ARTICLE: Paul Giamatti talks Cosmopolis: “Reminds me a bit of Cronenberg’s early stuff”

While promoting his next film Win, Win, and talking about playing bad guys, Paul Giamatti briefly mentions Cosmopolis and his character to the Herald Sun:

A week before talking to Hit, Giamatti was in Toronto playing a psychopath who stalks a young millionaire (Robert Pattinson) in David Cronenberg’s new film Cosmopolis. “It will have a strange science-fictiony, slightly horrific feel to it,” he says. “This one reminds me a bit of (Cronenberg’s) early stuff. It’s a strange character, but it was fun.”

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  • Aussiegirl

    Gah! I literally *Rob voice* can’t wait to see the interaction of these two on screen. I saw Giamatti in Win, Win about a month ago. I don’t know how he manages to play these flawed characters that you end up rooting for. Such a fan of his work. I wonder if we will feel empathy for Beno in that final scene … or Eric … or both … or neither? I can’t WAIT.

    Makes me wonder what Rob’s favourite Giamatti film is … I bet he was blown away to work opposite him.

    • Kaz2

      Have you seen Barney’s Version? He is totally flawed in that one too but you can’t help but admire him. Brilliant actor.

      • I recently saw Barney’s Version and was amazed by his performance (and the movie in general, it’s FANTASTIC). I’m so excited to see Paul as Benno. You make a great point, Aussiegirl, who will be the character we’re rooting for by that point? Will either of them have any redeeming characteristics? Will they both? *cries* #icanttakeit

  • Bettybmusing

    If Cosmopolis is anything like the above picture I’m already in the Yikes! mode. lol

    • Bettybmusing

      I pic ” above” am speaking of is Giamatti.