BUZZ: David Cronenberg says Cosmopolis could head to the Cannes Film Festival

We’ve been talking about it in the limo for months and now David Cronenberg has added to the buzz BIG TIME!

Mr. Cronenberg has arrived to the Venice Film Festival to promote his next film, A Dangerous Method. Upon arrival, he spoke to Variety and breifly mentioned Cosmopolis:

Cronenberg is in post on Don DeLillo adaptation “Cosmopolis,” which, he said, could go to Cannes…

Click HERE to read the whole article with David Cronenberg discussing A Dangerous Method.

David Cronenberg has not had a film showing at Cannes since 2005 (A History of Violence). So this little bit of news? “It excited me!” 😉

Stay tuned while we track Mr. Cronenberg at the Venice Film Festival for further Cosmopolis mentions. In the meantime, check out the new scenes in the latest domestic trailer for A Dangerous Method (co-starring Cosmopolis‘, Sarah Gadon). The film hits theaters Nov. 23rd.

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