ARTICLE: Sarah Gadon talks to MTV about Eric & Elise

Sarah Gadon recently spoke to MTV and was profiled as an up-and-coming star. During her interview, she briefly discussed Cosmopolis and her interaction with Robert Pattinson’s character, Eric Packer:

MTV: Can you give me a sense of Elise [in “Cosmopolis”] and how she interacts with Rob’s character?

Gadon: I think it’s a really interesting film, and I don’t want to give away too much, but I think in a really kind of pared-down version of the film, it’s about a young millionaire who loses everything in the course of a day. And I play his new wife, so I’m one of the only characters that really kind of comes in and out of the story throughout the film. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and those are going to be some interesting meals.

Interesting indeed! Click HERE to read Sarah’s entire interivew.


  • I wouldn’t say Elise is playing hard to get. Elise is written as an apparition, following Gradiva who appears and disappears, is elusive, is in the Order of Seduction. Sexual ritual is being inverted with seduction following marriage and consummation, not unlike the Indian form of arranged marriages in a way.

    Gadon says Eric loses all his money in one day. Either she has not grasped the full implication of DeLillo’s novel or she is simplifying for just another ill informed interviewer. Hard to say.

    But Gadon is a film student in Toronto, who was interested in how Cronenberg was making his film, as well as acting in it. Film students are on the path to directing and I am guessing she is one of them.

    • Elise is hiding from Eric Packer as she used to hide from her mother. Eric searches for Elise in the morning going through every room in his penthouse and he tells her, “I look for you, Elise.” But as the world begins to will Eric Packer, and he begins to follow the world instead of “will to power” as a good sound bite Nietzchean, he stops searching and instead keeps finding Elise. Destiny is arranging their meetings and after each meeting, Eric’s Double has drifted in time from Eric himself rather than being an immediate shadow as the Double is in the first two pages. And then the Double begins to appear prior in action rather than following Eric in thought and action. The screen dominates and Eric follows involuntarily.

      • Kim

        Ok, I get the ‘I look for you’ and then showing up, what about the Double? Also the yen, tell me more about the yen and why he bets against it. I need to understand that.

  • I had read (I can’t remember where right now of course) that the yen was kind of a “general bet” in the stock market. So, Eric’s hedging even as he’s throwing everything at the “risk”. The yen, in my understanding, represents everything else. Eric vs. everything else.

    What do you guys think? Should we have a post about the yen?

  • Yes, I would love that. I’ve added to my 22 wallpaper comment that 22 also reminded me of Catch-22, a novel, synonym for a no-way-out situation. I think it would also be interesting how/if Eric is creating a no way out situation with betting against the yen. I would definitely love to hear/discuss more about it 🙂