STORY & PHOTOS: Chauffeur Deb reports on Cosmopolis filming July 6

One of the most amazing things about this night is that it almost didn’t happen. After a trip to the wrong set on the wrong day, I was in my car, driving home in defeat, when my phone started buzzing and ringing, lighting up like a Christmas tree. It was good news. Very good news. My fellow set soldiers were given location information from a Cosmopolis crew member and told me which exit I should take. Well wouldn’t you know… that was the next exit.  I like “signs” that things are meant to be. This was a good one, also it was literally a sign, so I didn’t get lost!

This set was gritty. No magnificent columns or upscale eatery here. It was car repair shops, a row of them, with the garage they would use for filming in the middle. The limo was there in all its graffiti’d glory and there were a lot of NYC cabs parked on the street. There was a park across the street and fans were allowed to observe from behind the tape line.

Photo by Steve_s2001

While we were waiting, we chatted quietly amongst ourselves and with the police officers assigned to the set. There were a lot more officers than at previous sets and I wondered about it; the crowd wasn’t much larger than usual. It was much later when I found out why there was a larger police presence. #cryptic 😉

I was really happy to see Cait Cronenberg again because I had a gift for her and David Cronenberg. She loved the Nancy Babich shirt and we had a quick talk about filming and the blog before parting. A few minutes later, Cait came looking for me! She introduced me to line producer/production manager Joe Boccia and then blew my mind. The shirts were a hit! Mr Boccia asked if he could have one and I was SO happy I’d brought extras. It was very exciting to hear that he’s been following our blog. He was impressed with how often we posted and the enthusiasm surrounding the film. David Cronenberg’s assistant (I had a shirt for her too. I was like the Oprah Winfrey of NB shirts) waved me over to tell me that he was changing into the Nancy Babich shirt. WOW. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Many times during these set experiences I’ve wished Tink and M were with me. This was definitely one of those times. Moments later, Mr. Cronenberg made his way to set, wearing the shirt which he quickly flashed to a round of applause from the crowd.

We made our way back to the park so we could see the part of the set where filming would happen. This was the scene where Eric says goodbye to his chauffeur before the limo goes into the garage for the night.

Photo by Steve_s2001

Rob arrived and oh my, Eric had really fallen apart. His shirt was not only untucked but half unbuttoned. I couldn’t see his hair closely enough to see the haircut but I knew it had happened. He and the limo driver, Ibrahim, both sat in the front of the limo and they began filming the first take.

Close call on the set alert! The limo bumped into one of the set lights and it fell over… guess who swooped in, saving the day, er night, and the light? Dean.
That’s who.

Let’s talk about the scene. It involved the limo driving forward, toward the garage. Both men get out of the car. Eric is deep in thought and Ibrahim walks to him. They embrace and then Ibrahim leaves to take the limo into the garage. Filming was interrupted a few times by very loud trains passing right behind the set. One take was filmed as a train approached… it will be interesting to see if it makes the film and if you can tell.

There were many takes of this scene, maybe eight, which was unusual. You could see the difference in each one though; the pause before the embrace was different, the hug was altered each time. That was cool to see. (Note: Mr. Boccia, if you happen to read this we would love to know the name of the actor playing Ibrahim. 🙂 )

They were done with this scene and the actors left for a break. Here is where we had an epic moment. David Cronenberg came over so I could take a picture of him in the Nancy Babich shirt. This was so awesome… he directed me. That’s how I’m telling it! He mentioned the low light and concern for my camera’s ability to get the image. So I used my flash and got a good “directed by Cronenberg” photo.

There was a loooooong wait at this point. I made some new friends *waves* and  crotcheted a whole blanket #notreally. Earlier, I had seen Mr. Cronenberg with some crew  testing out a gun prop, they fired it twice. It wasn’t very loud but it set off a lot of smoke.  I had an aha moment: there were going to be gunshots and that’s why there were so many police. They radio’d “shot” warnings to the police each time, saying how many shots would be fired as a public safety precaution.

The shot was set up and Rob returned to set. He rehearsed the scene a few times and then, after a short break, was back to film. His demeanor was a bit different from other filming days, tense and really focused. While waiting for the cameras to roll he was jumping up and down like an athlete does before competing. The scene was quick. A shot is fired at Eric, shattering the window of the cab behind him. He drops but gets back up quickly. He hears someone yell his name and returns the fire with two shots. He then walks directly toward the danger. (Benno’s building, off screen)

This audio clip is from what I described above. One shot, a voice in the night (can you hear it? ;)), and two shots firing back.

Click HERE to view photos from that night now that you have a bit more context.

"Eric's gotta a gun" (Sorry, couldn't help it)

They shot this four times and this explained all the spare NYC cabs… they had to replace the cab with the shot out window after each take. The gunshots from Eric’s gun were really loud. I could hear the crew asking after the take if everyone’s ears were alright.

Filming wrapped up for the night and, as usual, the set came down quickly. A small group of fans waited for Rob, although at that late hour I was sure he would be too tired. I was amazed to see him smiling, crossing from his trailer in his street clothes to sign autographs. He is so kind and generous with fans. It’s a really incredible thing to see.

The Rob/birthday encounter plus a gallery of fan pictures after the cut!

Now, I’d already had an autograph from Rob so I stayed back and just took some photos. Earlier, some friends had told me I should ask anyway, because it was my birthday. So after everyone else had their turn I asked Rob for a Happy Birthday autograph. My new best friend, Steve, really set the next few moments in motion when he told Rob it was literally my birthday and asked if I could  have a photo with him. Rob wished me a happy birthday and said, sure we could do a photo as my “gift”.

Best birthday ever.

There is video of the whole encounter from leaf_chick HERE. The next night, Rob was once again amazing with his fans, signing for approximately 60 people at 5:00 am after another night shoot. He makes it so easy to love him, doesn’t he? Even Steve is a little smitten. 😉

Since the exterior shooting is over we’re going to have a little “Rob with fans” love-in. If you have a photo of Rob you’d like to share, send it in and we’ll add it. Like a little Cosmopolis Fans scrapbook! 🙂 These photos are from June 6-8th via Robsessed, Steve_s2001, mrwillw, and the fuzzy Rob ones are from me. 🙂

This was my last set visit and I can’t believe how the stars aligned and made all these amazing things happen. I’m really grateful and I’ll never forget it. Thank you to all the set soldiers who have shared stories, videos and photos. You can find all the set reports in The Limo Trunk under the Set Analysts tab. I feel very lucky to have met so many of you!

Finally, thank you to the cast and crew of Cosmopolis for your graciousness and generosity with fans at the set. It was an amazing ride.

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  • What a great story. WOW IMAGINE THAT, the director put on your shirt and let you take a photo of him in it. WOW. So amazed. You’ve got memories there to remember forever. You are so right about Rob being so easy to love. He’s never let us down. I always said that the only thing Rob could do to turn me off, is if he snorted cocaine off of Paris Hilton’s belly button drunk in a bar. HAHAHHAHHHAHHAHHA Or dating Lohan. HAHA THAT THANK GOD neither will ever happen. Rob is a class act. However, I’d give my right nipple to see a buzzed Rob singing in a bar and playing guitar. SIGH

    Any way, what a birthday you had Debb. Thanks SO MUCH for your report from the set. Poor Packer. I bet Rob shaves the rest of his hair down to the length on the short side. He’s got time off after this. Heineken time. Mom’s food and lotsa loving from friends in London. $100. says he goes home to London since K will be filming over there as well. Such a sweetheart. Oh to have Rob as a boyfriend. K is the luckiest woman on the planet.

    To see the JOY on all of you fans who got to see Rob in person on the set is such a JOY TO SEE.
    You waited so long to see him, you deserve some Rob love and he gave it to you and you didn’t even SQUEE. SO proud of you guys. 🙂 THANKS FOR THE PICTURES DEBB.

    • Thanks lovie. I still have not processed this. I’m not sure it’s processable. Seeing David Cronenberg in that shirt, hell, even his assistant just letting me know that he had it and was putting it on was one of the coolest things ever. I’m not just a fan of Rob and movies, I’m Canadian and pretty patriotic. This whole experience has been a dream. Damn, i’m gonna cry a little again. I’m a housewife in suburbia. I’m never going to be in a movie or do anything of note (fistpump for How to Be reference). So this is my brush with the people who make things happen, Canadian pride mixed with Rob. Dear Lord. *debb explodes with happiness*

      • RobsessedCindy

        Just like Rob is so much than Edward, you are so much more than just a housewife in suburbia! You’re a set soldier legend now bb. Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures with us.

        • You are soooo right about that, Cindy!

  • Thank you sooo much for your soldiering Debb! The stars were certainly aligned and it was meant to be. As Tink always says, “He knows.” LOL

    Was I the only one LMAO at the commentary on that you tube video. “Oh there he is, look at him, he’s delicious!” LOL Then losing him and finding the double maybe? 😀 Too funny! Thanks for all you do! INCREDIBLE!

    And Rob. What can I say about him that I already haven’t said? His dedication to his work and his fans floor me. He is such an amazing angel.


    • He IS delicious! Even all messed up and angry looking. Thank you for your kind words. I swear sometimes I can actually hear you cheering along. 🙂
      Rob is in a class alone. There is no one like him. Fin. 😉

  • Robcandy

    Dear Deb:
    I posted a comment earlier today asking for your birthday night details, and you delivered the best dish ever! Thanks for sharing your awesome experience. I was in that hood last week, passing the Cloud Gardens daily with the fam on the way to breakfast. Sigh, it was not to be for me. Cheers to your success on your birthday (raising a Shiraz to you). With a kick-off like that to your year who knows what might happen next!

    • I saw that comment and want to thank you for it. I was having a little crisis, doubting that people wanted to hear any more from me about this. It made it difficult to pull the post together, having this little black cloud over my head. Then I saw your comment (and some tweets asking when this post would be out). Perfect motivation and a good lesson. Don’t let one or two bad apples ruin the bunch. Compost that shit. 😉

      Cheers back! Pinot Grigio on this end.
      xo Deb

      • I couldn’t agree more! I only hang out over here and at Robsessed. And I only follow a select few ladies who are true fans on twitter so I haven’t gotten a chance to experience first hand the nastiness I hear about coming from mean girls. We support you, Tink, and Marina 100%! You make us feel like we’re there and it is appreciated beyond measure. Let the hating be your motivation. And give them the KStew double finger salute!

        Toasts with my sweet iced tea because I drank all my damn Pinot!

        XX Candy

  • jan Labrick

    Thanks for the wonderful blog from the Cosmopolis set. You are so lucky you have a network of friends who give you info. I have been out several night with a couple of friends trying to find the sets but have been unsuccessful. It’s really frustrating because the other night I was out alone and passed right by Temperance St but must have looked the wrong way and missed it. I’m probably one of Rob’s oldest [in age] fans. These late nights are killing my friends. If you can help me get to a filming site please call me at ******* and tell me where it’s happening. Thanks.

    • Thank you. I removed your ph number for your privacy. I’m sorry you didn’t get to a set. It really does come down to luck… and it happens so fast. It looks like the exterior filming is complete. I’m glad you got a glimpse at the Lakeview!

  • Kazrob

    What a fantastic story and an even more fantastic birthday!
    This will be something to remember when you’re old and grey…the grandkids when they come are going to love your stories!
    David Cronenberg has always appeared to be someone omnipotent when in reality he is a pussycat! To come to you wearing the Nancy Babich T shirt is amazing.
    Then there’s Rob…….always giving 100% of himself to his fans. That guy is so incredible…he melts me a little with each kind act he does. I will soon be nothing but a puddle.
    I love the in depth chapters and scenes explained by you guys. This site has been so insightful, so thank you so much, Marina, Tink and Debb x

    • I’m already old and grey! LOL So glad you’re having fun here, we are having a blast too! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  • I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading entries from these set visits! What a wonderful experience and as said above, one you will remember forever. I imagine it’ll be like a dream if I ever get to watch Robert make a movie. So glad you have so much memorabilia from your days there, and again THANK YOU for sharing it all! So much love to you and this fantastic blog, you girls are inspiring. xoxox

  • venus08

    Congrats Deb! Loved your post. What an amazing experience, I’m so happy for you! To have Rob wish you a happy birthday & say the photo was his gift is just amazing. Like you said, best birthday ever! 🙂

  • Ausgirl101

    Wow Deb. What a fantastic account. You so deserved your special moment on set & with Rob for your birthday. I so wish that Tink and @Mholshev could have been with you too. You three have done such a class act with this website – great work

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  • quillpenz

    great story. Great writing and Rob does not disappoint. He is a truly elegant gifted individual who happens to be famous and gorgeous with an his appreciation of his fans which is unmatched in show business. We must not take him for granted. He seems not to take us for granted.

  • quillpenz

    Where can we get shirts???

  • Robfangirl

    hi Debb, happy belated bday, thank you for this blog and sharing us your adventures on the set. give our regards to Steve and Mr. Will as well. You all are the coolest people!

  • ABV

    Thank you for this amazing ride Debb,Tink and Minnie……but to you Debb,I’ve already wished you a Happy Birthday and know it will always been in your memories…..

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  • Babydoll, you deserved to *get lucky* ::winks:: this night. May you float on cloud 9 until the end of time.


  • Lorelei

    Hey guys…TEEN CHOICE AWARDS EVERYONE!!! ROB is nominated to Hottie, Best actor Drama for WFE, Best actor Fantasy and Best Liplock (with Kris) VOTE!!!
    BTW, Can’t wait to see Cosmopolis <3 Loved the book <3<3<3

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  • MPV

    Great story!!! thanks so much for sharing all those interesting details, it is so great you got to spend such great birthday and that you even got Cronenberg directing you for the pic you took of him.. WOW, that is so amazing!!!
    can you share with us anything you might have thing about how Cronenberg directs Rob, from what you saw the times you visited the set? because I see the lovely video posted there and I see them smiling while talking, but I always wonder how are they working together in this.

  • Thanks for the lowdown! Very interesting. And so so cool about Cronenberg and the shirt. What a great guy. We, of course, know that Rob is in a class by himself. Love to hear all about…well, everything. And always nice to see someone’s dreams come true. 🙂 Congrats

  • i’m glad you were able to make it back to set debb!! a very happy birthday indeed…. i wish i had taken that picture of you in all your giddiness glory 😛

  • This ^^^^ 🙂 🙂 🙂 Deb … you know what they say … good things happen to good people. And you sweety are definitely one of the great ones! <3 u hard!

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  • Sigh….wonderful night for you, Deb!! I wish I’d seen it……hope you liked your other prezzie!!

    I had my own special moment the following night when Rob recognized me from the week before! He started to ask my name and then did a double-take and said, “Oh! Hi!” THUD…..

    And for pity’s sake! All of you out there reading this who were out at both encounters, surely to ROB one of you has a picture of Rob with me in it – other than my breast or elbow! Please! Say there is one????

  • blondemel47

    WOW – A great account of your visit at the set & meeting Rob – sounds absolutely fantastic! Love all the the little juicy tidbits re filming. Guessing you’re still on a high! How wonderful of Mr Cronenberg & his assistant to wear your tshirts & then David to come over for a pic = AWESOME!! Thank you so much Debs for sharing this with us & love the photos

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