanked fans for coming out to the set and their support. Do you see how wrong you are? They like and appreciate the respectful attention. You’re concern for “Julianne Binosh” is touching. I assume you mean Juliette Binoche?

      No one is taking advantage of Rob or his easy-going nature. He signs and takes pictures when he wants to. He leaves the set with a wave to fans when he wants to. He leaves without doing any of that if that suits him. He’s not obliged to give anything and good fans don’t have a sense of entitlement.

      People who make movies want them to be seen and fan attention is free publicity and early buzz for a film. Again you are wrong if you think the producers are irritated with fans respectfully visiting sets and blogging about it. Tink visited the set of Rob’s previous movie and was invited to meet the production team! We were invited to the premiere of that film based on just the sort of fan enthusiasm you are complaining about.

      Your other comment was deleted. This is not the correct forum to discuss an actor’s personal life. Further, your comment “they are not set soldiers, they are set stalkers.” Wrong. First of all, that should read “you are not set soldiers” as I was there and you are speaking to me. Second, stalking implies harassment and secrecy. So, shocker, you are wrong again. Listen, if you don’t like this blog’s content don’t read it. Whining and complaining about what you read here is tantamount to standing in my living room and complaining about the furniture. What are you doing here?