INTERVIEW: Paul Giamatti says Cosmopolis is a “wonderfully strange” movie

I love this in-depth interview with Paul Giamatti. He talks about how he is perceived in his real life, the types of roles he takes on and there is a fantastic little Cosmopolis snippet. From The Independent:

While the leading man roles are still few, he’s in demand.
He’s recently completed The Congress, a live-action/2D animated piece from Waltz with Bashir’s Ari Folman. He also features in David Cronenberg’s forthcoming adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, playing a stalker to Robert Pattinson’s
billionaire asset manager. “It all takes place in one day, and a lot of it takes place in the car. He’s in a limousine, stuck in traffic the whole day. It’s a wonderfully strange – very strange – movie.” Then there’s Rock of Ages, a big-budget adaptation of the 1980s-set hit musical, co-starring Russell Brand
and Tom Cruise.

If you are a Paul Giamatti fan this interview is an absolute must read. Check the rest of it HERE. Thank you to Skylar for the tip. 🙂

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  • Kim

    I’m very excited to see these different actors, esp. some I don’t know but will recognize on screen.
    Next year right?!

  • LOL @ Team Benno !!!
    “Wonderfully strange” made me tingly with excitement. Great article, thanks Deb.
    I *heart* Mr. Giamatti! 😀

    • I’m thinking Team Benno tees!! LOL

      I *heart* him too, amazing to watch.

  • I watched Barney’s Version last night and loved Paul in it. He’s very quickly becoming one of my favourite actors.
    I’m currently reading “Money” by Martin Amis, Since page 1, I’ve pictured Paul Giamatti as John Self as I’m reading it. If they ever make it into a movie (I think Rob should write it!), he’d be perfect!

    • Loved that movie and read the book when I was out in Vancouver. Did you catch David Cronenberg’s cameo, Jan??

    • Loved the book and yes, I can definitely see Paul as John Self, that would be a great lead for him.
      And Rob could play that Spunk Jones actor guy, if for no other reason then simply to impersonate a character named Spunk LOL