PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg on the set of Cosmopolis July 7th

SPOILERS! Proceed with caution…

David Cronenberg directing Robert Pattinson

Gallery after the cut *SPOILERS*

There are fan pics from later but we’ll have Chauffeur Deb share those goodies. 😉

Update: A few more from AStaffieri


  • His hair….

    • do you love it or do you LOVE IT! its amazing to see it all happening…

      • Incredible!! My heart is so heavy with so many emotions. For him to make the films he wants. For his dedication to his awesome fans. And for them to have these experiences. This blog. Cronenberg and the Babich Tee! All the stars are aligned. Rob is going to knock our socks off in this role. Haters be damned. Our boy has planted his feet and he’s here to stay. *tear*

    • quillpenz

      I love the hair and cannot wait to see what happens when the shoot is over.

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  • Susan


    Ok…I noticed something. In a couple of the pics where Rob is with David I noticed that his hair looked strange on top. Then I saw the one of Rob touching the right side of his head and laughing. When I looked at the one where you can clearly see the right side of his head….HE’S HAD THE INFAMOUS HAIR CUT!!! That means there will be no more scenes shot other than the notorious ending!! It also means Rob will be wearing a hat religiously until this film wraps and he can get both sides trimmed to match!! LOL

    • how exciting is it to see that right?? it’s been a pleasure to see this book come to life.

      • Susan

        When I noticed the hair, I think I squealed out loud but then it hit me….since they obviously can’t put the hair back, that means filming is coming to an end. Sigh…so sad. And Rob is in for a haircut post production that will send the fandom into hissy fits again!! Can’t wait to see what he looks like at Comic Con. LOL

  • It was so much fun to be there watching Rob do his thing. What a birthday it was for Debb. She’s awesome!!!! Seeing David Cronenberg come out of his trailer with the Nancy Babich tshirt on was a total rush!!!!!

  • First and foremost – Happy Birthday Debb!

    Wishing you a “happy” one seems such an odd thing to do now, since Rob insured it was going to be one, in the wee hours it began. *vbg*

    I’ve been through 37 of my own birthdays and so many, many more with family and friends, but I think yours ranks as being one of the best that I know of, out of them all! You’ve become a mini-celeb since he’s been in TO, with your experiences, and I’ve become a fan of you, in seeing it all happen! I couldn’t be happier for you, and the other ladies who have joined you on these unforgettable nights (I’m also so happy for Marina, in having DC wear her NB t-shirt) *crossing my fingers and waiting anxiously allong with all of you, in hopefully seeing Rob with his next!*

    (I live in Massachusetts, and have been dying a slow death knowing he’s not that far away. If I knew how seemingly easy it has been to see him filming at these locations, when he first began,
    I would have arranged to go up during this time. As they say, hindsight, is 20/20… *sigh*).

    Ok, onto the 2nd thing I wanted to say & hopefully get others thoughts on…

    I’m curious about the sequence of shooting, in particular, something that was tweeted last week to Tink (*waves* hi Tink, if you happen to read this), that she then posted to Robsessed, all in fun, but with skepticism and salt shaker in tow too.

    The girl tweeted and said that Rob filmed the naked movie scene, on set/behind closed doors, last Monday. Now, from what we’ve seen, shooting has been following the sequence of the book.
    Eric stumbles onto the scene of the movie being made, right after the limo goes into the garage (filmed last night), and most importantly, after he gets his haircut (which clearly has now happened too *whimpers*). The naked movie scene, should happen/be filmed next, making the filming of it at the beginning of last week, less believable now. That also means, Sarah should be back today or in the coming days, to film it too. Again, interested in others thoughts…

    • Susan

      But there are other possible ‘naked’ scenes. Eric sleeps with almost every woman he encounters throughout the day….It doesn’t mean it was the ‘movie’ scene they were filming. After all, that one takes place out doors any ways. Just my thoughts….

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  • quillpenz

    This is the first time in my life that I have been able to follow the filming on the set and have an idea of the sequence of the work. The point in the book where Eric realizes that things are “personal” is when he faces what he never prepared for with all the security and the precautions. He had dealt with the world anonymously and had felt threatened by dangers that were not personal. There was nothing personal in the way that he moved money and people around. When it gets personal he becomes his true self and walks on to what awaits. Rob is quite literary and he knows exactly what he is playing. This part is probably easier than playing a vampire.

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  • Great pics! Thanks for sharing Tink! <3

  • silvie

    Firstly, thank you for doing such a great job. Secondly, I love that photo where Rob is so very focused on what Cronenberg is saying.