PHOTOS: More from the Cosmopolis wrap party! Paul Giammati, David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson and Patricia McKenzie

Look at all the smiles! We missed Paul Giammati during filming but we’re happy to see him now. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Cosmopolis!

David Cronenberg with his cast and crew
Paul Giammati spotted at last!
Patricia McKenzie who played Kendra Hayes

More in the gallery. 🙂


  • Looks like he had SO much fan, and not only him…. I’ll miss Eric.

    • Eric was a cold, loveless and pathetic character. I read Cosmopolis and it was a depressing and ugly story. Can’t believe they would ever make a movie of it. Would never buy a ticket for such a sad movie, but I guess I need to see what Rob does with the nasty part.

  • Hot smiley Rob’sma fave! LOVE!

  • LTavares2011

    Amazing pics!! I just can`t wait to see Cosmopolis and Bel Ami ( I didn`t forget ) too. I miss Kevin D and Amalric in this party. Congrats to Giamatti for his Emmy nomination for “Too Big to Fail”.
    Cannes 2012, please Mr. Cronenberg!!!

  • Robs_Jam

    What I’d like to to know is, at what point did he unbutton his shirt??? #wishi’ddoneit

    • Robs_Jam

      And what did he spill down the front of it?? I love this man…..

  • I’m missing Sarah and Kevin too. 🙁 It looks like a great party though. Everyone looks so chatty…. *pretends I was there*

  • It’s amazing how all these actors were in the movie and we didn’t get to see them,Juliette,Samantha and Paul….
    Thank you Rob for the great Limo Ride,I’m re reading this book and understanding it alot more than the first time…It makes more sense to me now and I’m loving all the quotes,they’re delicious!

    • Looks like Dad and Bear will be on the move now……Hope he has his papers for England!

      • Sus

        @delle1: where did you get that avi pic? and do you know where it was taken? it is beautiful! I don’t think I’ve see it before!

        xoSus (BTW, my maiden name is Dell)……LOL!

        • ABV

          Sus,sorry this reply is a lil late….the pic was obviously a manip of Rob and Kristen at the WFE premiere…She didn’t walk the Red Carpet but stayed in the background inside the theatre that night,they emerged after the movie …It’s when they left the theatre arm in arm just before the infamous*nearly kissed* scene in the car…Glad you like it and I think I got it from a *Robsten* site called *Robward and Krisella*…It’s spanish speaking but has a translate button which I have to use to read the blogs.They have alot of different pics and vids on this site so I go there alot….Good luck and just google the site,it’s great!
          That’s funny about your name…I use D’elle because it’s the scottish way of saying *Dalziel* which is my ex-husbands name.

  • Sus

    So who was the chick that was hanging on Rob? I’m suprised Dean let her get so close. He usually says, “No touching.” Like, don’t handle the merchandise! LOL!

    I think Rob will come to L.A. since he is supposed to be at ComicCon soon with Kristen and Tay.

    • I would guess that friends and colleages are are free to touch the pretty. Lucky beyotches. *blocks Deans hand chop*

      • Yeah, Dean doesn’t mess around. *licks wounds* 😉 It was all cast and crew, co-workers etc. I see one with Rob beside his stand in! 🙂 Looks like a great party. *sighs and stares from the limo window*

        • One of my theatre friends went there after her Fringe show. One of the guys in it is a friend of the Cronenbergs. She’s the one I told you didn’t know who Rob was until she met me and came down with me the night of the pie shoot. She spent the evening talking to David who told her to keep on acting….(cries).

          Of course, she tells me this in a text at midnight when she got home…….

          • ABV

            Lol,nice friend!

  • rpattzgirl

    Love the pics..everyone looks happy, relaxed…I will so miss all the great pics and vids from this movie…can’t wait to get our first trailer!!!!

  • Roblover

    i absolutely love that sweet smile of rob’s! melts my heart!! he looks fantastic absolutely georgous! luv rob!!!!!!

  • guest

    whatever happened to jay baruchel. never saw any pics of him during filming and was he at the wrap party????

  • tufenuf55

    I wonder who the chick is in photo #13 who has all the men swarming around her, including Rob. Wonder what she is saying or doing that has them all concentrating on her. Love the photos!!!

  • I spot a bike locked to the bike rack…. 10 bucks its the body doubles… haha that man biked everywhere!

  • These are great! Thanks for sharing Deb. Looks like Rob and everybody had a great time. Nice to see that Paul was there. <3

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