Story and Photos: Set Soldier report from the “pie scene” night shoot

I’d like to start this post by saying how grateful I am to have had these set experiences. It seems like each time I visited was a progression, a little more to see etc until… wow! Tuesday’s night shoot. It was the first time I was there from pretty much the start until the very end.

I drove to Toronto after hearing from a friend that the production trucks and trailers were parked in her sister’s neighbourhood. Another set soldier reported that a restaurant in the same area had been transformed into an Ethiopean restaurant. ZOMG! The “Pastry Assassin” scene! When I arrived at the location, I took a quick drive through and spotted the graffiti-covered limo.

I met up with my fellow set soldiers and heard Rob had just arrived. A few minutes later, Rob, in his street clothes, made his way to the set around the corner. We sauntered over too. (One must always saunter when visiting a film set. Nonchalance is the name of the game. Lol)

Long-winded story and loads of photos after the jump!

Now, we kept a respectful distance but could see really clearly.
Rob, Kevin Durand, Mathieu Amalric and David Cronenberg were in discussion right
beside the limo. A production assistant asked us to move; either farther back or walk
through and watch from the other side. We chose to walk by. Very, very slowly.
😉 We found a spot to plant ourselves just in time to see rehearsal!

For the most part, the actors weren’t completely in character for the rehearsal. They seemed to be blocking out “action” parts of the sequence, who would walk where etc. You know, I’ve seen some funny things but not much compares to seeing Rob running around throwing mock punches and giggling his head off.

The actors headed back to the trailers for hair and makeup.
This was the first time I’d seen Rob in person at the “half-way” point, Eric
hair, Rob clothes. Kind of weird. Once Rob was in costume he headed back to his
trailer and they moved it, and him, closer to the set. Finally, it was full
dark and filming was going to begin.

A David Cronenberg silhouette. (Love this shot Suzie!)

The street looked amazing. The equipment and vehicles, the
lights and the director’s tent, for some reason it struck me as beautiful.

We watched the first three takes from one side. We could see
fairly clearly but couldn’t hear. There were long breaks between the takes as
Rob had to be de-glopped, cleaned up and dressed in fresh clothes.  Luckily for us, there were lots of paparazzi to entertain us with their huge cameras. *insert Freud joke here* One of the nicer ones let us look through his lens and we all took turns. There was a
funny moment when the police officer who was assigned to the street closure
came over and asked for a turn. LOL

During one of the de-glopping breaks, we decided to try viewing from the other side. As we made our way down we passed Rob’s trailer.  We didn’t know if he was in
there or what but, before we could decide what to do, Rob and Dean passed right
by us! Dean told us not to stand there (in his “I mean business” voice) and was
met with a chorus of, “sorry, so sorry, we didn’t know…. sorry”.

We saw a few takes from the other side. We were much closer (although the lighting screens blocked some of the view) and could hear the Pastry Assassin’s dialogue since he was yelling. “I’m after you long time!” Some of the dialogue is quite funny. The best part of being closer was seeing “the kick” (it sounded real!) and Rob running at the paparazzi. He walks so differently when he’s Eric. It’s an arrogant stalking strut. Very cool.

Around 2 a.m. there was loud applause on the set and my friend Kelly said she thought she heard “that’s a wrap for Rob”.  I’ve already told the story of what happened then. (thank you all for your fun and sweet comments on that post!) which you can read HERE if you missed it. Confuzzled about what the “pie scene” is all about? Check out Chauffeur Tink’s book post: Going Deeper into attempted assassination by pastry. (Best post title evah)

Thanks again to the gang. Suzie, Kelly, Jan, Stefter, Sandyel,Gina and all the sweet peeps who shared the night with us. I will never, ever forget that whole experience.

All photos by Suzie. Lots more in the gallery. And Happy Canada Day/Fourth of July weekend to any who celebrate. 🙂