ARTICLE: David Cronenberg and Paul Giamatti mention Cosmopolis: “It’s very cinematic”

Cronenberg with Sarah Gadon (Elise) during 2011 Venice Film Festival

In an interview with EmpireOnline, David Cronenberg quickly mentioned Cosmopolis:

Of the Don Delillo adaptation (which stars Robert Pattinson) Cronenberg enthuses, “It’s very cinematic. Well, it is and it isn’t. Most of the movie takes place inside a limo. Some people would say that’s not cinematic, but I say it is!”

Paul Giamatti also mentioned Cosmopolis, his role as the stalker, and described the character of Robert Pattinson as “a fabulously wealthy guy.” Click HERE to visit Collider and watch the interview. Cosmopolis talk starts around 3:46

Thanks RobPattzNews for the heads up on DC!