Cosmopolis’ Sarah Gadon named one of Flare Magazine’s “Generation Next”

Canada’s Flare Magazine has compiled a list of 14 “Names You Need to Know” and Sarah Gadon made the grade. 🙂

Photo credit: Tim Leyes

Starring in upcoming films opposite Robert Pattinson, Naomi Watts and Keira Knightley, Toronto’s Sarah Gadon is on the verge of making a career out of being a performer–a dream she’s been working toward since she was a nine-year-old ballerina playing a lamb in The Nutcracker. In David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, Gadon plays Emma Jung, the long-suffering wife of Michael Fassbender’s Carl Jung. The collaboration worked so well that Cronenberg cast her as Robert Pattinson’s estranged wife in his upcoming day-in-the-life-of-a-multi-millionaire film Cosmopolis. Casting Gadon was an easy decision, Cronenberg explains. “She’s extraordinarily beautiful, she’s incredibly talented and she’s very funny, playful and intelligent,” he says. She’s also starring with Daniel Craig in Dream House and in the vampire thriller The Moth Diaries. And yet working with Pattinson had a way of distilling Gadon’s 15-year résumé into three words: Robert Pattinson’s wife. It’s a hot topic among Team Edward, though Gadon finds it baffling. “This is a glimpse into what his reality is like every day,” she says. “So if anything it makes me think, “I’m really lucky.” The only reason people are talking about me is because of him.” It won’t be long before the conversation shifts.

Lovely to hear such high praise for Sarah from David Cronenberg! Sarah has also been named to TIFF’s “Rising Star” programme. 

  • Kim

    Hey Deb!
    Wow she is beautiful! Funny how you can do a lot of work and then be noticed in a different circle.
    I’ve watched History of Violence and Eastern Promises recently, very intense, can’t wait for ya all to talk about them. The Dangerous Method is not out yet, correct?
    I’m just hooked on all this movie making, loving it!

    • Hi! Sarah really is beautiful and I can’t wait to see her in A Dangerous Method. You’re correct, it hasn’t been released yet. It will debut at TIFF. 🙂

      We are VERY excited to talk about David Cronenberg’s other films and have an “expert” writing a few posts for us. It is going to be a blast getting Croneducated together!

  • LTavares2011

    Sarah G is really a lady. She isn`t pretending to be modest, she`s modest. A beautiful, gentle and talented girl.

    • I love reading about how much David Cronenberg enjoyed working with her. So exciting for Sarah and yes, she’s very modest to be trying to deflect all the interest in her career. 🙂

  • niahid

    she’s so pretty. Looks so natural. Love her hair and eyes. Hope the movie will be great and the actors get the recognition they deserve.
    Why Rob isn’t hitting on her is beyond me. Open your eyes Rob.

    • Yes, she’s very pretty and extremely talented. I can’t wait to see her upcoming movies. As for your other comment… *crickets*

    • ABV

      Lol your comment made me laugh,don’t you know that Rob’s a one woman man…..