TWEETS & PHOTOS: Cosmopolis Filming night of July 7 (spoilers)

Hello! We’re going to start a master post in hopes of lots of tweets and photos from tonight’s Cosmopolis filming. Here’s a little sneak peek from yesterday when the set was about half-way dressed.

The spoilerish-y rest after the jump.

This is the scene where Eric is confronted by Benno in an alley with, well, a gunshot. Some of this was shot last night but the continuation of the scene (I believe) is being shot from the opposite angle tonight.


Things are more active tonight.

Photo credit Steve_s2001

Grimy enough? Is this where Eric meets his fate? We’ll update as tweets and photos come in.

Here are a few Twitter updates about filming this evening:

Some insightful info and photos from Steve:

Photo credit Steve_s2001

We like when David Cronenberg is bein’ a boss!/janeanne_/status/89163502723416065

Photo credit @janeanne_

Rob’s back in his trailer for now and Steve is being cryptic:

Lunch break!

Photo credit @yukkei87

Looks like the screens have gone up!

from @MrWilW

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A few people reporting this:

The infamous Eric Packer haircut <3

Click HERE to view HQ fan pictures of Rob signing for fans

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  • Oh my. Maybe this is where he meets the end. Isn’t the filming supposed to end next week?

  • ABV

    Omg,I’m excited and sad at the same time….I don’t want him to *you know what*(if there’s someone who doesn’t know the ending)……hell I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it….*breathe in,breathe out*!

  • jane

    Eric does not die in an ally in the book. Hope they didn’t rewrite the ending because it was pretty intense.

  • Sus

    Thanks, Deb! Any Kristen sightings????

  • Rory

    Could someone please tell me where they are shooting? I live 3/4 of an hour outside the city and I would really love to see Rob just once and seeing them filming would also be really cool. I have asked before but no’one has posted a reply. I don’t know how to find out where in the city the filming is taking place. Wow! This sight is really amazing, but it is killing me that I can’t check out the action and see Rob in person. Please post a location. Thanks. Rory

  • Kim

    Ok movie people…what’s with all the night shooting? Is it to get the street/location/less fangirls ha ha, or is it night shots? Better lighting no sun? I’m up fill me in on details!!

    • Marina H.

      They’re being authentic to the book. Filming the scenes at night that take place at night 🙂 So far they’ve filmed pretty much in sequence…almost done!

      • Kim

        Why don’t I remember that? Thinking it was all in one day/daytime.
        Thanks Marina. My understanding will be better next read.

        • Susan

          The movie does encompass one day in Eric’s life but the sun moves and time progresses. The end is…well…the end of the day…darkness. Kinda symbolic, really.

  • Rory

    Oh my God. I just saw the pics of Eric lying in the street and read the posts above. I got the book a few months ago, but haven’t read it yet. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wait and see the movie first… so I would go in blind… well not quite because I still wanted to see some the pics. I didn’t think I would read about the ending. So now I will definately read the book. No need to wait anylonger. Thanks… I guess.

    Oh and where in the city are they filming? Never hurts to ask twice.

  • guest

    i think it’s in spadina area

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  • Melissa

    As I was driving today, it dawned on me that Cosmopolis really fits right into the three Greek Axioms: Know thyself, Nothing in excess, and Punishment is near. To live a happy life, one needs to follow those axioms, but Eric Packer doesn’t. Eric needs to know who he truly is if he is going to be happy. He know he wants a hair cut, but does he really know who he is? He knows what he enjoys (women,money, food…), and what he thinks he wants, but does that count? Eric lives a life of excess; everything is extreme from his limo, to his home, to his check-ups, to his women, to his wealth, and yet something is missing. He is never satisfied with what he has. As for the punishment is near, Eric knows there is a “credible threat” to him, and he decides to face it head on. It is perhaps the one time, that he knows himself and what he wants to do.

    Looking forward to seeing the movie upon its completion. It has been a wonderful ride in the limo.

  • With all the info. coming from all the chauffeurs and Tweeters … I almost feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing and doing such an Amazing job! 🙂 <3s

    • thank YOU for being a constant supporter 🙂

  • Oh I can’t believe the ending”””””””