SPOILER: Video from Cosmopolis filming on 06/29

****Spoiler Alert****

This is chilling. Great video and perfect timing with Tink’s “Going Deeper into Nancy Babich” post on this scene.

YouTube via RobsessedPattinson.com

  • Whoa.

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  • quillpenz

    The planets line up all the time. I am rereading Cosmopolis and had a couple hours ago read the section where Packer shoots his body guard point blank and in a detachment, I feel like a voyeur seeing it being filmed. Thanks for the spying.

    • You’re welcome.

      I’m always amazed at, even with the director’s and actor’s interpretation of a scene, just how literal a scene can be rendered. I’m not sure I’m getting my point across. Sometimes you see parts of a book brought to life and think “hm, that’s not how I imagined it”. Times like this, or the pie scene, it’s almost eerie. Like deja vu. This glimpse gave me goosebumps. Rob is going to blow people away. (strange choice of words but I’m leaving it 😉 )

      • Kim

        This is great. I would think DeLillo would like that his book is being discussed so much by this blog and now the movie, it looks fantastic. I think we got a glimpse of the serious and edgy destruction on Eric’s face through the fence and that is gonna be wonderful!
        I also think it’s ok for people to see differently, two views, from the same movie or scene.
        Gives us so much to talk/discuss. Are Tink’s long ‘into memos’ the script version or from the book?

        • Tink is using the book for the book posts excerpts and discussions. 🙂

  • robsexme

    Ooooo chilling *shudders* This scene really caught me off gaurd in the book. It’s so unsettling.
    I see Rob’s really banged the hell outta of it! 😉

    • You’re funny. 😉 When are you arriving? I’ve almost worn DH down; I can maybe probably come to TO for the show on Sat nite! Can’t pass up a chance to see you again! 🙂

      • robsexme

        I’m coming (twss) Fri! Wear down, tie down, go d0w.. uhm yeah do whatever it takes to get your add to TO Sat. I want to hear more about your sexca ehr escapade with Rob first hand! 😉

        • Robs_Jam

          THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TELLING HER! PROMISE HIM ANYTHING!! (and bargain out of it later…snort!)

          This weekend, Rob or no Rob, is going to be fucking EPIC!

  • ABV

    Omg,it doesn’t matter what he does,he always does it so *Sexily*…I don’t know whats wrong with Me for thinking that!….
    He would literally get away with murder,Lol…..

    • Ripley

      “Sexily” I like that word. Definitely needs to be added to the dictionary with Rob’s name listed in the description.

  • Bettybmusing

    Wow! Robert really pulled that scene off. He just walks away nonchalantly. This movie is going to be intense. Cant’t wait….

  • Robs_Jam


    So, I’ve been rereading the book and I’m wondering how they’ll start it….with Eric getting out of bed after another sleepless night (OMR…..what does Eric wear to bed????) or with Benno’s story???

    • Marina H.

      I have this vision of the movie starting with all of these visuals of the city…and Rob…er Eric…staring out the window looking over the city. Then right into his convo with Kevin…er Torval…by the limo 🙂 That’s my vision. The graphic designer in my wants some really clever opening title sequence that is relevant to the logo treatment I hope they keep 😀

  • Can’t wait to see this scene on the big screen! 🙂 Like you Deb … hope for a David/Rob commentary … and loads of interviews! <3

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