VIDEO: David Cronenberg talks about his filmmaking philosophy at Venice Film Festival

No direct Cosmopolis reference but David Cronenberg does talk about his filmmaking principles and methods at the press conference for A Dangerous Method. The excerpt is right at the beginning and is worth a quick viewing to understand our director a little more.


  • Denise

    Very interesting and intellectual answers…. and seems like he has a great sense of humor too. He has a great connection with his actors. From his commentaries on both “A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises” he and Viggo are on the same wave length – their pairing can only produce greatness.

  • Thank you for this great link to the panel. Hmmm… Freud revalidated thru the discovery of an unknowable nonconscious? Cronenberg helping wipe the cum and cobwebs off the recesses of the Freudian mind.. is it rehabilitation time? I love this man and his libido-drive creative brain!

    • Ahhhhh. Waltz waltzed and Bale bailed. That’s Freud/Lacan. Lacan made Freud more Freudian than Freud.

      Have you thought about Rob’s name for his dog. That’s not a question.

      I’m working on Ayn Rand now. Her disciples will assassinate me when I’m through. What we all have missed there!

  • Bettybmusing

    Thanks for sharing…. Wow.. Cronenberg is a very intriguing character himself. He’s shrewdly selective in who and what he needs to make his movies. You go Rob 🙂 Cronenberg chose you.

  • Amazing man with thoughtful ideas. And he has a surprisingly great sense of humor.

  • Kim

    Thank you Tinkrbelle for this. When we see Dangerous Method then maybe his thoughts and views on the Freud will sync in. Lovely conversation…I do bet, no wonder he’s quick, he knows his thoughts. I look forward to this movie, too. He talked of the psyche and religion, all in the brain.
    Thank you..feel like we just had large insight to the movie we just blogged for 7 months!

  • He’s like listening to a very wonderful professor give a lecture or seminar. Leo Steinberg was exactly like this. LIsten to his commentary on Naked Lunch. It’s the most profound and most accessible lecture on any DVD anywhere. Just marvelous.

  • Have you noticed he says that he follows the screenplay, he follows the story. And when he writes he follows the story. This is Baudrillardian thinking. Let the world will you, let the world think you. And this is what Eric Packer does at the end when he leaves the limot. And what he does each time all day when he gets out of the limo. Until the end when he is in it fully. Also eXistenz is a graphic novel and film on the interfacing of reality and technology. Theme of Crash.