PRODUCTION: That’s a wrap! Cosmopolis Cast & Crew Celebrate & The Chauffeurs make post-prod plans in the limo

I’m totally the asshole at the bar right now feeling all arrogant because I was right about the wrap date. Ignore the cocky swing to my hips and keep drinking the champagne being passed around in the limo.

"Robert Pattinson hangs out with cast and crew at the official wrap party for Cosmopolis last night."

After 8 weeks (started May 23), Cosmopolis wrapped last night in Toronto (July 14th) *swings cocky hips*. The cast and crew enjoyed a wrap party afterwards. Since Rob is main attraction at this horse and pony show, we only have a picture of him. BUT I am happy to see his choice of head wear on his final day as Eric Packer. Hope it means something about his destination*swings cocky hips at M*. Since I’m winning right now, I wouldn’t bet against me. 😉

On a serious note, we have enjoyed covering the principal photography of Cosmopolis immensely. It’s going to be a long post-production because David Cronenberg has a film to promote at the Venice Film Festival in late August (A Dangerous Method) and his films usually show at festivals. In regards to Cosmopolis, the closest one of Cronenberg caliber is Cannes. If we’re talking a 2012 showing at TIFF for Cosmopolis, that’s over a year away. See? Looooooooooong.

We have goodies planned though. 🙂 Chauffeur M has more to share for The Art Gallery (Packer Portfolios) and D & I have other Packer areas we want to probe. We have a lengthy series coming up from guest chauffeur, TC. A Cronenberg 101, if you will. All the chauffeurs are very excited about this. We’ll also be tracking A Dangerous Method because it’s likely Cosmopolis will be discussed (and the movie looks damn good). I’m glad the buzz right now is all positive because excitement for this film and a great reception of it will only mean super things for Cosmopolis.

You limo passengers have been splendid and we hope you’ll still hang out in the limo with us while we casually “sight-see around the city” until Mr. Packer is ready for his close-up.

See you soon! *tips chauffeur hat and swings hips*


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  • kate

    aww girls has been a great ride! i hope rob rocked the role of eric no doubt he did! much love from ireland! 😀

  • I am so excited about the Cronenberg series. Looking forward to post production. There will be news and stills and a trailer and… #optimist

  • Cocky Tink charts! 😀

    Thanks for the good times Rob indeed! Looking forward to whatever you Chauffeurs have in store for us.

    Can’t wait to see where Cosmopolis will go! To the moon I suppose.

  • rpattzgirl

    I can’t believe it’s over:(
    What an amazing ride!

  • *sniffs* missing the limo and you chauffers already, just wish I could have made it to Toronto for the fun. Really interested in the Cronenberg series too, that should be awesome, and A Dangerous Method looks intense.

    I’m planning to go to Cannes in 2012 with my friend who is very involved with the international film scene,, etc. and he goes to all the international film festivals. I’ve always wanted to go, and what better year than 2012, when it’s possible Cosmopolis will premiere there! My friend feels Cosmopolis may premiere at Cannes since Cronenberg skipped Cannes this year to shoot Cosmopolis, and so he held A Dangerous Method for Venice. Also my friend says it’s very unusual for Cronenberg to skip Cannes 2 years in a row *crossing fingers* so we’ll see!! But at any rate looking forward to seeing this film at TIFF or wherever sometime in 2012.

    *waves goodbye to the limo*

  • Robs_Jam

    I knew this day was coming but I honestly didn’t think it would affect me so deeply. I’m really sad right now.

    Seems like only a few weeks ago that they even announced that Cosmopolis would be filming here in Toronto and only a few days since it started.

    Meanwhile, I have many treasured memories of these last 8 weeks: seeing Rob for the first time at The Horseshoe Tavern at Johnny Flynn’s show, the first set stalking adventure at King and Victoria, hanging out on the set at Ossington and Dundas and seeing him go from his trailer to his car…all legs, sunglasses and schmexy Robness! The dismay at finding out he was filming across the street from my office and missing it. Meeting him 2 weeks ago for the first time and how he messed up my name!!! Meeting him again last Friday morning (wow! has it been a week already???) and him remembering me BECAUSE HE MESSED UP MY NAME and making him giggle over it! (hrm…..since i’ve met him twice and he remembers me, can i call rob an “acquaintance”?)

    But most of all, I will treasure the new friendships I’ve made with so many wonderful women and a few men! You’ve all made this the best fucking limo ride EVER!!!!!!

  • It’s now the end of Rob’s “ride” up in in TO and I’m left with not being able to say I was one of the lucky ones to have walked away with an experience quite like some of you lovely ladies had, in seeing him film/bring Eric to life before your eyes on the streets of TO, and then after, get to be the recipient of Rob’s graciousness, in him, allowing you to meet him and sign for you.

    But, because of the existence of this site, our common love of this one of a kind guy that has brought us here and the graciousness of those who had a personal experience with him and shared it with those of us who couldn’t be there, it’s as if I was there with Rob and with you and for that I’m ever grateful & thankful!

    I live in Massachusetts (SW part). I consider TO in my backyard. Knowing Rob has been up there and this close to me, all these weeks, sharing the same time zone, weather etc., I honest to God have felt his presence in the air. Silly I know, but true. Other, little, silly thoughts invaded my mind during this time too… Like if I’d wake up in the middle of the night, I’d think, Rob was probably lying/sleeping in bed too. Or if I’d look at a clock, and see that it was, lets say 2 PM, I’d think “wow, it’s 2 PM for Rob also & he must know it to be about that time too. Did I mention how silly this way of thinking is?????????

    Today, knowing he’ll more than likely be back in LA this weekend, all those feeling are shifting and I don’t like it!!! Not one bit! It’s as if someone I actually knew physically, was moving away from me. You want to reach out and grab their hand and make them stay. I can only imagine how those of you who got to meet him and have him in your city all this time, feel at this moment. 🙁

    I’ll end my comment with this popular saying, which can hopefully bring some comfort: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened….” *Hugs*

    • i love ur quote!

      • I love that quote too! Smile cause it happened. Thanks to the chauffeurs Tink, Marina and Deb and the film and crew of Cosmopolis. This was really fun, to read the book, talk about it and then see it all play out right before my eyes. Awesome. And the limo idea well cool! Laters!

    • Robs_Jam

      I just loved the idea that he was sleeping just a few kilometres up the road from me!

      And I also love that quote…..

    • All I can say is I wish it were me…..You were so lucky to get Up close and Personal with Rob and I can only imagine how the people that are around him all the time feel…..

      Lucky you!

    • Lovely quote. Perfect. 🙂 ***group hug in the limo****

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  • LMAO at your tags Tink! I am very curious about the next step in this haircut journey. I was scrutinizing the party pics and can see the cut hadn’t been done at that point. When?? How?? Maybe he’ll leave it? The anticipation is killing me!!!!!

    SO party in the limo tonight? I wanna be the asshole at the bar for a change. *undoes my Pollyanna braids* I’m gonna be belligerant about something. But what….?

    • So glad everyone liked the quote! 🙂

      Debb, I’m curious and the anticipation is killing me as well, as to what the next step in his haircut journey will be.

      On my lunch hour today, when I learned there was a pic of him from last night’s party, I held my breath before scrolling down to look at it, hoping, he got the rest cut/cleaned up… Oh Rob!!! *sigh* *giggles* – leave it to you, to not be as concerned and leave it this way a little longer! I thought for sure, he’d shoot the last scene and the hairstylist for Cosmo would be waiting in the wings to do it for him, before leaving the set and head off to the party. Now, he’s making me nervous…

      (why I care about his hair the way I do, considering I’ve never felt the same way with anyone elses, I haven’t a clue…. mystery #292 of why I love him the way I do)….

      What’s interesting is, this will be the first time since his infamous buzz of Dec. 08′, where he has the complete freedom of the “when”, “how” and “where” in what happens to it next, and it not being dictated due to filming requirements & commitments.

      My hope is that he might be waiting for the shortest of areas to fill out a little bit more so that when he does get it done next, it won’t have to be brought down so close. I think he’ll buzz it again and it will be a tad shorter than the 08′ one, and it will be done by Comic Con. *crossing fingers*

    • Thanks Deb for all your insights! Can you imagine if they could teach a class this way, how fun it would be, high school would have been way better,more interesting! Maybe they already do.
      Take a bodyguard with ya when you hit the bar, just in case you act up. I’m in a city on the Savannah River with more tattoo parlors than I can count, need the limo to get me outta here.Ha Ha

  • Marina H.

    Do you WANT me to comment on the hat? I don’t think you want me to comment on the hat. So I’ll ignore the dig you just took at me (because apparently every time he wears that hat people like to take digs at me even though I don’t really comment on it anymore) and move on and say THANKS to everyone here for visiting and checking out all of the filming news. We’re going to have a lot of fun bringing you interesting goodies while we wait for more news.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better or more exciting experience while the crew filmed in Toronto. I mean come on…David Cronenberg liked the Nancy Babich shirt…right?!

    I’m excited to see what the coming year brings. Thanks for all the limo love!

  • Thank you so much for leading us through this amazing journey with Rob. I hope he has not only felt the love and respect of his Toronto fans, but also the honest appreciation we have for what must be a very difficult role to interpret. Cronenberg’s faith in him proves what we all know anway ,that Rob is a great actor .He will continue to make wise choices ,honing his craft . every experience teaches us something and being the deep thinker that he is I’m sure he has taken a lot from the opportunity to be directed by this gifted man.Happy to see Rob did have some dow ntime while he was here and that he had his Bear with him,that tells a lot about Rob too. Kristen joining him shows the wonderful support they have for one another. A big hug for Deb and thanks also to David Conenberg for obviously understanding the love we have for this unique young man. I could go on , but i think you get the jist of my thoughts. Glad someone thought to give him the cap,now he has something from good old TO to wear. I’m new to this ladies did I get it right?

  • Awwwwwwwwww thanks so much for everything girls!
    Can’t wait for 2012!!!! I know Cosmopolis is going to be huge!

    Ps, I love the quote too!!! 🙂

  • Linda

    Loved having you in Toronto Rob but IMO it is more your loss, you had to leave this great city we live in.
    Come back soon, you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deb, Tink & Marina … thanks so much for the BEST joy ride ever! And in style … Eric’s limo! 🙂
    You ladies … and the other set soldiers … are Amazing! Can’t wait until it’s promo time. #party
    BIG {smooches} to you all! <3s

  • Knew I’d get something wrong, of course he was’nt wearing a Blue Jay cap.No wonder nobody answered me ,you must have thought I was crazy or at least short sighted. Wonder who lent him the private plane to sneak off in! He looked a little frustrated at having his picture taken, but at least he agreed.Now he must be so happy to be doing some normal things with Kristen. Is this sight going to continue . and may I continue to post as a guest now and then?