VIDEO: Robert Pattinson greeting random fans I don’t know after filming last night

I was going to combine the set soldier story and this end of the night Robert Pattinson encounter but I couldn’t wait to share this video. The title is obviously tongue in cheek; I think I spoke to and/or know virtually everyone in this vid. Huge hugs guys!!

You might know, it’s my birthday and while celebrating at the set of Cosmopolis last night (it was like a Chuck E Cheese party but with limo, gunshots and Eric Packer!) things got epic. I’m going to let the video speak for itself since I don’t have words yet. Video by the lovely leaf_chick.

Photos and set story to follow. 🙂

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  • Deb – What a b-day present!! Best present EVAH!!! Oh, I am green with envy….and thrilled to death for you and all the other ladies who got the up close & personal treatment in Toronto. Wow….just wow!

  • aww Deb, the best part of the video is seeing you and Rob… So lovely!!! ^^ What a b’day present, huh? 😉
    thx for the video ^^

  • Lorrie

    The best b-day present! But that is why we love him isn’t it! He’s just a really nice guy!

    • He is just…nice. There’s no other way to put it. And it’s a shame that it’s such a RARE quality for anyone let alone an A list actor. It’s one of the many reasons I love him so much.

      What an amazing way to spend your birthday Deb. You’ve got some magic Rob mojo working all over ya!

      • Calihi27

        I SO agree. I can’t say how much I LOVE that he is NICE. It is one of his many many fine qualities about him that makes people love him.

  • Teri

    What a great B-day present. Happy Birthday and thanks so much for the video.

  • Comes running flapping arms. I actually saw the vid over at RP Life and of course they really didn’t tell the whole story. But I was like. OMG….that is DEB and came running here.

    *bows down at your feet* my gosh you got to speak and take pics twice in what…a week ? ? ?

    Great b-day present !!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Dean didn’t recognize you did he and ask if you were school teachers again?

  • Nicole

    What a Birthday Present indeed Deb! Hope your picture turned out good, so that you will have that to keep for many years to come.

  • ABV

    OMG,I’m literally in tears right now…how fricken lucky are you…..My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and to have had a Happy Birthday from Rob would’ve been MAGIC!….I’m so happy for you but when I read that he sang to you……I’m flippin out,AWESOME!….

    Oh Kristen,you are the luckiest woman alive right now to have this man drool all over you,to love you and to sing to you when ever you want him to,oh and to do all the other things to you that we all have fantasies about…..AMAZING!

  • Kim

    Nice Bday present, what time was it? I like the Chucky Cheese reference, you must have youngins! I think if I was that girl(what am I thinkin I’m no girl) I’d be looking at him not at him writing. tee hee.
    Hey/don’t they say notch u r up there?

    • For real I have problems making eye contact. Especially with dudes. Extra especially when they are Robert Pattinson. You can ask me anything about his shirt or shoes. I know all about them. LOL

      • Deb

        I can imagine! Man I wish I could get down there to see him and get an autograph. I live an hour away and I always get tips way too late or see photos the next day. One time I drove all the way down there, shelled out $20 to park only to watch him drive away 🙁 Congrats and Happy Birthday from one Deb to another!

  • Mitts40

    OMG! He is just such a sweetie! Falling in love all over again!

    Deb, you lucky, lucky girl! An unforgettable birthday! Good for you, treasure the memory. I absolutely love that you had success on your big day!

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  • OMG! OMG! OMG! Deb … I’m jumping for joy for you right now!!! 🙂 That has got to be THE best birthday present ever! Rob is such a sweety and you’re such a cute pie! Couldn’t understand what Rob said to you though. <3