New/Old: Fan videos of Robert Pattinson, Kevin Durand and Mathieu Amalric shooting the Pie Scene

I think it’s fair to say we’re all in Cosmopolis filming withdrawal. Well, here comes reader Ricielle to the rescue with some “blast from the near past” video. Videos contain spoilers.

Ah good times. You can revisit the pie scene filming coverage HERE and read Chauffeur Tink’s pie scene book post HERE. Thank you Ricielle for sharing!


  • Teri

    These are great videos.

  • Love the vids….miss Eric….

  • susan1944

    Wasn’t sure of the best place to send this comment to, but this is the most recent, so….Has anyone seen a movie called Game Six? I looked at Netflix to find something else that DeLillo wrote and found this. I was totally shocked to find so many similar situations, even exact quotes, to Cosmopolis. It seemed really weird! I jotted down some of the similarities which include:
    **the main character, playwright Nicky, spends the day driving thru Manhattan gridlock in various taxis to get a haircut and to avoid a drama critic who threatens to write a horrible review (to “kill him”) of his most recent play.
    **He changes cabs frequently to see his daughter, a friend, and his mistress.
    **He invites his daughter to get a bite to eat with him.
    **He stops off at his long time mistress’s home, where she greets him with “Was I expecting you?”
    **The critic lives in an abandoned building where he gets electricity from a lamp post.
    Anyway, there are lots more similarities if anyone’s interested. No sunglasses, though!
    I really love this site and I check it every day, although I’ve never commented before.

  • Robs_Jam

    ♫ Mem’ries….like the corners of my mind….♫

    Sigh….I feel like I’m recovering from The Bends. Resurfacing after being submerged in Robness for so long was sublime but recovery is rough! Life is starting to look normal again……and it sucks!