ARTICLE: David Cronenberg talks Cosmopolis & Robert Pattinson: “He’ll blow your mind” + MORE buzz

Speaking to Vogue Italy, David Cronenberg mentioned Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson. Please note this interview took place before the Variety interview.

“Cronenberg has just finished shooting “Cosmopolis”, based on a novel by Don DeLillo and produced by Paulo Branco. It’s the first time I have a film competing in a festival, not yet in theaters, and another in post production. Whatever happens, I’ll start the editing this summer and next year you’ll see me again in Venice with “Cosmopolis” and Robert Pattinson, one of the most intense actors of this generation. He’ll blow your mind” (n.b. this interview was done before the Variety interview)”

Thanks to our affiliates, RobPattsMoms! Click HERE to view the scan. This is wonderful news. This is the first time we’re hearing from David Cronenberg about why he possibly cast Rob as Eric Packer. Mr. Packer is certainly intense and would need an intense actor to play him. 😉 Cosmopolis might be on its way to Cannes or Venice but where ever it goes, David and Rob are going to blow all our minds.

BUZZ: Media continues to buzz about the potential of Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method which leads to them buzzing about Cosmopolis.

A DANGEROUS METHOD marks Cronenberg’s first film foray in over four years – although his next feature, COSMOPOLIS, starring Robert Pattinson, is currently shooting and set for a mid-2012 release – and this forthcoming cinematic combination has Cronenberg poised to potentially deliver yet another late-career one-two knock-out drag-out punch to follow the enviable double-blow of VIOLENCE/PROMISES [History of Violence & Eastern Promises].

Looks like it’s poised to definitely be a one-two knock out! 🙂 “It excited me.”

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  • Can’t wait!

  • Ahhhh. This interview is bliss. He clearly states that he lets the object think him. The world is thinking him. He is not imposing his will on the object. He lets the script, the actors think him.

    In other words, he is not authoritarian, he is not a fascist director. He was made for Pattinson to work with at this time. The world is thinking Rob to put him with this man. Perfect. He understands the interfacing of the mind so well.

    To listen to him go on in length then listen to the DVD for Naked Lunch. In his discussion of NL he reveals himself as the truly post modern, Baudrillardian if you want a label, philosopher he really is who just happens to be a filmmaker. He could not be more perfect for DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, which simply must be read through Baudrillard. In reading Burroughs Live with Cronenberg also, there is so much more of Cronenberg than people know.

    He is a true post modernist. He is following the world. He is not imposing a schtick on anything he does. And I am casting aspersions on Bill Condon, Francis Lawrence, David Slade, Catherine Hardwicke, Scummit, Spielberg,almost all of Rob’s past directors, etc etc etc.

    Thanks for posting this here. In fact many many thanks.