VIDEO: David Cronenberg talks ‘A Dangerous Method’, casting and filming with Robert Pattinson

“It was never a problem.” David Cronenberg

I love this interview from It was part of A Dangerous Method promo so the majority of the interview is focused on that. I especially loved hearing David Cronenberg’s thoughts on casting, his philosophy and method behind selecting the actors for his films. (YouTube? Who knew? lol) There is a brief Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson mention at the end of the video. David Cronenberg talks about working with very popular actors throughout his career (this isn’t the first time!) and how the fan attention on the Cosmopolis set “wasn’t so intense. It was never a problem.” 🙂

To watch the interview in best quality you can visit  and YouTube is below for those who need it. Thank you Lena for the tip. 🙂 UPDATE: Swapped out the YouTube version with HD thanks to Robsessed.