GALLERY: More fan pictures of Robert Pattinson on set and signing autographs 7/6-7/8

With Cosmopolis finishing up in studio, we couldn’t resist sharing more pictures from last week. Reader and previous contributor, Yukkei, was at the set July 6-8. Enjoy the gallery of her photographs. Speculation about wrap dates and NYC filming at the end.

Several people have been asking about the wrap date of Cosmopolis and what the deal is with New York. Here is what we know and what we believe so far:

Wrap date

  • July 18th AND July 21st are still listed on the official website
  • Steve, along with a few fans, believe the wrap date is July 14/15th
  • MrWill believes it to be July 19th
  • We think filming in Toronto will wrap at the end of this week, July 14th being the last day due to the remaining scenes that need to be shot (and Rob having his haircut the way he does). Mr Will was confident in his source and we think July 19th could be the overall wrap date: 14th in TO and 19th in NYC. This matches what our thoughts were about the initial projection of July 18th (TO) and July 21st (NYC).

New York

  • The official site still has New York as a location
  • It was never written anywhere that Robert Pattinson would be going to New York
  • Due to Pattinson’s haircut and Kevin Durand wrapping over a week ago, we think New York will still happen but will be establishment shots. Therefore, only a couple of days in New York for a 2nd unit.

We’ll let you know if there are any updates officially but that’s the latest.

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  • tufenuf55

    Anywhere from the 14th to the 19th sounds good because Robert, Kristen and Taylor are reported to be at the Comic Con convention to promote BD1 on the 23rd. Also, Kristen is scheduled same date, but later in the day, to promote SWATH on the 23rd. So much to look forward to for Robsten!!! YEA!!!!

    • Breaking Dawn panel at Comic Con is Thursday July 21st at 11:15am. The 3 leads are not officially confirmed to be there but it’s expected.

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  • kate

    thanks for info girls! 🙂 My bet rob is done on friday and wont b heading to NYC maybe its sceney shots?

  • kate

    I never got why people said rob was going to NYC he isnt prob just b 2nd unit as you guys said u know? He’ll b finished by end of week! Sad anyone?

  • I’m intrigued by Rob’s haircut. In the way it’s been done. So much so, I’d like to toss the following out and would be interested in what others thoughts are.

    We know Eric’s haircut is only 1/2 completed and then he leaves, and so it’s now been reflected on Rob. However, not only is Rob’s hair cut, it’s also done in a very jacked up way. Patchy. Dilberately. This is what intrigues me…

    In the book, the barber is portrayed as a longtime barber and family friend. A barber, who commented that Eric’s hair looked like hell when he entered and cared enough that the sides weren’t even when he fleed. It’s noted in the book, by Eric, that:

    “This meant something to Anthony. This was clear, getting the sides to match”.

    This wasn’t an inexperienced barber. This was someone who has cut his hair before in a decent way.
    This was someone who was shocked on how bad Eric’s hair looked when entering the shop.
    Neatness mattered to him whether it was many weeks after a cut, or while giving it.

    Looking at Rob’s hair, it’s as if a madman went at it… not a professional barber who’d be careful in the swipes/passes he made with the clippers, making it all even/blended etc.

    I’m wondering if DC took a little liberty here, and switched it up a bit by maybe having Eric, with his growing impatience and madness, grab the clippers from the barber and and go to town on it himself???

    (at the same time that could be a possibility, showing him more agitated, it was also portrayed that Eric seemed more relaxed while there, sitting in the chair, sipping his Sambuca, and I think at one point even falling asleep/cat napping).

    Did the look of Rob’s haircut strike any of you the same way?

    P.S. Just a little tidbit/piece of trivia: It was Rob’s right side that has been cut, but in the book, the barber started with the left.

    • Susan

      I just thought the guy was maybe older and couldn’t see as well. I dunno…he said he used to cut Eric’s hair as a child, right?

    • Great observations and ideas. I will be really intestested to see how this plays.

      Look at Debb in all her shyness and cuteness! LOVE!

      Rob’s smile deads me.

    • that is EXACTLY what i thought after seeing Rob’s haircut. i came to the conclusion that DC has Eric grab the clippers and start “shedding his skin” via haircut. this is not the haircut from a barber by any stretch of the imagination. seems exactly like what a haircut from Eric at this stage would look like. i think it will be better this way….visually speaking

    • ABV

      Sounds about right to me…I could imagine Eric taking to his own hair especially after the way he’s behaving…I mean he’s just killed his bodyguard etc…the best part of his day was the fact that he had 3 lovers….

  • Susan

    Well bummer. I agree that it’s probably the 2nd unit going to NYC and when I saw Rob’s haircut I knew it to be true. The sad part is that I’m in NYC for a long weekend. I would have loved to have a chance to see some filming. Scenery shots just isn’t as exciting. I may try to get a look anyway.

  • I work for the City of Toronto. Their permit expires on July 15.

    • kate

      oh really???

      • Robs_Jam

        Yep but that makes sense because they never work on Fridays and Saturdays.

        So, this begs the question…….where is the wrap party going to be???

  • helena

    does anybody know what Rob’s next project is going to be after he wraps up shooting in Canada?

    • no word on that yet

      • helena

        thanks tinkrbell3 for you’re reply
        maybe he will take a well deserved holiday.

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